Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The 88: NOT "LISTENING" To the Presslers' Ordeal

Thugs called his home and threatened him
Or stuck their "signs" upon his lawn.
Let him know they knew his children's names.
Spoke of evil they could spawn.
"The 88" cry out for others rights
They're so sensitive, "evolved"
Were they listening to the Presslers' plight??
Did they say "STOP!" or... get involved?
Some demanded firing.
The 88 ran their "listening" ad.
Never called the mob off Pressler...
Pushed hard with what they had.
They style themselves the righteous ones,
Safe in their tenure tracks.
But they thanked the angry, shouting mobs
For not waiting for the facts...
Now "WAH WAH WAH!" they cry to us
They don't like their own E-mails.
But when Pressler was battered and besieged
Little care for such details!
And where was just one word from them
Of censure or rebuke?
For the treatment Pressler's family got?
Those "caring 88" at Duke?
No, they decried those helmet sports
As so violent, vile and mean.
But were silent as Black Racists came
ARMED, "to interview" the team.
Pressler and his family...
They could be ruined as sport!
They fall outside the parameters
To be a "victim-hood" cohort.
Victim-hood is the 88's security
They've replaced scholarship with screed.
Victims, like the Presslers, bore them.
They have NO care how they might bleed.
Thugs called Pressler's home and threatened him.
They used his children's names!
But the 88 couldn't call for calm!
Victims need some "historic claim.
"Vigilante posters on every tree
Players sleeping in their cars.
While Brodhead cowered, the 88 crowed!!
And the Presslers' lives were scarred.
Their children in fear, mobs, and threats
The 88 saw no cause to speak.
They were... "listening" to students whose feelings were hurt
At a fraternity dance last week.
Presslers hounded from home and job.
Nighttime visitors, threats TO GO!
And crosses, no, um-m-m, posters on the lawn
Yet... the 88... NEVER ONCE CRIED NO!!!.
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

You go, Joan! Yes! sst

Anonymous said...

Best one yet !!!


bill anderson said...

That's about right, Joan. These are great people, are they not?

Pressler has more class in his little fingernail than the entire G88 and Duke administration. Don't forget, it was Brodhead and the Duke faculty that enabled Nifong more than anyone else. May they burn in you-know-where!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan, I hate the Gang of 88 but I stumble for words to tell them how evil they are. Your poem has just solved that problem - I'm going to send it to the Gang myself.

Of course, if they read as badly as they write, the Gang probably won't understand a word of it.

Anonymous said...
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