Thursday, January 11, 2007

Déjà Vu All Over Again

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the Hoax that today’s supplemental motion to suppress the photo identifications of the Hoax defendants reveals that pseudo-victim, Crystal Gail Mangum, has yet again drastically changed her story. It should also surprise no one that the latest re-re-re-invention of the Hoax appears tailored to weave itself around Reade Seligmann's alibi, while “explaining” away the exonerating DNA evidence, the inconsistencies in the photo identification transcript, the time-stamped photographs, contradictions in each of the accuser's prior statements, and more. While the latest rewriting of the evolving Hoax script should not surprise anyone, the enormity of the changes is very frightening.

With an investigative report reminiscent of Sgt. Mark Gottlieb’s miraculously conceived from “memory” notes that were employed mid-summer to resuscitate a crumbling Hoax by filling the many holes that were then apparent, Defendant Nifong’s chief investigator, Linwood Wilson, appears to have taken a magic eraser with him when he interviewed the Hoax-tress on December 21. The newly revised version of the Hoax seems to be an entirely new fabrication that contradicts nearly every prior statement of the accuser to date. What is most horrifying about this new development is that it is upon this fractured, Victoria Peterson-esque foundation that Defendant Nifong based his decision to drop the rape charges, yet proceed with the lesser, though still serious, charges against the three innocent victims he continues to persecute.

In order for you to believe the newest version of the Hoax, you must disbelieve not only each of the accuser’s prior statements, including her pivotal identifications, but also nearly every other witness account made to date, and almost all other evidence that has been publicized so far.

To believe that the accuser arrived at the Buchanan house at 11:10 p.m., as Linwood Wilson now claims that she states, you must disbelieve the accuser’s cell phone records (“She received short calls at 11:11 p.m. and 11:22 p.m., and then called her father at 11:25, a call that lasted 7 minutes. She received two more calls, at 11:33 and 11:36. This last call lasted three minutes”) and the statements of the accuser’s father (“He said she did call him to say she safely reached her destination -- about 11:30 p.m., about the start of a late-night talk show he was watching.”), her driver, Brian Taylor, ("On our way there, she got two calls on her cell phone saying if you don't come soon, it's going to get canceled,"), her co-dancer, Kim Roberts, (“At about 11:30 Precious arrived and came to the back where we met for the first time.”), and the statement of neighbor, Jason Bissey, (“At approximately 11:50 p.m., I saw from my porch that a car had been stopped directly in front of 610”).

To believe now that immediately after dancing, the accuser directly left the house with Kim Roberts without first entering the bathroom, you must disbelieve Roberts' consistent and repeated assertions that, after dancing, they both adjourned to the bathroom, where she left the accuser while heading to her car alone. You must also disbelieve the lacrosse team’s statement that the dancers both went into the bathroom after dancing.

To believe that the accuser was assaulted from a few minutes after 11:35 until midnight, you must disbelieve everything that points to her arrival after 11:35. That means accepting that the assault began while she was on her phone, and while Reade Seligmann was on his phone. You must also believe that either the time-stamped photographs showing her dancing after midnight were altered, or that she danced both before and after the “assault.” Finally, you must accept that after being brutally "assaulted," she stayed at the house for nearly another hour.

In order to believe that twenty people witnessed and assisted Reade, David, and Collin restrain and forcibly remove the accuser from the bedroom to the bathroom, you must disbelieve the accuser’s prior written statement that three people restrained Ms. Roberts, while three men named Adam, Matt and Brett (who now are only one or two people total) forced her into the bathroom. You must also believe that those twenty witnesses have all remained silent all these months.

In order to believe now that Reade Seligmann’s participation was limited to holding her leg while they transported her into the bathroom and then simply watching the assault, you must disbelieve the pseudo-victim's 100% identification - the identification that is the only reason for his indictment - of Mr. Seligmann as the person who made her perform oral sex on him.

In order to believe that magic towels were used to wipe away all of the accused men’s DNA from her mouth, face, vagina, and anus, while simultaneously leaving behind the DNA of multiple unknown men, and not picking up a single cell of hers, you must believe that DNA testing is a junk science. In order to believe that the same magic towel was used to wipe the bathroom floor of a house rented by three college men, and occupied for the evening by twenty-some other partying men, without picking up a trace of anyone’s DNA and while still remaining as white as it was when police found it two days later, you must believe the lacrosse captains have Adrian Monk and Martha Stewart as maids. If so, you must also believe they should fire them, because they somehow missed an unindicted player’s semen on the floor.

