Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Flashback - July 25, 2006

Who's Listening Now?

On July 28, 2006, three days after crafting this parody of the Group of 88's Listening Ad, we launched this site. A month later we opened the attached LieStoppers Forum . In total, we have published 364 essays, articles, poems, cartoons, and illustrations while the readers of the blog and the 500+ members of our forum have posted over 32,000 comments. Between the blog and the forum, more than 1.25 million pages have been viewed in the past 25 weeks. Wow. . . and thank you.


krddurham said...


Now, how much does it cost to purchase a one page ad in the N&O?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Way to go Liestoppers!!!

I too would contribute to its publication in the print media.


WJD said...

Wow, what a question, "What does injustice sound like". I think we all know the answer to that question. Just listen to Mike Nifong.

Howard said...

What stands out now, aside from the intial racism from both Durham and Blacks in general, is the rip roaring feminist-gay cabal that is still screaming rape, a psyscholgical one if not an actual physical one. This alliance is nation wide, is very articulate and the "trained" radical feminists are active in every media; film, lit, print, TV News and their influence is critical in how "sex crimes" are presented. They will never be through with these guys. They will hound them in every corporation, every academic setting, and every political campaign they may decide to undertake. Feminist studies are the training grounds for feminist action and infiltration more dangerous than Mislim terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Count me in for a contribution. I've copied a lot of Joan's essays to give to my kids, so that they know what parenting is really be about- added to my admonition that they shouldn't have children until they are capable of raising a puppy to become a good doggy citizen, they may have a chance of becoming good parents!

Thank you, Liestoppers, for this forum, for the cyber friends I have made and for the wisdom and thoughtfulness that brings us all here.
Texas Mom

Anonymous said...

What's the best thing ever to come out of Durham?

A. Karla Holloway
B. Chan Hall
C. Mike Nifong
D. I-85

Yep, time to hit the road, folks!

Anonymous said...

thank you for all the wonderful work that you are doing- it is people like you that make this world a better place!!!!

Anonymous said...

No...thank you !!!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing to look back to that July parody... thank you LieStoppers! For everything.

Anonymous said...

to 9:17
I am proud of every memeber of the LAX team ! They are the only ones who have shown honesty and integrity throughout this ordeal.
I can't imagine the pain each family has been going through. No one ever said it was easy being a parent!
Although I have no connection to the LAX team, my son was a recent grad, and I can't help to think this could have happened at one of the frat parties. This could have happened to any group of white males! Scary thought!
Good Bless all the lax players and their families!

Anonymous said...

I think we should go for the full page ad....but in the NY Times!

This resonates all over the country...and beyond.

bill anderson said...

Keep in mind that the only people who consistently have told the truth here have been the lacrosse players. Yes, the ones who were charged with lying and covering up actually were telling the truth, while the DA, police, and many others (obviously Crystal) lied, lied, lied.

Yet, Nifong still is lying, and there are people in Durham who want to believe his lies. We still have a lot of work to do.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Liestoppers.

In less time when it took Crystal Gail Mangum to conceive and deliver another out-of-wedlock child who deserves so much better, LieStoppers brought forth the truth, either with humor or a hammer, that turned the tide.

A truth that many still cannot abide,
Due to hatred, jealous or unpardonable pride.

It's a pleasure and a privilege to be on LieStoppers' side,
Especially not that Nifong and Crystal are the ones who hide.

The fair-minded, but misled, neared a guide,
To appreciate who was sincere and who snide.

Now it is appreciated far and wide:

The defense attorneys in the Duke case will file a motion by Friday against Nifong for sanctions, including holding him in contempt of court, ordering him to pay the attorneys' fees in connection with the discovery of the DNA test results that he conspired to conceal and removing him from the case at last.

For Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans and their families, the Duke prosecution/persecution and its pain soon will be in the past.

