Sunday, April 15, 2007

LS In The News

LieStoppers Pictured on ABC Affiliate WTVD

"Media Faulted in Duke Case" -- Nick Madigan, Baltimore Sun, April 12, 2007
"A lot of the commentary has been uninformed and underinformed," said Philip Wood, a marketing executive in Raleigh who last summer started a blog, LieStoppers (, to try to poke holes in the case being developed by Durham District Attorney Michael B. Nifong, who later removed himself from the case and is being investigated for prosecutorial misconduct.

"The lack of accurate information has highlighted the condemnation of the accused players," Wood said yesterday. In particular, The New York Times "seemed to use their stories as editorials."

After the Times ran a front-page article about the case Aug. 25, Wood and fellow writers on the LieStoppers blog "pulled an all-nighter," he said, to refute some of its points.

The Times "corrected a few facts, but nothing significant," Wood said. He said the paper's coverage improved once David Barstow, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, began covering the case late last year.
Wood reserved particular opprobrium for The Herald-Sun in Durham, whose articles, he said, were often "thinly veiled" in their support for Nifong. "It was consistent in nearly every piece," the LieStoppers blogger said. "They've attempted to downplay the charges against Nifong."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you did and are still doing. I read your site daily.

Anonymous said...

LS wasn't begun, as the writer said, "to poke holes in the case". When LS started last summer, it was clear to anyone willing to read the publicly available court filings that there was no case to begin with ... but there was a malicious prosecutor intent on railroading clearly innocent young men for his own selfish reason. thank you LieStoppers for standing in the gap for justice!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

LieStoppers' name says it all. It was started to stop the lies. And it did.

God bless each and every one of you on this magnificent blog!

Anonymous said...

You did a great service, that the MSM should've done. You are a true hero to justice.

Here is a letter I worte to Ruth Sheehan of the News & Observer. Something I recommend she do. Apologize to the 3 innocent boys.

Dear Ruth Sheehan;

Here is a great idea for an article.

You can honestly say you were sorry for your rush to judgment about the 3 boys you so falsely went after. But the important word is 'honestly'. If you can find it in you, you can write how many people WANTED this to be true because it fits an agenda. Like the 88 Duke professors who wanted this to true so they could revel in their own self-importance that what they have been spewing was true, when it turned out it was false.

But you probably won't. You will probably erase this email as some right wing white male kook who wrote you to gloat about the dismal of the 3 innocent boys everyone was ready to imprison.

Well, I am not a some white right-wing male. I am a Latino Democrat who knew from the get that there was something wrong when I heard the 'tales' of the two "exotic dancers".

Since when did being fair and clear thinking fly out the window just because it doesn't fits your own agenda and personal wishes. I believe you wished this false rape was true, but sadly for your own preconceived ideas of race and class and victim-hood, it was not. It was just as it was, 3 innocent guys who were at a party, like so many college parties across the nation that are going on every weekend, who got mixed up with two opportunists, who KNEW there would be people like you out there who just wanted this to be true and would champion their plot for monetary gain. After all they are just rich white boys. I guess being rich and white and male, it is somehow OK to attack them and make judgments on them so you can feel better about yourself and what you have, as long as it is not you, this time.

Jose Mora