Saturday, February 10, 2007

Widdle Mikey Nifong

Widdle Mikey Nifong was pouting to the press!
Please withhold your judgment...there's things I must express!
Please withhold your judgment till the evidence is in!
After all, it's ME this different when it's THEM.
Widdle Mikey Nifong peeks from behind his lawyer's skirt.
Don't pre-judge or criticize widdle feelings will get hurt!
Widdle Mikey Nifong's crying in his sippy cup,
Hm-m-m? Who once said that the Innocent NEVER lawyer up?
Widdle Mikey Nifong used to like the media game
The "hooligans were GUILTY," Mikey was happy to place blame.
But now, our widdle Mikey wants his own "good name" preserved.
Do as I SAY, not as I DO (Widdle Mikey sure has nerve.)
I wonder how he feels at night when he tries to channel surf
And sees his name and reputation scorned and sullied in the dirt?
I wonder...does he ever Fate often pulls a switch...
And what goes around, comes around...and payback is a bitch!
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Joan, you are the poet laureate of this case--another amazing and witty creation!!!!


james conrad said...

lol, cute

bill anderson said...


How ironic! Dear Mikey is demanding that he be given treatment that he was not willing to give to any of the lacrosse players.

The difference here is that Mikey's job is governed by a code of conduct that he openly chose to spurn -- and he helped to set of a veritable lynch mob. But now that his job is on the line, suddenly Mikey is demanding that procedure, presumption of innocence, and all the rest are made up-front issues.

The hypocrisy is just stunning. Thank you, Joan, for putting it into eloquent form.

Anonymous said...

Joan... brilliant verse. I had my first good chuckle of the day.

Anonymous said...


Thank you - it made me smile, a rare occurrence in this mess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a good laugh today.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan, awesome writing!

In my opinion, the last word in your poem is how I would describe what Widdle Mikey used to frame 3 innocent kids.

bill anderson said...

And may Widdle Mikey Nifong pay every day for the rest of his miserable widdle life.

onlyfactsmatter said...

It's always a pleasant moment to see someone get their well deserved and earned "come around" as we have with Nifong whining to the media to withold judgement.

Ya, right, Nifong. Just as sure as you withheld judgement, so will we. Fair enough?

Bend over Nifong, it's time to kiss your butt good bye!

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to hear his explaination of the events. He caused this whole mess with his lying and TV appearances. When he knew he could not compete with real lawyers, he bugged out. So much for the South's greatest lawyer.

joan collins said...

Joan you are so funny!

joan collins said...

Forgot. One of the biggest compliments I received was when people thought I was Joan Foster!

Anonymous said...

Paula Zohn at Huffpost is a disgrace. Her essay full of lies and innunedo - "technically did not rape her". I have really learned a lot in the last ten month about non-journalism.

joan foster said...

And I've been honored to have been mistaken for Joan Collins!

Anonymous said...

I love your talent Joan Foster! Hilarious poem, and so very accurate.

kbp said...

Thanks Joan & Liestoppers,

Joan, I've never been a fan of poetry or lyrics, but it's ALWAYS a pleasure to read yours.

It's great that you share so much of your work with us!


madder than a hornet said...

Do we think Mikey and Crystal can go to the same psycho unit~BEHIND BARS? I can't imagine how he can look in the mirror each morning without raging shame. Maybe Cy cracked the mirror.

I am so angry that this horrible man has brought so much pain and agony for no reason other than his political gain. He has no sympathy from me.

Joan, I did laugh and thank you. We need to laugh and hug in this week of Valentines.


Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait to see "all of the evidence" the Fong is talking about. based on the past in this case, I can only imagine that it will reveal Mikey as more un-ethical than he may already be.

Thanks Joan!