"60 Minutes" returns to the Duke case this Sunday, with Leslie Stahl replacing the late Ed Bradley and Dr. Brian Meehan as a guest.

Videotape or Tivo if you can, but watching live will be best.

Duke invited Reade and Collin back.
Though they don't seem to be rushing to pack.

The state bar is working on the second ethics complaint against dastardly D.A. Nifong.
There's so much that Durham's political opportunist/ prosecutorial power abuser did so very wrong.

The other NC D.A.s want Nifong off the Duke case.
They no longer pretend that he's not a disgrace.

How much longer does Nifong prolong (a) the case and (b) his careers as (i) DA and (ii) a practicing attorney?
I sympathize greatly especially with the mothers of the Three, but at least none of them is...Cy Gurney!

It's time for the civil suits with the lacrossers on the offense and Nifong, Durham, Duke, Brodhead and the 88 on defense.
Think about it! It's fair. It's just. It's common sense!

Michael J. Gaynor

Anonymous said...

Thank you LieStoppers. Along with KC, Bill Anderson, and JinC you have been the voice of reason and the beacon of sanity in this whole mess. I agree with BA. It is truly amazing that the only people to consistently tell the truth have been the players. How come the players can show so much character, and the "adults" (FA, DA, 88) can be so shallow? Thank you for starting this blog, and allowing me to be a part--Buddy

Anonymous said...

Heh, did you know that Karla Holloway's son raped a young woman twice and tried to cut her throat and disembowel her?

He was serving prison time for that and awaiting trial for murder when he tried to escape from prison and was shot dead.

The details are all in Durham In Wonderland.

You could not make this stuff up.

bill anderson said...

He was an adopted son, and someone on the Duke faculty -- not an ally of the G88, let me assure you -- said that the Holloways did what they could, but it was not enough.

I would have hoped that the experience would have made Holloway less likely to rush to judgment, but she has taken another road.

Anonymous said...

surely you are joking, bill anderson. The only people who told the truth are the lax players? are you crazy? they lied from the jump:

they lied about the number of people attending the party and they lied about the intent of the party(5 people for a bachelor party per Kim Roberts and the initial reports from the escort agency)

they lied about team identity and tried to say they were the baseball or track teams

they lied about their names and were using their uniform numbers at times. ? to conceal their identity

they tried to circumevent the law and host a underage drinking and live sex show

all 3 captains lied about reade being at the party.

Please, trying to pretend these guys did not lie is revisionist history but is consistent with the attempts of bloghooligans like yourself to whitewash the questionable behavior of the team. Anyone with any sense of criminal investigation can surmise plausible reasons for the lies they told above based on basic criminology:

1.They could have lied about the number of people and the nature of the party as a certain number of people(usually over 5) triggers security to be dispatched according to the escort agency rules, rules they were aware of as they had booked strippers before. For some odd reason, they appaerntly did not want to have security at their party. Wonder why?

2.They lied about team identity and used the baseball teams and track teams as alternate identities. Why? 2 possibilities: if something bad was planned, the identity of the actual team would not be discovered or on file at the agency or they wanted to pick some teams that were more racially diverse in case trouble broke out, so once again, their identity would be safe.

3.the lies about names and numbers is obvious as they did not want their real identities to be known; however, as there are actual Bretts and Matts, on the team , this is debateable not have to discuss the underage drinking and illegal sex show as the reason they held the party at the house to start with is that some of the guys could not drink or legally attend a strip club in Durham

5.As to Reade not being at the party, there is a picture of him in the main party room with a drink in his hand so ? why all three of the captains denied he was ever there, especially since he is pictured sitting close to some of them in the photos. It could be an error but most probably was a straight up LIE as you would remember if your buddy was there drinking with you and was there long enough to be in not one but several photos.

So Bill Anderson, since they told the truth from the beginning accordling to you, please explain the lies above. Oh, I forgot. No one can explain those and no one has to date. That is because you bloghooligans want to denigrate Nifong and the accuser's actions and do not want to discuss the questionable and guilty appearing antics of the Lax team that night.