In order to believe now that Ms. Roberts told the players to take their hands off of the pseudo-victim, you must not believe Ms. Roberts' statements to the effect of not having seen anyone lay hands on or assault the accuser. In order to believe that after the “attack” the guys carried her outside and dropped her on the ground, you must not give credence to the pseudo-victim's previous statement that following the “assault,” Ms. Roberts and Reade dressed her and carried her out to the car. In order to believe that after she was photographed lying down, she was then photographed at the door to the house, you must believe that not only were the time stamps of the photographs altered, but also that their sequence had been impossibly rearranged.

If you believe that the photograph of the pseudo-victim standing at the back door on the Abrams Report shows her upon arrival, you must believe that she arrived wearing one high-heeled shoe. If you believe that Dan, Adam, Brett, and Matt (as “Investigator” Wilson’s handwritten notes seem to indicate) were all David Evans, then you must disbelieve the accuser's April 6 statement to police, which indicated that the four were separate individuals. You must also disbelieve the veracity of the statements and descriptions she gave to Himan and Gottlieb on March 16, as well as her words from the April 4 “lineup”.

If you believe that Reade is also Adam and Matt, then you cannot believe her previous assertions that described in minute detail what Adam and Matt allegedly did to her. Unless, of course, you disbelieve the assertions Linwood Wilson attributes to her of Reade not having participated in the “sexual assault.” If you believe that, viewing David Evans with a five o’clock shadow, she stated twice that her attacker had a mustache, though she really meant to say a five o’clock shadow, then you need to be concerned about the voices in your head that you are likely hearing.

If you can believe all of the above revisions newly revealed today, while disbelieving all of the accuser's and other witnesses' prior statements and all of the other evidence that has been revealed, then you must believe that Defendant Nifong’s chief investigator, Linwood Wilson, did not “interview” the accuser with the intention of crafting a re-re-re-invention of the Hoax to save his boss's ass by conveniently, if clumsily, weaving its way around a mountain of evidence of actual innocence. It should also not frighten you that this blatant attempt by Defendant Nifong, his "victim," and his henchman Wilson to frame innocent men continues without intervention from the Department of Justice or local authorities. I assure you that I, for one, am frightened that this blatant abuse of power is allowed to continue.


Anonymous said...
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Blog Hooligan said...

Note to Karla: This is how to write.


justice58 said...

Liestoppers...I know you see this poster's vulgar attack on the victim. Why don't you delete 12:26!

And furthermore: That's a blatant lie about the victim changing her story. Nothing but lies from the defense. This was reported months ago from N & O about DE's DNA being found on a towel. She said in the beginning some guy wiped her off and one guy didn't do anything but watch. At first, I thought it was MZ but now we know.

The victim also said early on the guy that watched... said he was getting married. Remember the lie they told to get the dancers there. It was suppose to be a bachelor party. Tell the damn truth. We knew this from the first get-go. There is NO change in her story.

Liestoppers I'm waiting for you to delete the above post. You said you were being fair. Now is your time to prove it.

Annnd: The person who watched an assault take place and did nothing is the lowest person on the face of the earth. OMG-he watched and did nothing. What a despicable human being!

Liestoppers I'm waiting!

Anonymous said...

This is like a horror movie. I am scared for these boys. I just can't believe there isn't some government body that should step in and stop this madness. This is frightening. I just cannot imagine what these young men and their families are feeling. This should not happen these United States.

Anonymous said...

I thought my head was going to explode before I got to the end, but I made it. Crystal just left out the part where she passed through a time-space continuum -- twice, and only losing 50 minutes in the process. Ata Girl!

(I also hear that the one stilletto look/limp is big on the catwalks this year - yeah, right --just ask Tyra.)

But after reading this excellent comparison of the stories in play, I took a chance at clicked on the comments...and then it happened. I read PJ's (aka Justice58) post and my head really did explode.

justice58 said...


"This should not happen these United States". Why??

Tell me why spoiled rich white boys charged with a crime should go free? Is it because they have money?

He!! no-- no one is above the law.

Anonymous said...

When this is all over, these three young men are going to walk. They'll also write best-seller books and get big bucks for the movie rights.

Both Nifong and the accuser will be fortunate if they don't serve time.

And in the end, all those who chose to make this a showcase of the terrible racism of white athletes will be shown for the irresponsible racists they themselves are....

justice58 said...
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Gregory said...

Superb analysis, Liestoppers!!! I appreciated the simple and effective way you put this together. The way the old statements were weaved into the new worked perfectly!

As for the most unfortunately and improperly named Justice58, the post you complained about only called her a "scheming whore."

