Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Nifong-Must-Have-Something" Club April meeting

The "Nifong-Must-Have-Something Club" summoned the local press.
To interview their local leadership, grave matters to address.
But Samiha was getting a pedicure, and the Big Media gave a yawn.
Only Ashley found them meaningful, so he sent Dopart there to fawn.

But LieStoppers believes in giving you... a balanced, fair approach.
So in that sense of fairness, the Know Bookstore we approached.
Of all the many problems causing Society to convulse,
Be sure the "Nifong-Must-Have-Something Club" has its finger on the pulse!

Bev Jenkins gave the keynote speech, demanding to know why
Crazy Crystal got a go-free pass? Cooper, you got "something to hide"?
Many remarked Ms. Jenkins' arguments... could be a community unifier.
If she wants Crystal locked away...there are legions to stand by her!

Dannette Shartpley was beside herself, "What can you expect?"
Poor wholesome trolling strippers just can't get no darned respect!
Society needs to be retrained ... to give these girls their due.
Remember, even habitual false accusers, inside ... are just like you!

Vickie P. was there, of course. All wondered what she'd say.
Emphasize how every community needs an immoral, corrupt D.A.?
Announce D.A.M.N. Appreciation Week II, why he's put Durham on the map!
Give out her chicken recipe? Tell where she buys her hats?

But it was feisty Ms. El Amin with the real message to be sent!
She wants hardworking Durhamites to help pay Crystal's food and rent!
Folks who work long hours, on their feet, for minimum wage,
Should give Ms. $200-Bucks-an-Hour, a portion of THEIR pay.

Crystal of the tinted "lens" .. the highlighted golden locks
Should sit home and paint her fingernails, while Black churches hand her bucks.
This is the righteous charity, Ms. El Amin suggests.
To the "Nifong-Must-Have-Something Club," it made perfect sense!

In a community where Ray Lee Parker has seen 28 years unfold
For the crime of stealing $173 dollars, while never harming a soul,
Some might suggest Ms. El Amin redirect her moving jaws,
To rallying Black churches to support HIS family and HIS cause.

But The "Nifong-Must-Have-Something Club" remains focused in its drive
That "America's Most Corrupt D.A" retain his power over Durham lives.
And that America's greatest Fibber, be retired from the pole...
And live happily ever after, on Black churches' charity and dole!

Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

from a non-lawyer / retired professor: They may soon have to help Nifong to pay his rent and food.

Anonymous said...

Good Joan -

bill anderson said...

I guess they served the leftovers from the District Attorney Appreciation Dinner.

I have a new suggestion: Roast Fong.

Anonymous said...

they are not buying the bs and they are encouraging the other blacks not to as well.

gak said...

The case narrative with a twist. Excellent work


Anonymous said...

Here is my story of CORRUPTION by the Durham Sheriff's Department

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio