Sunday, April 15, 2007

Video: KC Johnson on NBC-17 At Issue

Today's At Issue on NBC-17 featured Professor KC Johnson alongside hoax enablers Cash Michaels and NAACP case monitor Professor Irving Joyner. Former federal prosecutor, Kieran Shanahan, and regular guest Donna Martinez joined the panel hosted by NBC-17's Verna Collins. Click here to watch the 4/15/2007 episode of At Issue.


Anonymous said...

Was that an attempt by Cash Michaels to raise the issue of sexual orientation? Why was no other panelist questioned about their marital status? What relevance? Cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

This NBC roundtable displays an ugly fact about the MSM (mainstream media) that disgusts me. In discussing a racially charged case, the MSM almost always has the white community represented by reasoned, calm, intelligent white people - but the black community is represented by assholes. Come on, NBC couldn't get hold of Professor Coleman, LaShawn Barber, Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, etc.? Instead of calm, intelligent reasoned representatives of the black community, NBC instead chooses a bloviating idiot like Cash Michaels whose ranting, error-filled press coverage played the ugly race card from day one and the utterly incompetent joke of a legal 'scholar' Joyner whose knowledge of the law is so pathetic that even now he coos his admiration for a DA so violently abusive of that law that the DA had to be forcibly removed? Oh, gag.

Joyner, Michaels, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are NOT decent representatives of the black community. But when they are the only ones the MSM chooses to represent the black community, what does that tell you about what the MSM really thinks of blacks in this nation?

Jack said...

It is not necessarily what the MSM actually "thinks" of black people, as if there could be one, monolithic frame of mind about an entire race of people. It is just that the media does not want to solve ANY problems or issues, really. They just want you to tune in, or buy their rags. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and those other darlings of the media make for a fun, sponsor happy show. If they were to put on the individuals you suggest, well, for one thing, there might not be quite the gulf between what rational black and white spokesman actually believe. That would never do. Secondly, thoughtful, insightful, well reasoned thinking by black panelists would need to be countered by shallow, histrionic, racist, self promoting whites to keep the racial tension on the boil. Not to be pejorative, but, don't you get it?

Chicago said...

I am trying very hard to access the link and it is not working. Is the NBC 17 site down right now?

don t. said...

I am having a problem getting the April 15 segment to prob with the other segments. Did the naacp shut it down???