Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Overheard at Appreciation Day

Jackie, pass the chicken. I think we ordered way too much.

I figured if we fed folks...maybe they'd show up.

But Appreciation Day for Nifong really is the dregs!

So there's you and me and Mikey, and all these chicken legs.


I wish we had the posters . . . the ambiance they gave.

Those three smiling head shots . . . Nifong, George and Abe.

The printer wouldn't use my slogan, never did say why...

I suggested, "Three Great Americans . . .Who Never Tell A Lie!"


I expected local bigwigs - like the gang from City Hall.

But Bell and Baker blew me off and others blocked my calls.

I expected Ronald Stephens and Ken Titus to pop in.

Their "judging" left no doubt at all that Nifong's their dear friend.


Stephens' protection of "third parties;" Titus' first amendment "Gag!"

Oh, what memories we cherish of when the Hoax was in the bag!

But now, it's you and me and Mikey, and a bunch of empty chairs...

Well, maybe they'll send flowers . . . to show that they still care.


I was hoping to see Joyner, but I'm making no predictions.

His stomach's been in knots since K.C. exposed his " contradictions."

Cash might come for the potatoes, but he's been a bit verklempt

Running short on nasty adjectives and all that rage to vent!


So here we sit together, the Three Amigos meet the Press

(Tell Destine to get on in here . . . no he can't eat at his desk!)

And, Jackie, just between us . . . Lord, I tried not to be rude . . .

But I think even Johnny Stevenson has copped an attitude!


But it's you and me and Mikey . . . together we go on . . .

We'll keep on singing back-up . . . He's Tony Orlando to our Dawn!

So pass the chicken, Jackie, and let's strike a cheerful pose.

Another Durham spectacle is drawing to a close.

Joan Foster


bill anderson said...


And you did this one on the fly!! This is great.

Anonymous said...

Rumours have it that two rotund individuals were seen running down Main Street with buckets of KFC and a trail of discarded chicken bones followed by a Durham Police Officer!

joan collins said...

Hysterical! Why not serve all the leftovers to the 88??

HumboldtBlue said...

"He's Tony Orlando to our Dawn!"

Sheesh, I can almost see the sequins and the huge lapels that were so hot in 1977 ...


Cedarford said...

All that extra barbecued chicken given how few showed up, and Cash Michaels and Joyner weren't invited.

A sin.
A crime against humanity.
No way Victoria Peterson could eat all that leftover chicken.

Guess she did..

Anonymous said...

Don't stop. Don't ever stop.
You are a national treasure.

Anonymous said...

Pictures, I need pictures!

I'd so love to see that 'party'