By changing her stories so many times, in order to extort money from the boys, I would say she is scheming. This is especially evidenced by the way she changed her story in the way a six-year-old would do to try to make her statement match the physical evidence. "Scheming" seems quite fair to me.

Also, by her own admission, she was doing one-on-ones three times per week, and the written statement from Jarriel Johnson establishes that she was spending many hour-long stays at local hotels, and she also admitted to a "vibrator show" in front of a couple, thus qualifying her for the word "whore."

Keep up the good work, Liestoppers!

LieStoppers said...

Justice - It is difficult for me to believe that you genuinely object to the use of the word, "w***e" after all the vulgarity you have posted here. With that said, I must admit that I do find it offensive and will delete it with the hope that 12:26 will repost their comments with a less offensive alternate expression.

I'll give you a pass on your comment despite its factual inaccuracy. The quote you refer to (The victim also said early on the guy that watched... said he was getting married.) as proof that the accuser has not changed her story reads in full:

"Then Matt said I'm getting married tomorrow I can't do this. Adam said yes you can and then that was [when] Matt put his part in me and did not use a condom."

justice58 said...


Thanks for being fair.

LieStoppers said...

Yikes Justice - How can you object to W**** and then drop a B****? It's gonna drive me nuts if I have to babysit y'all. I'm going to delete your post but will state for all that you are not Poetic Justice.

Anonymous said...

An amazingly good piece of writing. I barely blinked through the whole summary of events. It is all too outlandish to believe but it is real and frightening to see it continuing in front of our eyes. Can you imagine if these boys parents were't able to post bail, these guys might have spent the past nine months sitting in jail due to the lies invented by a scheming sex worker WOW!

gs said...

Can you see the accuser non education. She believes that a magical towel exists that allows the dukies DNA to be magically erased but leaves behind the DNA of the 5 unknown other males.

So much for NCCC.

Anonymous said...

Nifomg is not alone.

The ADA on the case must be held acountable.

bill anderson said...

You must remember that j58 and her friends live in Durham, which is a magical city. Yes, they have magic towels that wipe away DNA (but not ALL DNA), and the people working in the hospitals are able to eliminate some chromosomes but not others, simply by looking at them.

It is a magical place where different stories that are mutually exclusive are weaved together, all considered to be true. Most important, it is a place where some people scream for "justice," but when the standards of injustice are applied to people whose skin color they hate, then suddenly injustice magically becomes justice.

Yes, Durham is a city of magic, just like Scottsboro, Alabama, was a magic place in 1931, where one could rape women and not leave a trace of evidence, a place where a woman in a court of law would declare she was NOT raped, but that the jury would conclude she was raped.

Yes, Duham 2007 = Scottsboro 1931. Two magic cities. Welcome to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, Liestoppers. Very cogent analysis.


Anonymous said...

Liestoppers - I'm going back and forth on who came up with this statement. I'd love to know you think. My gut tells me that Crystal is too stupid and knows she is too stupid to try and weave a story to match the evidence. That leaves Wilson/Nifong who probably think they are smart enough to try this but in actuality are also too stupid to make this work.


Anonymous said...

Frightening, depressing, and shocking, as usual. You lay it out Liestoppers. This is the house that our NC Justice system has built. This is what passes for the law in Durham. And don't kid yourself, this isn't over. Before the curtain goes down on this tradgedy, this trial may go to jury.

Anonymous said...

7:20- I agree, Crystal is getting some help... my vote is Victoria Peterson

Anonymous said...

You know have fifty people all the lacrosse players, Bissey, and Roberts, people who are odds saying it started at midnight, with corroboroting electronic evidence, and they ARE ALL LYING???

Not only that, Lifung now says that twenty lacrosse players pushed her into the bathroom, well, each one is going to deny it. Why didn't he charge them, he already said that nobody else did anyting wrong.

Reade Selgimann was only indicted becasue during a certain five second period, on videotape, "precious" said that he forced her to perform oral sex. Now she says that is false. BY WHAT PERVERSE IDEA OF LAW OR JUSTICE, EVEN BLACK DURHAM JUSTICE, IS HE STILL IN THE CASE. Do you get to indict for one crime, and then be tried for another.

This is war, bigtime war, and somebody is going to lose and 300 million people want it to be Lifung and the filthy liar. 1000 deluded idiots think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I think we should stop allowing DNA into our court system till we can research it more based on this case. obviously DNA means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Did they tape/video the December 21 interview? If so, why not? It would be irresponsible to not record this interview at this point in time (unless, of course, you were looking for a pre-determined outcome that may need some coaching to get to).

