Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Question

I'm not asking for the reason... the stars are hanging there in space?
How to achieve peace in our lifetime, or who fathered Anna's babe?
These eternal mysteries escape me, and that's for another time...
But... after One Full Year of Legal Farce, how does this Hoax survive?
When the high priests of Carolina lay out the tortured theme:
The rogue D.A., no evidence, denials on the scene,
Alibis, photographs, Kim called it all a "crock."
After One Full Year of Legal Farce, why do THEY still stir the pot?
Politics and power? Between a hard place and a rock?
Fearing all that unidentified male DNA might form a voting bloc?
While the wheels come off in Durham, and Lady Justice bites her nails,
The high priests of Carolina let the Hoax chug down the rails.
What a sordid, shocking story! Easley, hang your head in shame!
Nifong was a national pariah before you even said his name!
Now, you and Mr. Cooper have the power to say STOP!
It's been One Long Year of Legal Farce, but STILL your leadership's a flop!
Crystal's ever changing stories, Nifong's "Fantastic Lies"
Gottlieb leaning on poor Elmo, the notes that took months to arrive.
No evidence, no DNA, (Well ...NOT from the three accused)
Just a troubled, well known "escort," taking pills and drinking booze.
What gives HER credibility over 47 witnesses and Kim?
Is THIS Carolina justice...indictments on a whim?
Hey, Mr Easley, Mr. Cooper, is ruination local sport?
Intimidate them and they'll plea...just like in traffic court!
I don't ask the eternal questions like ... why can't Evil be erased?
Or why does Duke have full professors who can't write a lucid phrase?
There's only JUST ONE query that sends me into overdrive...
DEAR GOD, after ONE LONG YEAR of LEGAL FARCE, why is this Hoax ALIVE?
Joan Foster


bill anderson said...


You really are the best. This one puts all of the issues into a few versus and says it better than all of the copy I have written over the past year!!

Indeed, WHY DOES THIS HOAX CONTINUE? It continues because it is politically useful to certain people in power, and there is no reason beyond that. Those in charge of "justice" in The State of North Carolina just do not know how to say "We are wrong."

That is why we need you to tell them once again, "YOU ARE WRONG!!!!"

Anonymous said...

"Fearing all that unidentified male DNA might form a voting bloc?"

LMAO!!! Great work Joan!

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Joan, and your talents for putting what so many of us think into words. Thanks a million times.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Awesome. You're truly awesome, Ms. Foster.

kbp said...

Thanks Joan!

If I could use smilies here, I'd plaster the entire comment with BIG SMILES! ;)

Anonymous said...

the case continues because there is evidence supporting a sexual assault that no one in the media has seen or reported on but that is known to law enforcement officials and the prosecution and the defense and you people on liestoppers are too dumb and/or blinded by your racial prejudice to see that the defense has not released any evidence that is not favorable to its clients and that Nifong and the sp have not released all their findings. There is computer data(emails) and even data on pills found in the dorm rooms of the men that are very incriminatory. You all are going to look very stupid when the sp proceed, just like you looked stupid when Nifong got elected.