Friday, January 12, 2007

The Crime is "Crystal" Clear

A "Tribute" to Fantastic Lies
Hey! Mr. Nifong, I was raped!
My injuries?..Well, my knee was scraped...
It was 5 guys, twenty, no just three
I'll tell you what they did to me.
They grabbed me, so I screamed and cried!
Then I ...called my Dad to say I'd arrived..
Next, the three, or five, or was it ten?
Pulled me away from my" sister" Kim.
Our hands entwined, dear "sister survivor"
(She stole my money, the little conniver!)
And during this epic free-for-all...
Records show I made another call.
In the tiny bathroom they "had their way."
But being rich white kids..left no DNA.
That Collin did something that laid me low!
(Man, I hear his parents have a lot of dough...)
It lasted thirty, no, just ten minutes
And Matt, no Bret, he couldn't "finish"But wait!
No, not that kind of "rape."
Did I say six guys? No, three. Or, eight?
And then Dave, who is Adam AND Matt AND Brett
Does he have a mustache? I forget...
Maybe that was one of the Creedmoor Three?
(Man, I'll be living large, suing civilly!)
Then after the beating ... the degradation
Still I fulfilled my ..."performance obligation."
I even hung around for an hour or more..
No point in rushing out the door.
Then they carried me out to Kim's getaway...
Or...shoved me on the stoop in my negligee.
No, I wasn't knocking in RAGE! I ...flailed.
My maidenly virtue had been assailed!
Then, next, I told Kim I'd like to stay
'Cause there was more "money to be made."
(Though now I can see the big pay-out
Is a civil attorney with lots of clout)
They were all so short, so rosy, and fat
And Dan is, Brett... no, Matt
He stood behind... in front...I seen 'im
That's how I got "diffuse edema."
The week before? Nah, I had absolutely no sex!
That DNA Meehan found has you perplexed?
No rape, no problem, right? You'll find a way,
A jury of my peers will make those white boys pay!
Mr. Nifong, you say it's "crystal" clear,
Your experience tells you... I'm sincere!
You think you can get a jury who'll buy
I'm not incoherent, but... "traumatized"?
You need your pension; you needed votes
I need Big Money to get off the pole!
So let's stick together whatever they say,
Pandering and lying, may yet win the day!
Wasn't it good fortune that we two met up?
Miss Morally Bankrupt and Mr. Morally Corrupt!


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Anonymous said...

Very good!

Anonymous said...

I eagerly await this hit single hitting the internet.

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Anonymous said...

I think we should be both complete and fair:
Unlike Britanny, Crystal wore underwear!

Crystal wants the prosecution to proceed,
Being motivated by great pride and greater greed,

Also known as cupidity
And,yes, sheer stupidity.

Proof? Crystal wants to testify.
Would "Precious" Crystal ever lie?

Just ask victims' rights attorney Gloria Allred!
Like Wendy Murphy and Nancy Grace, a woman to dread.

Also, it's time for Greta's Ted Williams to retire.
Confidence in his judgment, he does not inspire.

Of course, dismissal of all charges would be just ducky!
To cross-examine Crystal, NO ONE should ever be so lucky.

The problem is that Crystal spoke before someone fabricated a plausible story for her to tell.
So now, instead of Duke lacrossers and their families, Crystal and Nifong will go through hell.

It is something each of them has fully earned.
Calls to them to repent were always spurned.

But. vindictiveness toward them would be a big mistake.
Not for theirs, but for our sake.

Sadly, hate fueled the Duke case.
The winners should exhibit grace.

After all, we always had God and truth on our side,
While Nifong and Crystal ignored, concealed and flat out lied.

Michael J. Gaynor

Joan Foster said...

Mike, you're quite the poet! Joan

kbp said...

Lucky I stopped to comment.

Both were great!

WhyteRain said...

This should be set to rap music and blared throughout Durham to the black community whose puppet Mr. Nifong was.