Anonymous said...

CGM will rat out anyone who helped her frame these guys. Her lawyer will tell her make a deal.

As soon as the case is dismissed the state will launch a special investigation, in order to save face and keep the feds out.

Anonymous said...

Saw Greta last night. Even Woody is amazed this case is still going on. They did all harp on that all DAs or ADAs in Nfong office have a duty to uphold justice. If they know what Nifong is doing they should speak up.

Anonymous said...

Question for the attorneys: If the grand jury indictment was made primarily on the rape claim, with the other charges as ancilliary, does anyone believe Nifong would have gotten an indictment simply on kidnapping and possible sexual assault?

Anonymous said...

The grand jury is one sided. Only the state (Nifong) present evidence, (or not as in the DNA evidence).

Howard said...

When will everybody stop picking on poor Mike Nifong?

Anonymous said...

In my 12:31 post I was trying to get at the reason for maintaining any charges against Reade Seligmann. He was indicted for rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping...but now the accuser says no rape and he just would Seilgmann have likley been indicted by the GJ under these circumstances and if the answer is no...then why is he still charged?

(I am aware that watching and not doing anything could be construed as a crime...but would that gotten him indicted on these changres?)

Anonymous said...

"I never blame myself when I'm not hitting. I just blame the bat, and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn't my fault that I'm not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?"


Anonymous said...

My own belief as an attorney, although not admitted in NC, is that indictment against Reade is no longe effective. The only evidence against him was a brief statement that he forced oral sex. That one statement is now retracted. Whatever "crime" he may or may not have committed (and of course he is innocent) is sufficiently unrelated to the indictment as to be outside the scope of the indictment. I can't arrest you for stealing from house a and, without amending the charges, try you for stealing from house b. an indictment is not a passport to the country of i will fry you for whatever the heck comes to mind at trial.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Linwood and Nifong made this all up. How could we possibly know what Crystal is saying(beyond Help)? These fools have lied from the get-go and none of us has heard or seen Crystal since April. Wish I were a fly on Freedmans office wall. That will teach Woody and Boulton,the value of buttering up.

Hey-nonny Bosh said...

Justice58 isn't even as good a troll as Immy on TalkLeft, that is, J58 doesn't even really raise the specter of a whacked-out believer, just a pure and second-rate troll.

Anonymous said...

justice58 Are you crazy? A public toilet is cleaner than her underwear!

Anonymous said...

CGM will rat out anyone who helped her frame these guys. Her lawyer will tell her make a deal.

Don't you think Nifong is aware of this and has made plans?

Anonymous said...
Nifong talks to accuser on thu

justice58 said...


I'm NOT a troll. I honestly believe in the victim. I make no excuses or apologies for my stand. No woman would put herself through this kind of torment or humiliation if it wasn't true. I can't see that happening and not for this long. The victim has remained silent since her first interview with the N & O.

When I was 17 years old. There was an attempted rape on me. I was a young girl and it happened at school in broad daylight. I put up a long fight and he suddenly stopped. I told no one, not even my parents...And I had wonderful parents but I was numb inside. I could have told the principal but I chose to stay quiet. I was humiliated and ashamed to even think about it. I pretended it never happened. And because RS has a girlfriend means nothing. I learned the hard way... because this guy had a girlfriend also and I had to face her in class everyday. What a lowdown SOB to have a girlfriend and then come after me. That's why I can't see this woman putting herself through this kind of hell on earth. It is hell b/c I've experienced it. No way do I think she is lying. No way.

bill anderson said...

How do you explain the lack of DNA? This is the same lack of DNA that got Darryl Hunt exonerated and pardoned by the NC governor this past spring.

Hunt was convicted by eyewitness testimony. Are you saying that the DNA should be ignored, or are you saying DNA should be ignored only when you don't like the race of the people being accused? Are you willing to denounce the exoneration of Hunt? He was black, but that should not make a difference, right?

Anonymous said...

She is street wise, she was being locked up for being drunk.

This was her get out of jail.

The police would have dropped it as a made up story, but Nifong need it to get elected. He even made himself lead investigator. He manage to ask her about the case in person on Thu this week.

Lies can get out of control. After Nifong eran with it, she was trapped. Now with her Dec lies, she has fully embraced the frame.

Anonymous said...

Must believe in the magic towel:

Wipes away Lax players DNA

Leaves other people DNA behind (at least 5)

Does pick up accuser DNA

I guest the education system in America is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Should be "Does not pick up Accuser DNS"

Anonymous said...

