Wednesday, February 28, 2007

North Carolina Justice Has to Show Its Hand!

Mike responds to the Bar today.
We're expecting no surprise
We know all we need to know
Of his "Fantastic Lies."
We know all we need to know
Of how he shades the truth
To the court and to the media:
Prosecutorial abuse.
We know all we need to know:
Tried to make poor Elmo flip.
.We read Gottlieb's "recall" notes,
Then, Crystal's "rewrite" of the script.
The no-wrong answer line-up
Yes, we know Nifong's game.
The only thing we wait to see...
Does the Bar have any shame?
We saw the pretty hand-tap
For those who "nifonged" Gell.
So what IS justice in Carolina?
The reaction NOW will tell.
Will the Bar just smile and fondly say
"Dear Mikey, oh, for sure.
This is no big deal to us.
Go and sin no more."
Will they show America
Carolina likes it Mikey's way?
And Carolina prosecutors
Game the system everyday?
Will the Bar be more than Good ole Boys
Covering Mikey's derriere?
What IS Carolina justice?
What IS tolerated there?
We know all we need of Mike.
But is he the State Bar's wayward son?
Is he a Carolina Outcast?
Or is this the way THEY LIKE IT DONE?
Joan Foster


UMRBlog said...

Very Clever,

FWIW, I just got my hands on the Nifong motion and have begun my analysis of it on UMRBlog

Come by the Basin and look it over.

It'll take me days to break it all down but the intial language leads to a dark place.

Continued Success

kbp said...

Thanks Joan!

Now that we've seen mikey's response of 'oops', we'll be waiting to see what the NC State Bar will do with it.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Joan! It really does break down to does the State Bar really want Justice in NC.

We are watching State Bar & State AG!

bill anderson said...


You not only are the Poet Laureate of the Hoax, but you now are the Prophetess of the Hoax as well. Mikey did exactly what you said he would do.

Anonymous said...

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