Monday, April 09, 2007

Where you heading Sam?

Former Duke University Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Sam Hummel
and the Vigilante Poster.


bill anderson said...

I do hope that Mr. Hummel, too, will be privileged to meet the bar of justice, albeit in a civil suit.

Anonymous said...

Get a lawyer Hummel. You don't have a conscience.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is an Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, and why is he involved in the Duke Hoax? Was he concerned that the LAX party guys' reported urinating in the bushes might have an adverse environmental impact? Someone please explain.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Gotcha! I guess Sam is taking back the night by attaching the Vigilante Poster to trash cans.

President Brodhead did you submit a budget with settlement amounts for the 43 Duke Lacrosse students your employee was slandering?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn asks:

The only thing missing in that photograph is the noose dangling from the tree branch.

AMac said...

Easy questions for the Duke Administration to have gotten answers to--if they were interested in answers...

* Did the electronic records kept for billing purposes by the copying machines in the Environmental Sustainability Program show that a burst of photocopying took place on the day before the Vigilante Poster was distributed on campus?

* If such a burst of copying did take place, was 11" x 17" paper used? Most organizations have little use for copies that big--note the size of the Vigilante Poster.

Is it possible that the management of the Environmental Sustainability Program and the Duke Administration are uninterested in such questions? Will Discovery show that, gee whiz, the records that would have answered them are now nowhere to be found?

Chicago said...
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Anonymous said...

Sam is still appears to be the webmaster for Duke's Environmental Sustainability Site. I would think Duke would be interested in seeing what their representatives are doing?

Anonymous said...

One picture of Sam shows him holding a sign saying "Get a conscience, Not a Lawyer."
My advice to Sam is, GET A LAWYER! ROFLMFAO

bill anderson said...

Here is a copy of the email I just sent to Hummel:

Mr. Hummel,

I see you were involved in the posting of the infamous LAX vigilante poster, and I also have seen photographs of you holding signs for the LAX players to “get a conscience, not a lawyer.”

Now, I suppose that you are a good leftist who believes in those things called civil liberties and constitutional rights. Since it is obvious that this was a hoax, you apparently were a participant in trying to railroad innocent people into prison. Thus, your own condemnation of what the Bush Administration is doing would seem to be hypocritical, given that you really do not believe in constitutional rights for anyone, or at least anyone who does not fit your PC worldview.

Many of the LAX families are interested in your activities in coordinating the hatefest against their sons, and I sincerely hope that you will meet the bar of justice that you have demanded for everyone else. It seems that you placed the lives of their sons in danger, so what you did hardly fell into the “no harm” category. By the way, if those families sue you, will you “get a conscience,” or will you get a lawyer? If you do the latter, then it seems that you really are not willing to practice what you have preached.

By the way, how do you think you would feel if people were falsely accusing you of rape? Do you think you would want people to jump to conclusions in the way that you did? Would you want someone calling for YOU to be castrated? You just might try to get a conscience yourself instead of being so self-righteous.

I have come to know many of the families that you slandered this past year, and I can tell you that every one of the people I have met is a better person than you could ever hope to be. And I can only hope that those good people decide to take you to court for what you did to their sons.

Anonymous said...

This is Sam's new web site he is promoting along with some other 610 Potbangers. Do you think Sam will tell the truth April 28?

He is the creator of the site.

bill anderson said...

I emailed that site, too. I truly despise self-righteous liars, and Sam Hummel fits into that category.

Sam! It was Sunday morning! Why didn't you confess? Get a conscience, Sam, not a lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Props to Johnsville for naming Sam Hummel

"Vigilante Sam"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The 3 Lacrosse players and their families should sue Sam Hummel. He was behind the website that organized the "Lynch Mob" and vigilante doings. Throw in his mother Anne also for enabling him. Did you see the same neon green sign that Sam was holding in the photo with his mother? It looks just like the same neon green sign taped on the house. He should be sued. Teach him that you cannot organize lynch mobs and make posters to accuse people who had not been found guilty. Hummel needs to be aware that you cannot make rush to judgments and lie for your own political slants and agendas. Samuel Hummel Jr. was one of the main persons who helped organize this lynch mob. His hands are as dirty as Nifongs. If anyone wants to claim they were involved also, then sue them too. In my opinion Sam Hummel and his ilk helped in this travesty and injustice against innocennt guys. It is plain to see that he was one the main organizers of this modern day Lynch Mob by looking at his web "community". If Sam Hummel had any sense of justice and if he believes in "truth" as he implies. He should step forward, and apologize for his misguided role in this whole fiasco. So should his mother. That is my own opinion.

Maria Gonzalez-Sanchez

From a certain person's "group"

"7 PM Planning Meeting at Bean Traders TONIGHT Message List

As the rally at 610 N Buchanan disbanded today, I found myself in
conversation with a number of folks that are interested in organizing in a
continuous way that will build pressure until *real* long-term change is
achieved. We talked about planning an on-going response to the March 13th
sexual assault that addresses root cause issues such as racism, sexism,
misogyny, alcohol culture, paternalism, economic exploitation, athlete
impunity, and Duke's (lack of) accountability to the community.

If you are interested in participating in that conversation, please come to
Bean Traders tonight (Sunday) at 7 pm.

IF YOU ARE A MAN: Please be mindful of the energy you bring and space you
take up in the conversation. Keep in mind that assertion of male domination
and violence, even in a well intended response, is part and parcel of this
whole thing.

In order to facilitate organizing and discussion without blasting all these
lists, I set up a Yahoo Group that anyone can join by going here:


Sam Hummel

It seems our little friend started up his own group.