Friday, December 15, 2006

More Meehan


"The state is not aware of any additional material or information which may be exculpatory in nature with respect to the defendant [Seligmann]," Nifong wrote in a court filing [May 18].


"Meehan struggled to say why he didn’t include the favorable evidence in a report dated May 12, almost a month after Seligmann and Finnerty had been indicted. He cited concerns about the privacy of the lacrosse players, his discussions at several meetings with Nifong, and the fact that he didn’t know whose DNA it was.

"Under questioning by Jim Cooney, a defense attorney for Seligmann, Meehan admitted that his report violated his laboratory’s standards by not reporting results of all tests.

"Did Nifong and his investigators know the results of all the DNA tests?" Cooney asked.

“I believe so,” Meehan said.

“Did they know the test results excluded Reade Seligmann?” Cooney asked

I believe so,” Meehan said.

"Was the failure to report these results the intentional decision of you and the district attorney?" Cooney asked.

“Yes,” Meehan replied."

Head of DNA lab says he and Nifong agreed not to report results [N&O]


Anonymous said...

"And we were trying to, just as Dr. Meehan said, trying to avoid dragging any names through the mud but at the same time his report made it clear that all the information was available if they wanted it and they have every word of it,” Nifong said."

LOL. He drags names through mud. Most people would rely on the "report" as a synthesis of everything. The report didn't say five other men's DNA was found. And Nifong fought the release of the backgound information.

Lucky for the kids they have money and can hire experts to read through 1,800 pages of technical paperwork.

kbp said...

Federal Charges
State Charges
Ethics Charges

We're down to Local Charges as about the only thing Mikey might not face.

I wonder if he still reads the blogs?

Anonymous said...

Is Meehan so stupid as to not understand that the fact of other sexual activity explains the only purported medical evidence of rape, the edema. Or, is he smart and this is the best he can do.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to Mike Nifong. I know it's what you want but... sorry.

The judge believes he did nothing wrong. You're so hateful and racist because Mike Nifong is seeking justice for a black rape victim.

Anonymous said...

Even the accuser's Dad says that Nifong "doesn't care about his daughter."
Nifong only cares about Nifong.

Victim in Massachusetts said...


bill anderson said...


I see you are back to claiming the woman was raped. Before, you had reduced the charges to kidnapping and "touching." Are you telling me that three young, drunk, strong men could brutally rape a woman for 30 minutes and leave NO DNA? Give me a break.

kbp said...

I guess Bill Anderson has his laptop with him at the WBAL interview, posting Comments while he tells the listeners about the Hoax!

bill anderson said...

No, I was in my office and, yes, I WAS posting comments during the show. My wife says I am the only person she knows who can do 2-3 things at one time. Of course, no one says that I do any of those things well....

The Man said...

why doesn't anyone here believe the victim of this horrible crime?

Anonymous said...

4:14...or should I say Justice58

No one gives a f*ck that this woman is black. Everyone cares that Nifong has lied his way through the past 9 months in order to make it appear like there is anything worth prosecuting in this case. No one is racist here, because if this woman really was raped, I'm sure everyone on this board would demand justice for her...but she wasn't raped. Nifong isn't defending a black rape victim---he is lying on the behalf of a very troubled woman who lied about a rape, and he is doing so in order to pander to black apologists n durham so he continuously wins support (though, more than half of Durham didn't vote for him).

As for your assertion that nothing will happen to Liefong, think again. The fact of the matter is, with this new evidence that him and Meehan basicvally lied and covered up evidence, prosecutorial
misconduct is the least of his worries right now...Mikey might spend some time in jail right next to his buddy Crystal. He is a bad prosecutor and a crook, a liar, and he doesn't belong anywhere near a courtroom unless it is to hear his own sentencing for being such a horrible human being.

End of story. Justice58, get a clue, read a book, get educated.

Victim in Massachusetts said...

The Man
The reason I don't beleive her is as follows

1. her job is she had any respect for herself she would not be doing it.

2. she is drug addicted.

3.changed her story more times than any real rape victim does.

4. she lies like a rug.

5. No DNA

6. Files gang rape charges in the past and does not follow throug on them.

7. Accuses her ex-husband of trying to kill her nad not following through on the charges.

Do you wnat me to go any further.

She gives real victims like me a bad rap. She is the reason that no female in her right mind will ever come forward again. Thank to her.

