Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brodhead Morning Briefing 3

Good Morning President Brodhead!
Enjoy your Holiday trip?
Yes, I read Davidson's op-ed.
No-w-w . . . let's not call her a "Pip!"
Perhaps it is unfortunate . . .
No repentance or remorse.
Just revisionist history
Yes, she called up shades of Nifong . . .
By using his favorite word.
What? Oh, she called the bloggers "hooligans". . .
Oh, no! Dick!! You hadn't heard??
Yes, Davidson outdid herself
And the blogs are in high torque .
Dick, that desk's expensive . . .
Please stop stabbing it with your fork!
Reinstatement got some good press
We'll need "arrangements" if they return.
Perhaps Dog the Bounty Hunter
Could accompany them in Durham?
Yes, I know about the lawsuit.
Yes, just the two young players failed.
Some fine shots of Kim at protests
And, there's an unfortunate E-mail . . .
Seems there may be some other "stories."
Dick, you spilled your Coffee!
Now it's dripping on my knee!
Yes, you should write a letter!
Explain the Faculty are victims here!
Give the Blogs the blame!
Nasty letters and E-mail!
Why surely that's as daunting . . .
As facing thirty years in jail!
Emphasize that Faculty "suffering"
Is "equivalent" in scope...
To what the boys have suffered
It's ...."Even -Steven" time at Duke!
And then to still the waters
Ensure times ahead are good . . .
Entrust our future Culture "study"
To folks like Holloway and Wood!!!!
Yes, the New Year's looking brighter
The sun's out behind the cloud
What a portent when Prof. Baker
Sent New Years greetings to the Dowds!
Joan Foster LSAP, BH


Anonymous said...

Great poem!! So true. This is a little off the subject but add Rabbi Shmuley Botech to the list of persons who need to apologize to the LAX players. You can read the article on the website WorldNet Daily at:http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50051

Anonymous said...

Even NOW, Brodheads words and actions are being used to smear the boys and their team. That is HIS legacy in this matter.


Anonymous said...


I just love you! So well said, yet again!

How dare Brodhead compare the "difficulties" of the group of 88 to the horror these three falsley accused lacrosse players have been experiencing. It is now clear when reviewing his interview with 60 minutes, his statements and his recent letter that his philosophies mirror that of the group of 88. He has absolutely no sympathy for these innocent young men. He is deplorable.

Anonymous said...

Davidson seems still to fret about the 'disparities' between a poor black woman summoned to perform before the white lacrosse players.

Perhaps she would like legislation to make it a crime for black women to earn money as 'sex workers' for white males. Perhaps she would prefer that the law demand that white males hire only white sex workers and black males hire only black women as sex workers.

Where exactly can Davidson go with this reasoning?

Anonymous said...

Where can Davidson go with this reasoning?

Just head to the board and go look at the lying little b!tch's bullcrap as she trys to spin the listening statement to her advantage