J58 -- do you have a husband, son, brother, father or other male relative? How would you feel if they were falsely accused of rape?

Would you disbelieve your relative -- because I woman wouldn't lie about rape?

Oh sorry - couldn't happen because women don't ever lie about rape. My bad.

Anonymous said...

J58, your statement that "No woman would put herself through this kind of torment or humiliation if it wasn't true" is patently untrue, since people are unpredictable and your statement is an absolute. You'd be closer to the truth if you said "No SANE woman with a CONSCIENCE and MORALS would put herself through this." Still wrong, but at least closer to the possibility of truth. And anyway, it's becoming obvious that this woman is severely lacking in the sanity, conscience, and morals departments.

Your statement is only as true as "no man would kill himself".

Anonymous said...

Now that Nifong has gone, no DA, none, will push this case. So, the black community of Durham will spin the lie that this was a good case, but white money put it under.

Anonymous said...

j58, "no excuses or apologies for my stand".

Those aren't the only things you don't have for your stand.

You also have no rational basis, no thought, no facts, no logical arguments, nothing but "yell-yell, whine-whine, cry-cry".

Your belief in her is as meaningless as showing people a card saying "this says 'they're guilty'" and the only thing on the card is the printed words "they're guilty".

Your belief in her story is completely unsupported by anything that would convince an objective person that you are correct.

You are delusional. I will give you one thing, though: I don't think you are a troll, just a sincere lunatic.

Anonymous said...

J58, while there are undoubtedly a great many rapes that go unreported (probably at least a 3 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio), there have been at least two published studies taken from a couple localities that showed that a significant percentage of reported rapes are actually false charges. I believe one study had it in the 30% range and the second study had it in the 40% range. The studies excluded any cases that had gone to trial and gotten not guilty verdicts. The only cases included in the case studies were guilty verdicts, guilty pleadings, the accuser recanting her charges causing the charges to be dropped, and exculpatory evidence being found causing the charges to be dropped.

The most common motivations given for these false charges were: financial-to extort money; alibi-to get out of trouble; embarrassment about intercourse with someone; and revenge.

Anonymous said...

Report: Easley press office ordered e-mails deleted
Mar 29, 2008

RALEIGH, N.C. -- State government public information officers were instructed by Gov. Mike Easley's press office to delete e-mails to and from the governor's office, according to notes released Saturday by the governor's office.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Saturday that Andrew A. Vanore Jr., a lawyer who works for Easley, produced notes made by two public information officers. The notes showed that they and others were told at a meeting on May 29, 2007, to destroy e-mails. A third public information officer said he also recalled those instructions.

But Vanore said the notes don't mean what they say. He also said the instructions were not followed.

Easley's chief legal counsel, Reuben F. Young, has been vacationing with his family in China and could not be reached for comment. Deputy press secretary Seth Effron has been instructed by Vanore not to comment.

Questions about the way the Easley administration handles e-mails arose after publication of an N&O series, "Mental Disorder: The Failure of Reform." The series reported on an ill-conceived and poorly executed mental health reform plan on which the state has wasted at least $400 million.

Two days after the series ended, Easley ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to fire its public information officer, Debbie Crane. Later that day, Crane told The N&O that the governor's press office had directed that e-mails be deleted to bypass the state's public records law.

Young and Effron quickly denied that such instructions had been given.

Julia Jarema, public information officer at the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, recorded this note for the meeting in question: "Public records request -- increasing careful of email delete emails to/from gov. office every day."

Diana Kees, public information officer at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, recorded this note: "emails - more & more public records requests (blogs?) be careful w/emails; delete emails to and from gov office every day."

Vanore said he did not know what the notes meant.

"It could be interpreted a number of different ways, and the only way to properly interpret it would be to talk to the individual who took the note," he said. But he said he had instructed all of the employees not to talk about that issue because the newspaper may file a lawsuit.

Vanore said the e-mail messages to and from the governor's press office were clear and irrefutable proof that there was no systematic intent to destroy e-mail.

Hugh Stevens, an attorney who represents The N&O, said the notes made by Jarema and Kees confirmed Crane's allegation.

"This sounds to me as though there was a concerted and willful attempt to evade the public records law by deleting the e-mails," he said. "I don't see how you can interpret it any other way."

Guess whose e-mails were deleted? OURS! I have had numerous people write to both Easley, and the Sheriff, for our case, and after being "blacklisted" from the county website and willingly negligent, here is more PROOF of the deliberate abuse of powers in public offices to purposely deny the public RIGHTS, and to perform MORE illegal and unconstitutional tactics to prevent being "OUTED!"


Rhonda Fleming