TheMan said...

Are you kidding, Nifong is one of the best lawyers in NC. Otherwise why would he just not drop the case. He got elected so that can't be the reason. I think it is like he said the defense lawyers don't want to face him in a court before a jury.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Nifong: so nice of you to be posting here. But shouldn't you be making dinner? After all, Mikey must be hungry after his long day of lying and dissembling in court.

Anonymous said...

OK 'theman''ve had enough brown liquor for one day...switch to something lighter like ripple.

Anonymous said...

to the man:

We dont believe her because she has said things that are openly and completely false. She first saw Seligmann and said he was at the party and then later said he raped her, but he left NO DNA. She has also said that she was not raped, that Nikki, Kim Roberts held her down, do you think that Roberts should be in jail.

Better yet, get real, why do you believe her and not the Duke students who passed polygraphs and whose statements are supported by many eyewitnesses, phone records, pictures, and DNA. Why? Be honest now, is it class and race based?

Let me reason with you, scary thought. Are you aware that there are honest real victims of rape who have put innocent men in jail based on eye witness id and then, when DNA technology improved, had to realize that they were wrong and had identified the wrong person. DNA frees innocent people.

Let me finish this way. If a Duke student identified a black Durham resident as a rapist, without any physical evidence and in the face of alibi evidence, would you support immediate incacertation?

theman said...

Certainly, rapist belong in jail. The victim of this horrable crime is a US Navy veteran, a loving and caring mother of 2 and an honor student. She deserves to be treated with respect. How many here served in the military? She deserves her day in court

Anonymous said...

She didn't serve (much) in the military..she got her butt kicked out. there's no evidence that she is a an honor student.

theman said...

6:50 what will you say when she pull out an honorable discharge during the trial?

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit if she was in the Navy--she's lying. One doesn't negate the other. If priest rapes a little boy should he not get in trouble because he is a priest, a man of religion? I wouldn't care if she was mother theresa or princess di, if she is lying about being raped and ruining tons of lives in the process, her past good deeds don't matter much.

PS-Nifong was elected by less than half of the citizens of durham...more than 50% of the citizens saw him for what he was-a race pandering psychopath egomaniac. Don't put all your faith in the "he's a good lawyer because durham voted him in" thing-he won technically by default, and had three people not run, he probably wouldn't have won.

Anonymous said...

"The Man said...
why doesn't anyone here believe the victim of this horrible crime?

I do believe in the 3 victims - who are you talking about

theman said...

to 7:58: how do you know she is lying? She is a decent person and deserves the respect of any rape victim

Victim in Massachusetts said...

The man She will never have the love and respect of the REAL AND TRUE RAPE VICTIM.

I can spot a liar a mile away and she is much further than that from me. I know BS when I hear it.

theman said...

Yo, vic in ma, from what you say you couldn't spot a plane flying over your house either, let alone a real rape victim. If you really are a rape victim, how big was he and did you tell him no. How do you know the victim of this rape a real rape victim, what is your crendentials.

Anonymous said...

theman... she is a "loving caring mother of two" she has SEX with many people in ANY orifice she has available for money.... what type of example is she setting for her children ( and by the way... who is watching these kids while she is out selling her a*s?) And there is no record of her being an honor student.

Victim in Massachusetts said...

Tha Man why don't you learn to read.

I said I CAN spot.

you said I COULDN'T spot.

So until you can read good bye.

I don't have to explain anything to you. So have a very good night and have a Meerry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

theman said...

8:47, what business is it of yours who this victim has sex with? Would you pry into everyone's life like that?

Anonymous said...

8:51... I don't care who she has sex with, but I think her profession as a whore and stripper does impact her ability to be.. how did "theman" put it, a "loving and caring mother of two"
It is hard to be caring for the kids while you are servicing the "johns"

Anonymous said...


How do I know she is lying? Let me count the ways;

1.) No DNA of any member of a LAX player
2.) Multiple stories that contradict each other
3.) Back to stripping 2 weeks after her traumatizing sexual attack
4.) She originally IDed 4 people
5.) The faulty IDing
6.) The volumes of exculpatory evidence

need anything else? The only thing left would be her to confess.

