Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Silence is Sickening

Governor Easley, Attorney General Cooper, Attorneys Coman and Winstead: You Know.

We Know You Know.

Whatever happened in the DA's Office in Durham at the investigation
gone terribly terribly bad, you know who was involved. Every one of you does.

You need to come forward and tell the public.

Do not be afraid of retribution on the North Carolina Democratic Party. Do not be persuaded that somehow this happened to one or more "good guys."

If what the evidence says is true -- that three young men were Nifonged on a false charge -- the people responsible are not good.

This seems an elementary statement, I know.

But I can see loyal party members sitting around convincing themselves that it would be disloyal to turn on fellow "politicians"-- why, the guys who were involved were just a little "over the top." In real life, they're funny. They call their mothers once a week. They share potential party contributors' names with friends. They attend church.

Last Spring, Nifong was just a little too camera drunk, a little too"worked up." It was a scene straight out of "The Bonfire of the Vanities" by Tom Wolfe. Indicative of election times.

The alleged racial accusations slung at the players, who were white? Those were just ...
"public edification" not "campaigning." Ditto for the ugly remarks overheard by the world. "Hooligans" and "Rich Duke Daddies." Har, har.

After all, this guy is not just Easley's appointed District Attorney, but now an elected DA. The career prosecutor's dream.

And the three boys? They were... privileged young white Duke kids from up north, for Pete's sake!

I can see you, Mr. Easley and Mr. Cooper, going down this crooked path, justifying your silence. And it makes me sick.

Because, of all the occupational hazards that must come with going to school in Durham, one of them should not be false prosecution. And no, forcibly Nifonged by Easley's chosen appointee doesn't make it better!

Unfortunately, many of us still want to believe there is justice for ALL in North Carolina, there is a tendency to presume that this malicious prosecution was an aberration. That he and his accomplices are "good guys."

I see it in the references to the "ongoing investigation" farce that endures in the AG's office.

I sense it in the "denial" expressed by spokeswoman
Noelle Talley over the "situation" -- the leak of charges being dropped and the (shocking!) lack of cooperation by the accuser.

But amateur politics is one thing. The implication that this Nifonging, if true,
is somehow a prosecutor that "got out of hand" is just plain wrong.

Nifonging is not part of a spectrum of behavior, the regrettable end game when narcissism and ambition are ignited by a faltering campaign and fanned into flames by the larger community's permission.

No. Obstruction of justice is a crime. A very serious one.

Those who commit it are criminals, not "good guys."

I don't know what happened in that office, and in that investigation, over in Durham. Ultimately, that will be a matter for the court system to decide. But who was in on it is something the public needs to know. Now.
They shouldn't have to wait for the political landscape to clear.
Every member of your team knows who was involved, whether it was Nifong and the false accuser alone or not.

Until the special prosecutors come forward with that information, free on bond isn't enough.

Shut down the Hoax.

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm on drugs....any possiblity at all the SPs and/or Bar are filing charges against Nifong and others? That's why it's taking so long?

joan foster said...

Today is the anniversary of Ruth Sheehan's piece, "The Silence is Sickening."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Burr and Dole. Two GOP US Senators who are so unbelievably stupid that they don't understand they have a perfect opportunity to nail their opposition party and what do they do? The silence from the NC Republican Party is deafening. That's why I'm a Libertarian--I couldn't abide gutless wimps.

Anonymous said...

Joan Foster, the attack poet of the Hoax, you have done it again. What ever happened to Ruth? You would think she would serve up a big helping of mea culpa today?

But NOOOOOOO! The Silence is sickening from the NewsObserver.

Anonymous said...

Clever girl!

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this can go to this site and scroll down and send a letter to the NC Attorney General.

As a retired police officer, I would had concluded my investigation within 2 months and never pursued it further. No evidence, no credible witnesses. Her lack of cooperation now is because she can't answer the contrdicting statements. These questions should have been asked by the original investigators, Himan, Gottlieb, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ruth has sunk to merely putting a link on her blog to real information about the Duke hoax. She rarely comments anymore and when she does it's condecending. She's done her part. I sure hope she reads this; way to go.

Anonymous said...

I hope you send this to Cooper's office, as well as the sp's, and Ruth. Well done again, Joan! A great way to note the anniversary of Ruth Sheehan's "Silence is Sickening" column!!


Anonymous said...

Joan Foster makes more that just a parody. The State AG's office has had this case now for close to 11 weeks. It didn't take but a couple of weeks to realize this is a Hoax. I can appreciate a detailed study and I fully expect these charges to be dismissed.

However there is no middle ground to withholding exculpatory evidence, nor making 50-70 inflammatory & false remarks, nor having Durham PD official making up false information and disseminating to the press. From the phony 3rd line-up to the use of the Grand Jury this was a case of intentionally framing three inncoent young men.

This wasn't an error of Judgment, it wasn't a mistake to tell the Judge you fully complied with discovery when you didn't. This was a systematic abuse of the Legal system by a DA, PD, and possibly a Judge.

I fully expect these charges to be dismissed but also the investigation of those responsible for this Hoax.

To do otherwise is to admit that after weeks of investigating this case the State AG decided to turn a blind eye to criminal behavior.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joan, more people need to speak up and let the NC Politicians know that we are watching and that "something happened" in the DA's office, "something happened" in the DPD, and "something happened" in the governor's office - and it's damn well time for the AG to drop all charges and quit trying to make back room deals with the good ole boy Democrats. Bottom line is that everyone in NC is going to pay for their sins, so Easley and Cooper pay up now or let this farce continue and pay up later.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond great. One of the best pieces of writng in not only the hoax, but anywhere. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sweetmick says glad to see Joan and so many others realize the significance of Ruth Sheehan's "Silence is Sickening" column, and her subsequent antagonism and enmity toward Reade, Dave, Collin and their parents. Does anyone have a clue as to why KC is giving Truthless a pass?
It's hard to figure.

emmy said...

Joan, this was *outstanding*, as usual! (starting to sound like a broken record here, for sure!)...thanks as always, for your powerful words!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan - you nailed them with their own words. Way to go!

bill anderson said...


How do you keep doing it? By the way, send a copy to Ruth Sheehan!

You are good, young lady! Real good!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joan, puhleease! Do you realy expect these people to just do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.

There are obviously way too many other considerations to expect North Carolina to do the right thing. These civil servants must consider potential liability to their blantantly repressive state, not to mention the politics of getting their galacticly stupid, inbred constituency riled up against them.

Mike in Nevada

Anonymous said...

This was great. As for Ruth it is best she just keeps her mouth shut at this point in time. Her attempts at humor and sarcasm just are not funny.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding work.
Ruth's piece almost had me believing "something happenned" - for a week or so. I was relieved to sober up and think logically.
I appreciate all your offerings, Ms Foster. Keep the heat on.

Anonymous said...

10 weeks to figure out a case where there is clearly no evidence?

These folks may be almost as imcompetent as the 'Der Fonger.' It must take years for these clowns to prosecute a single case where there does happen to be some evidence. YIKES!

Wouldn't surprise me if they came up with some kind of 'creative' charge, simply to save their rapidly declining reputations...which are now being compared to Nifong.

Anonymous said...

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gak said...

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Joan Foster said...

Love the parody at 9:08! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ruth is a terrible writer - how she got a job writing and keeps it is a mystery. I guess its the pull from the husband. Correct - her feeble attempts at humor and sarcasm is very lame.