Friday, March 23, 2007

Who me? It's not MY fault!

Addison ONLY wrote the wordage
That a horrific crime HAD taken place.
Someone else thought up the posters
Showing every name and face.
Ruth wrote a damning column,
Samiha crafted a fairy tale!
.That's how you make a hoax, my friends
And maybe send some boys to jail.
Nifong choked himself on TV.
(Alas! that didn't shut him up!)
Melanie edited Crystal's comments.
(Accusing Kim might ruin the fluff!)
Baker swore to the consistency
Of Crystal's "never changing" tale.
Yes, that's how you make a hoax, my friends
And create $400,000 bail!
Gottlieb offered creative writing
Months after the events.
Stephens made the rulings
That stifled the Defense.
Allowing Nifong to continue fudging
And playing fast and loose.
That's how you make a Hoax, my friends
And suppress inconvenient truth.
Meehan helped his "client"
Suppress the damning DNA
Showing numerous other males
Had "visited" Crystal on or near that day.
To accommodate his client
He broke his OWN lab's rule.
Well, that's how you make a Hoax, my friends!
And infect the jury pool!
The networks gave us nightly views
Of Wendy, Georgia, Nancy Grace!
They pounded their agendas
Into the media marketplace.
Some helpful soul erased the tapes
That might have told the tale.
It takes a real group effort
To send the innocent to jail!
Brodhead allowed the 88
To be the "Face of Duke,"
And abdicated leadership
To the "listeners" in the group.
So to a watching nation
It gave credence to the smear.
That's how you make a Hoax, my friends!
And sustain it for a year!
Now one by one, they comment
No! No! it wasn't me!
I only did this teeny thing!
Not hang the lynch rope from the tree.
Well, please don't be so modest!
You ALL made your contribution!
That's how you make a Hoax, my friend. to make RESTITUTION?
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Payback's a bitch. And I do think there is going to be payback. sst

bill anderson said...


Exactly. Is it not interesting to see that not one -- not one -- person involved in these early activities has owned up to what he or she did? Khanna and Blythe still have their jobs despite the fact it was their dishonest and lying story that started it. Duff Wilson still writes articles, Salena Roberts is coming to Duke to be treated as a goddess, and no one has lost his or her job.

Think of the vast human wreckage this lie has cost, yet not one of the perpetrators has paid. Truly sickening, and you did a great job of showing the whole bunch of liars and Nifong apparatchiks.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Joan and Bill, I echo your disgust. Not one - not ONE attacker has had the moral decency to admit what they did. Every one of them is instead desperately crawling back under the rock they slithered out from under last March, hoping no one will come after them.

Well, I hope the granddaddy of all lawsuits DOES come after those cowards whose 'teeny thing' of lies, hate and bigotry nearly got three innocent young men jailed for a crime that never happened.

AMac said...

Joan Foster's verse beautifully captures the current state of this ugly hoax.

Let us hope that disinfection-by-sunlight continues, and that the sentiments Joan channels on behalf of the enablers come to be seen as quaint, and dated.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the poster that THE DURHAM POLICE DEPARTMENT put up early in the frame-up. It's linked on the Durham-in-wonderland blog.

I don't know how much liability insurance the city of Durham carries...but it won't be enough....not NEARLY enough.....