Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dismissal Orders

"The re-investigation of this matter indicates that this individual is innocent of the charges brought against him and in the interests of justice these charges are dismissed." - James J. Coman and Mary D. Winstead

Dismissal Orders: Reade Seligmann - Collin Finnerty - David Evans

Please visit Right Angles for additional pictures and coverage of the press conferences by Jon Ham.

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Thoughts on life said...

Wendy Murphy (MSNBC Today) said she will not apologize to the players until she sees the full file...that those who brought the charges initially have not backed down. The Black Panther Party leader came on Fox tonight and referred to the accuser by the wrong name and then said she was a poor black woman who was victimized by a white justice system (paraphrasing). Do we need to wonder why Don Imus was fired?