Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nightline: Collapse of a Hoax


Anonymous said...

"me, me, me, me...."

Hey, isn't that the fat lady I hear warming up?

You go, girl!

Anonymous said...

I hope this nightmare is finally over for all the LAX players today. I beg that the nightmare is only beginning for Nifong and Crystal!
A pre-congratualtions to all the families and everyone who beleived in their innocence!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good piece. It left a lot of important stuff out, but it was better than most of what we've seen on this case from the MSM.

Congrats to everyone who sought justice in this case! Now, on to the civil suits.

Anonymous said...

A different tune by the MSM from a year ago. I hope the civil suits begine because these guys & the entire Lacrosse Team was slandered & abused by Durham, Durham PD, and Duke.

Anonymous said...

This piece was well done! Thanks for putting it up on LS!!