Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas


bill anderson said...

Indeed, a Merry Christmas to all! (Well, all except those who have pushed this lie and who have fed the beast. May there be a lump of coal in your stocking along with your subpoena.)

Thank you Liestoppers, K.C., JinC, Johnsville, and that Crazy Guy NDLax84 who needs to run for governor of New Jersey! (Of course, he might not WANT to be a warden of an asylum, but, then, he might have a touch of Jack Nicholson in him!)

May all of you readers and contributors have a most blessed Holiday Season. And Merry Christmas, theman, Justice58, and the host of anonymous people who want us to believe that fabricated "evidence" is as good as the real stuff.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Reade, Collin, and Dave,

The Year of the Hoax will be over soon. Enjoy the love of your Family.

To the Moms,

We think of you daily. Your strength and courage inspires us.

Love, Baldo

Anonymous said...

To the DUKE THREE , their families, teammates and supporters,
I especially admire the boys for their integrity and speaking the truth. To the parents of the entire LAX team: this is what parenting is all about! You were all put through the ultimate test and suceeded! I admire you all!

To Nifing and Precious:maybe you can learn from the parents I spoke about above. I am sure all your kids are a waste!

Anonymous said...

To the families ... please know that many, many people will be thinking about you over the holidays. Wishing you love & laughter for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

To The Duke Three, The Duke LAX team (both Alums and current), the families, friends, and supporters, Merry has been a long time comingbut finally Santa is bringing a little cheer to all those who deserve it. To those mentioned and all those who diligently post on this site (as well as the genius creators/webmasters/upkeepers!), have a very merry Christmas/Hannukka(I butchered that word, didn't I?), and a safe New Year. :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all the LAX team members and their families, and also to all those who have supported their quest for justice. May you be surrounded by the peace and love of the season, and may the new year bring us all closer to the justice we seek.

Victim in Massachusetts said...

Merry Christmas Collin, David, Reade and families.

wts said...

Merry Christmas to Reade, Collin, and Dave, from the other coast....we're not going away until you may rest.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the Duke three and their families -- We are pulling for you, and hope the new year brings the end of the Hoax and the restoration of your reputaions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave, Reade, and Collin:

I hope you and your families had a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a Happy New Year. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you very dearly.

Thank you LieStoppers, JinC, K.C., Friends of Duke University, William Anderson, and all the supporters of Dave, Reade, and Collin around the country for taking time and doing an outstanding job. With Best Wishes For a Happy New Year.

Duke07 Mom

Nice Guy said...

I'm totally on your side boys. All the best for the new year, and may old aquaintance be forgot after they pay you each multi-millions in restitution.