Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hey, what are you guys doing?

Are you planning an announcement party? Are you designing invitations?
Are you testing every blade of grass for telltale signs of urination?
Are you waiting for your patent on the "DNA Dissolving Towel"?
Are you seeking words much more pc than "This is a FRAME so foul"?

Is the state's astrologist still unsure when the stars will best align ...
For you to assure the NCNAACP... you won't cave in this time?
Are you studying Crystal's picture? Examining her undamaged face?
Will your coming speech contain the words "hoax," "lied," and "disgrace'?

Are your agents still negotiating with Oprah and Nancy Grace?
Does preparing for the media rush... demand a slower pace?
Are you deciding on your wardrobe, what an up-and-comer might select?
Will another week of Grecian Formula provide the best effect?

Are the folks out making money off of other families' grief,
Asking you to keep delaying, while they fatten at the "feast"?
Have you run a few more lineups, tried to prop poor Crystal's case?
Have you limited her choices to ONLY Collin, Reade and Dave?

Have you called in Stephen King to artfully craft your explanation?
Don't you agree his Horror Fantasies perfectly fit this situation?
Are you awaiting confirmation that his opus is complete,
While you poll the likely voters to see what kind of "spin" you need?

Are you writing a self-help book, offering advice and consolation:
"How to Expose a Compulsive Liar When There Are Political Complications"?
Are you digging for a way to assign the innocent boys some blame?
Is that why it has now been MONTHS, yet you won't call this case a FRAME?

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...


State employee!

Have you been over to the Department of Motor Vehicles lately?

Anonymous said...

We are watching you. The truth, only the truth shall set your free.

Nifong thought he was sitting on top of the world 11 months ago and look at him now.

Blog Hooligans are us.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind Joan -- I sent your words to AG Cooper...

xyz said...

Great poem.

kbp said...

Thanks Joan!!

Another fine job, well done!


p.s. Utilizing the Official NC Judicial Time Meter, how much time would you estimate it will take them to answer that ALL those questions?

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know better, Joan, I'd think you were annoyed!

Far Flung Jen

Anonymous said...

It takes a long time to find something that isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 3:54, amen.

Anonymous said...

Joan you always say it so well

sceptical said...


Anonymous said...

Joan, you are the new poet laureate for the North Carolina Supreme Court.

don t. said...

Brilliant!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!! I await with bated breath a sonnet about that feckless stumblebum, brodhead.


gc said...

Great work Joan. It needed to be said. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is not a frame. The very fact that the special prosecutors have not dismissed after several months should indicate to anyone with half a brain that there may indeed be some evidence that the defense did not put in the media because it would hurt their goal of getting the Duke 3 off without a trial. They are scared of going to court because there are some things that will come out that will be hard to explain about the behavior that night from the so called "innocent" men. If you haven't swallowed so much blue koolaid you would know that.

Anonymous said...

9:12 That can not possibly be true - every second is accounted for on this FRAME - these is absolutly no evidence supporting the slugs claim, I am scared of them going to court becaus a Durham jury would convict them no matter what the evidence. There is nothing about Crystal or this "strip" to incite anyone.

Anonymous said...

9:12 - That can't happen, because discovery entitles the defense to know what the prosecution has by way of evidence. If Nifong has withheld even more evidence, the case will probably be dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct.

Anonymous said...

Are you as stupid as you sound? Do you REALLY believe that the defense would publish something that was not helpful to their clients?! You are an idiot if you believe they would.

Here is an example of what has already happened and the defense did not clarify it until the Raleigh newspaper did: When David Evans was giving his fantastic lies speech, his lawyer sat there and already knew that David Evans was the semen found in the towel at the scene but did not comment on this at the time and this was not publically known until months later when the newspaper revealed this and the fact that another lacrosse player had semen near the toilet. The partial DNA profile on the nail was also known to include Evans at that time as well yet no motion of the defense nor the defense's press conferences stated these facts. These were only published later by the Raleigh newspaper when the defense leaked other info and this info was included as well. So much for the defense being totally honest and forthcoming; they were not in that particular instance and so it is ludicrous to believe that they have revealed other similar things in the entire case file. There are emails and violent porn and a bottle of pills in the list of evidence that has not been discussed by the defense motions but that occur in the evidence list and search warrants by Nifong and the pill bottle was analysed by the SBI and was found in one of the accused' rooms and it is allegedly a drug used in date rapes; the general public is not aware of any of this as it has not made the press but it is in Nifong's case file. Keep on drinking the blue koolaid but there are reasons that Nifong was convinced that a date rape had occured.