Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cooney Calls for Criminal Investigation of DPD/Nifong

In an appearance on Good Morning America, defense attorney Jim Cooney called for an independant criminal investigation into the actions of the Durham Police Department and rogue prosecutor Mike Nifong.
"I think we all need to make sure that we give Mr. Nifong the thing he didn't want to give our clients, which is a fair hearing before the state bar," Cooney said. "One thing we're all in agreement on is that an independent agency with criminal jurisdiction needs to do an investigation into this case. We need to determine whether there was in fact criminal wrongdoing on the part of law enforcement, and on the part of Mr. Nifong."


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As a local, I totally agree. I am not convinced this was one person's deviation from ethics. Who told Bell that CGM had never changed her stories? Why did police violate their own protocals for the line-up? Why was LE officer Addison sending emails with not only the lack of the word "alleged" but with inflammatory content? Where was the Chief of Police (really)? Why is it acceptable for a police officer to formulate his notes months later? Why aren't comtemporaneous notes required? How is it that Elmostafa (sp?) was prosecuted? His attorney called it an attempt to get a different story. This is SCARY. There are a lot of questions that I would like to see answered before I feel that folks in Durham are going to get a fair shake: African American, Latino, Asian, white, rich, poor, or middle class.

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Totally agreed.

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I agree 100%.
This would never have happened in a norhtern state- too many watch dogs!