And also--true, her sexual habits are no one else's business---but the fact that she is a stripper, has 3 children out of wedlock and allows strangers to use her body in undesirable ways doesn't scream "mom" of the year.

theman said...

to 8:51, I can't understand why you would call this victim a whore? She was a hard working girl trying to raise a family, what evidence do you have that she is a whore?

theman said...

PS to 8:51 what business is it of yours who this victim sleeps with

Anonymous said...

5:45 - because there is not a shred of evidence of a crime. This is easy - no nuclear science needed.

Anonymous said...

She has sex with people for money.... is that not the definition of a whore? Her driver at the "escort" service has already confirmed her profession. You really are not that naive are you? There are plenty of other ways to earn money to take care of your family, and to say that stripping and whoring yourself out is the only way is an incredible insult to all those HONEST hard working mothers out there.

Anonymous said...

She has sex with people for money.... is that not the definition of a whore? Her driver at the "escort" service has already confirmed her profession. You really are not that naive are you? There are plenty of other ways to earn money to take care of your family, and to say that stripping and whoring yourself out is the only way is an incredible insult to all those HONEST hard working mothers out there.

Anonymous said...

9:00 I don't think she is doing a whole lot of "sleeping" with any of these gentlemen!

theman said...

To 9:55, how do you know she is having sex for money, or are you just one of the Kooks that thinks a woman enjoying life and having sex is a whore. Maybe she enjoys having sex. Don't you?

Learned Hand said...

theman is a joke. and don't fool yourself - her sexual history IS relevant - totally admissible in this case due to the other dna found and the fact that she had sex with multiple partners in and around the time of the alleged rape. she is a prostitute - don't try to sugar-coat it. having sex for money is just that. you have NO evidence in favor of a rape by these three young men on trial but you continue to defend the AV just becuase she is black and has kids? hmmm...seems fair - sure, let's just throw common sense, constitutional protections and the american justice system to the wind and have a stick-it-to-whitey party in downtown durham! you are so sad. it is going to truly hurt when this is dismissed, nifraud is exposed and indicted, and your "precious" has to admit the truth.

theman said...

I have to assume that learnedhand does not know know mush about people. This victim was raped and none of the rich people on this want to admit, money can't buy you love.

justice58 said...


I'm sorry, but you are mistaken about me posting as 4:14. It's not me.

I'm certainly not like you posting under anonymous names like you do.

There will be a trial. You thought this case was going to be dismissed today...but wrong again. Oh and one thing more. The judge isn't going to grant a change of venue. Are you kidding me? Get a grip!

wayne fontes said...

The biological fact that you can produce children out of wedlock does not make a person a mother. The woman is 28 years old taling one class. There are millions of students in this country. Is taking one class at a second tier college the most praise worthy aspect of her life.

Anonymous said...

Her poor kids... they can't even split in for a Father's Day gift!

beenaround said...

Re: 4:14 PM

The judge believes he did nothing wrong. You're so hateful and racist because Mike Nifong is seeking justice for a black rape victim.

You know these people know they are losing when the start slinging the racist word around.

Pathetic fools.

Anonymous said...

whether there is a change of venue or not I hope like hell a jury convicts the yankie punks. I would prefer a change of venue just to prove to you, even outside of Durham, juries still convict rapist.

Anonymous said...


Thunder Pig said...

Nifong will go down.
Perhaps if he were followed everywhere he went with cameras, he would get a clue as to what he has allowed, and assisted, in happening to the Duke Lacrosse players, and the fabric of justice.
He has played the Race Card to further himself, and debase the race on the Card. He has sown Seeds that will be Reaped long after he has gone. I hope he sees a little of the whirlwind before he goes.

This case is just the tip of the iceberg in the N.C. Justice System. Other D.A.s abuse their power as well.
Just keep shining the light on him. It's all we can do.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who is perplexed by the talk of the pregnancy.... if the baby is due in Feb (according to the almighty orb Nifong) and the hoax began in March... isn't that a helleva long gestation period??

Anonymous said...

I think the man is having some fun with you guys, but I think justice 58 is just a raving lunatic.

Anonymous said...

"I'm not a looney, you're the looney, now I would like a license for my pet bee." - Monty Python.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

NCCC is a fourth tier college with only 20% scoring above 500 in their SATs - none the less, the folk going there are trying to better themselves. I am sorry that the students there like the feminist can not admit how this poor women has hurt the school and rape issues.