Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No. 1 Duke over Saint Joseph's, 18-4

Photo by Mike Kell


Anonymous said...

I am not a member of your forum, but read it daily. I am a retired Rn in Vegas, with five years of Correctional nursing (felony jail) and forty five in the Emergency Department. From the first news report, I said "Those boys never touched those dirty women." The story did not hold together. with the kind of working experience I have had,it is real easy to cut the wheat from the shaft.

GS said...


Cash preparing the AA community for news?

Backing off the case?

DNA missing, accuser changing stories, misleading public? Did he actaully look at the facts?

Anonymous said...

It didn't seem to matter about cutting "the wheat from the chaff." The right or wrong of the evidence is not what this is about for so many from Nifong to the Group of 88, to the Duke administration. The only ones who seemed to get it right are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They left town. No one else could leave.

Anonymous said...

I think "wheat from the shaft" is the correct term in this incidence as the players were definitely getting the latter.

Guy Fox said...

That's definitely odd: That Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson actually had the good sense to leave. I never thought I'd see them accused of being sensible or doing he right thing, especially given the Tawana Bradley incident. Had the situation been reversed, had prominent African-American athletes had allegations of rape brought against them by a Caucasian stripper without a shred of DNA or other evidence, and had Nifong acted in the same manner, well, he wouldn't've been reelected to say the least. He would've had his ass crawled by the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and a whole slew of other "civil rights" activists, people who seem to go missing when violations of civil rights happen to people outside of their chosen constituency, the hypocritical bastards. It'll be interesting to watch this play out.