Monday, February 26, 2007

Carolina Dreamin'

The drinking waters brown
Skies are smokey gray...
It's been almost a year
Since The Big Hoax came our way.
What we've learned since then of Durham
Could take your breath away!
Carolina dreamin'...
On such a winter's day.
The law is just lip service
The old boys have their "ways"
Since the DA schedules court dates
He can pick a Judge who "plays"!
So Stephens waffled on the cell phone,
And let the Panthers into Court
Carolina dreamin'...
Not for the faint of heart.
In Carolina there's redemption
For private cops who've run amok
If folks complain about your ethics
Why you may just be in luck!
In the Durham DA's office
That's a resume builder, quite a plus
Carolina dreamin'...
Linwood's a man Nifong could trust.
Whether harassing Elmostafa
And subjecting him to trial
Or the no-tape interview of Crystal
Nifong sure likes Linwood's style!
That's the way it's done in Durham...
Remember Gottlieb's magic notes?
Carolina Dreamin'...
Business as usual for these folks.
Judge Hudson was unruffled;
Nifong's conduct never made him sweat.
But two Grand Jurors having second thoughts
Have him making judicial threats!
Remember when Rep. Michaux
Re-drew the District so he could move?
When you're in "The In Crowd"
Nothin' is too hard to do!
Carolina D.A.'s become Judges
Then advise the Governor who to pick
To fill the DA spot they're leavin' ...
An incestuous little trick.
The legislators help the judges
And the circle keeps its spin.
Carolina Dreamin'...
Hence, D.A. Nifong's smirk-y grin!
Folks in Durham understood things
They laid low or played along.
Baker vouched for "just one story"
Chalmers left to nurse his Mom.
Now all Durham's dirty linen
(And we don't just mean underpants)
Is piled up before the Nation
Quite a shocking happenstance!!!
.Was this an aberration?
Or is this just...Durham's Way?
Carolina Dreamin'
On such a winter's day.

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Think we can get catering to give them all ham sandwiches?

bill anderson said...


You are the best!! Again, you have created a wonderful masterpiece that says it all!

Anonymous said...

a new low.