Friday, December 29, 2006

All Elected NC District Attorneys Issue Joint Statement Against Defendant Nifong

Recently Defendant Nifong offered the following grade school excuse for why he hadn’t been able comply with discovery obligations:
“You know it’s not the only case I have right now. I have two.”
Today, in a statement demanding that Defendant Nifong immediately recuse himself from the Hoax, the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys notes that in September it offered the Defendant assistance, including additional Assistant District Attorneys, to help with the prosecution of the Hoax. To date, despite the additional demands of the second case undertaken in mid-October, Defendant Nifong has entirely ignored the offer.

"The conference said it had offered Nifong several different kinds of assistance in September, including additional assistant district attorneys and a practice jury. Nifong never responded to the offer, the group said."

The tacit refusal by Defendant Nifong to even acknowledge the offer of assistance from the Conference is a clear indication that he is indeed the rogue prosecutor that Stuart Taylor pegged as such many months ago. While the ignored offer of aid belies Nifong’s weak protestations, the big news certainly is that his peer group has reached its limits of embarrassment and has finally called him out.

The demand by the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, a group comprised of the state's elected district attorneys, comes on the heels of formal charges against Defendant Nifong by the North Carolina State Bar. The statement, issued on behalf of the entire Conference, was signed by the groups seven officers: Gary Frank (Davidson County DA), Clark Everett (Pitt County DA), Tom Horner (Alleghany, Ashe, Wilkes, and Yadkin Counties DA), Branny Vickory (Wayne County DA), Tom Keith (Forsyth County DA), Ben David (Pender and New Hanover Counties DA), Jim Woodall (Orange Chatham Counties DA) each signed the statement.

Citing the the concerns expressed to the officers and many of the other elected District Attorneys, the NCCDA issued its statement which concludes with the following demand of "Mr." not "DA" Nifong:

"It is in the best interest of justice and the effective administration of criminal justice that Mr. Nifong immediately withdraw and recuse himself from the prosecution of these cases and request the cases be assigned to another prosecutorial authority."


Anonymous said...

Nifong on help

What? Let other Lawyers see the lack of an evidence file? What are you crazy?

bill anderson said...

That is exactly why he refused help. Given the lying that Nifong has done, I will bet that those DAs are thrilled that he turned them down. Thus, Mikey gets to face the music by himself.

Happy New Year, Mike! It is going to be very, very long, and I doubt it will be happy.

Anonymous said...

YOOO-HOOOO Justice58 and theman: this post by you on an earlier article seems kind of silly now, doesn't it??

"theman said...
You people know that Nifong will not be found guilty of anything by his brother attorneys. He will walk and continue to prosecute this case. The only ones going to jail are the Duke hooligans.

5:47 PM

justice58 said...
5:47 theman

Now that's what I'm talking bout!!"

5:49 PM

Anonymous said...

9:02-everything Justice58 and TheMan says is ridiculous. They are race panderers who just want to see white boys "hang", regardless of whether or not they are innocent. They have completely disregarded every piece of evidence this case has presented other than the "accuser's word"...Justice58 still refers to Crystal as "the rape victim". Come on now.

"BLACK POWER!" know the whole drill. pathetic really. Pay no mind to the idiots.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering how long it will take them to come up with some lame excuses for their hero... MIKEY-BOY

theman said...

I can't believe that you all want to hang Mr. Nifong with no case whatsoever. You have no probable cause. Just what you accuse Mr. Nifong of not having. Where are your heads in this.

Anonymous said...

Nifong does not want anyone else taking a fresh look at the file and seeing who, if anyone, should be charged.

Anonymous said...

I understand Saddam has been hanged... one evil dictator down one to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for Nifong's children. Imagine the embarrassment!
His wife and sister deserve all the negativity that is dished out.

I hope all charges are dropped and the young gentlemen can return to school.I hope JP Morgan honrs Evan's old contract.

Anonymous said...

I hope his son at sometime in his life has to endure what Nifong has put the Duke 3 through.

Anonymous said...

The circle draws closer Nifong. Gottlieb & Himan are next!

PS we are not forgetting about you Judge Stephens!

Guy Fox said...

With Nifong, we have probable cause (bastard wanted to get reelected, come hook or crook), evidence (his own words and the testimony of others), forensics (audiotapes and archival footage at the major networks anyone?), and we have evidence that he knew what he said was factually incorrect and prejudicial. In the case of the accuser, we have her shifting stories, zero physical evidence to bolster her case, and plenty to support the defendants. Big difference.

Anonymous said...


While I despise Nifong and hope he goes to jail for what he's done, I do not wish the same for his son. His son has done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Lets leave the families alone - Nifong is going to wind up in a padded cell. Members of the working poor do not need our help in making their lives miserable.

g said...

"The demand by the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, a group comprised of each of the state's elected district attorneys, comes"

"of each" is a tautology- its unnecessary to the sentence.

Just sayin'