Sundayjack said...

This is important to note: A blog and a board like Liestoppers has a readership that DWARFS the readership of a fringe newsrag like the Wilmington Urinal. And yet, a race hustler like Youknowwho runs around like a genuine news source. It's larfable.

Anonymous said...

11:13 PM

You are either ignorant, very misinformed or both.

wts said...

For my son's children, I thank you for just plain caring...for wanting things to be fair and talk be open to straight help me to be more bold in my help me to be more tempered....

Most of all, and of course, to help me and many many others to right a wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about 11:13. I figured out how to use the site meter on this board a couple of weeks ago, and I have their ip traced. I've been tracing them for about a week now.

Anonymous said...

good luck with that tracing the ip. for what purpose? I have not said anything that was not published in the press. you are just mad because everyone does not share your world view. too bad, but a lot of people still have not bought the defense/lax version of events.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooooooooo much Liestoppers, KC, Bill Anderson, Friends of Duke, John in Carolina, NDLax, Johnsville News, Dr. Gustafson and all the others who have followed this, done research, written so eloquently, contributed information and just plain cared--your work has been so amazing. the Lax players and their families, especially the Evans', Finnertys and Seligmanns, we are all so proud of the way you have stayed strong in the face of injustice. We are all just praying that the rest of this nightmare will be over soon!


Anonymous said...

12:22 i'm with you on that.

Anonymous said...

11:13-please link me to any credible sources for the accusations you have made about the # of party attendees, the use of player #'s, description of the team and captains lying. I seem to remember it all came from the lovely Kimmy, with the exception of the captains statements. Were these things told to Kimmy by the dispatcher at the "escort" service? remember, Kimmy asked for and was shown an id upon arrival, so the fake names theory is kinda silly. I have yet to see the captains' statements yet, so I have no idea what they may say, if you have a link, I'd like to read them.

none are charged with underage drinking in this case. it's a non-starter here.

my reply to is submitted with the sincere hope that you will find the time to back up the statements you have made with links or cites.

Good Luck

justice58 said...

I apologize to Joan!


If you want to talk about false accusations, lets be real. You continue to let posts stand that call the victim a prostitute. There is no record of prostition of the victim.That Philip,is FALSE, so why aren't those posts deleted.The victim may be very sexually active but there is no charge or proof of prostitution. Contrary to what you believe about her, does NOT make it absolute truth.

Lets talk about vulgarity. Other posters have written words that are vulgar and you let them stand. That is being bias toward duke supporters and you know it or you just don't care.

Some posters have even attacked my reputation, calling me scandalous names just because I support the victim. But you let that post stay. You don't know me or my life.

How can you possibly accuse me of false accusations and vulgarity and NOT others? You, Philip are condoning racial attacks on the victim and blacks for that matter. Ignoring others that do the same and deleting my post is nothing short of racial hatred of a race that is different from yours.

Letting other posters spew poisonous hatred and made-up lies about the victim is wrong.

Plilip you are guilty guilty guilty.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I´m in the Dominican now, just checking in...on it said that the accuser no longer insists that reade ¨did¨anything, that he just watched...that he said he ¨couldnt¨because he was getting married.

didnt she a fe wmonths ago say reade was the one who forced her to perform oral sex on him? suddenly she just realized he didnt put his penis in her mouth? good lord this woman needs to be committed, this is such a disgrace of a case...

Anonymous said...

The problem with a lie is, you have to remember what you said before, and keep it all consistent with everything else, and the provable outside facts.

The problem the accuser has is that there is no story she can tell now that is consistent with the other things she has said and fits the provable facts.

The truth is much easier. You just tell what happened, and because it actually happened, you don't have to twist it to fit the provable facts.

Anonymous said...

HumboldtBlue ...

"Wow. . . and thank you."

No, thank you