Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Durham City Councilman Thomas Stith Calls For Nifong To Resign

From the Snooze Room:

Both City Councilman Thomas Stith and law professor James Coleman said Nifong should resign, and agreed that Durham police have some explaining to do.

Nifong's resignation "would be in his best interest and in the best interest of the community," Stith said. "We've talked about regrouping and healing and that would be a way to do it, for the district attorney to remove himself from office."

"How can you not [resign], after the attorney general has said that what you did was wholly without basis?" said Coleman, who led Duke University's investigation of the lacrosse team and early on called for Nifong to hand off the case to the attorney general's office.


Mayor Bill Bell said he thought people in Durham "are going to be accepting of" Cooper's decision "and will try to move forward."


"Bell wouldn't join Stith and Coleman in calling for Nifong's resignation. He said the State Bar's disciplinary process should be allowed to unfold.

"I have the same sentiment about this process that the DA is going through that the defendants were going through in this trial," Bell said. "People are presumed innocent. In Nifong's case, I'm satisfied to await the outcome of the process. He will be having his day in court before the bar."

The false accusations have "been unfortunate for the persons involved, [and] the families," Bell said. "I have a lot of empathy for that."


mdchaney said...

The "presumption of innocence" seems to confuse a lot of people, and it's just not applicable in Nifong's case. Perhaps an analogy will help explain.

If someone breaks into your house and you hold him at gunpoint for the police to drop by and take to jail, you aren't going to presume the guy is innocent until the court case, right? The court makes this presumption, but the reason isn't that maybe the guy didn't break into your house. The reason is that maybe you kidnapped your next door neighbor, called the police, and lied.

See the difference?

Presumption of innocence in the criminal court system is a check on abusive police or abusive citizens or whatever. But if you have knowledge that the crime existed, you personally have no obligation, moral, ethical, or otherwise, to make this presumption.

Nifong's acts were very public and undisputed. He withheld evidence. He made defamatory comments that he knew were false and harmful. We know he did it. There's no question of his guilt.


So, I'm not waiting to judge Nifong, and nobody else should, either.

Michelle from Madison said...

They were and are ALL INNOCENT! You seem as confused as Nancy Grace there mdchaney. Nancy Grace was proven wrong again on Wednesday April 11th after the charges were all dropped against all of the Duke Lacrosse players. Nancy was wrong again on all assertions Nancy has made about this case, and she will be facing more lawsuits against herself for the crimes she committed against the non-convictism victims of this case too. Turns out that Howard Stern of the Anna Nichol case is also going to file another suit against Nancy for her crimes of character-assassinations Nancy did against Stern according to his attorney. Even the attorney of Joran VanderSloot of the Natalee Holloway case has mentioned filing another suit against Nancy as well for the crimes Nancy committed against Joran. Better bring your checkbook Nancy, you are going to have to pay hugely on your continued crimes against non-convicted victims. Perhaps it might be cheaper for Nancy to simply stop victimizing victims.

Anonymous said...

I liked it when the AG said that his proposed legislation was needed to curb 'OTHER rogue prosecutors.' Finally, someone at the top has identified this idiot as a rogue.

I am still wondering about the ethics of the lawyers in his office who enabled him. Why isn't the Bar taking a close look at them?

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Michelle, you seem to have not read what Chaney was saying, so I'll sum it up for you: He or she doesn't like Nifong, you don't like Nifong, and I think Nifong should be sentenced to three days of prison for every day of this hoax for each of the three innocent young men. Put another way, I think he should be sentenced to 1,185 days for what he did to Seligmann, then another 1,185 days for what he did to Evans, and then another 1,185 days for what he did to Finnerty. It would be a good way to make an example out of him and set him as a warning to the next generation, a kind of modern take on medieval justice.

Anonymous said...

It would be a good way to make an example out of him and set him as a warning to the next generation, a kind of modern take on medieval justice.

and as someone in the LS comments section once said: maybe in jail he'll learn what really constitutes rape.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Disgrace is not the only one. Kimberly Guilfoil in talking about Stern said "The bodies are piling up," aCrier, the whole Courtv, Fox have a lot to answer. Ron Kuby said "We(Courtv were fair to the Duke guys." The other commentator almost fainted. Greta and her panel crucified these guys and Geraldo said "They will be racing each other to the police station to plead out." I hope that the guys and Stern get these liars. Diane Diamond is now spreading her hate on CNN - another station to boycott.

Anonymous said...

Is Bell holding out hope that the Fong will survive the bar hearings???
Either he can"t read or his hearing has left him. Come tomorrow, he'll need a radiation suit to even be in the same room with the man!

mdchaney said...

Um, Michelle, cluephone ringing - it's for you.

NIFONG is the guilty party of which I speak. Obviously the LAX players are innocent. The article mentions someone who is giving Nifong the benefit of "presumption of innocence", which I'm pointing out is inapplicable when one's crimes are committed publicly.

That Nifong isn't rotting in jail right now show great injustice.

Anonymous said...

Bell is already starting to imagine the civil suits and punitive damages that are going to be paid out on behalf of the Durham PD. He doesn't want to do anything to make that situation worse....although it's probably going to be about as bad as it can get.

Those three Lacrosse players may OWN Durham, by the time the punitive damages are paid off.....