Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why Roy Should Act, He's Not Impotent

From the LS Forum:

Attorney General Roy Cooper apparently declined the request of Mayor Bell for the SBI to investigate the conduct of the DPD during the Nifong/Mangum investigation, saying that the SBI only deals with criminal investigations.
Cooper told Bell on Monday that the State Bureau of Investigation, which Bell wanted to perform the inquiry, only looks into criminal matters.

"I have not alleged any criminal wrongdoings in this process," Bell said in accepting Cooper's decision.

At Cooper's suggestion, SBI Director Robin Pendergraft is compiling a list of legal experts who could conduct the review. Bell and the rest of the City Council would have to decide whether they would want to hire one or more of them.
Is that it, Roy? So, you're throwing your hands up in the air and declaring, "There's nothing more I can do?"

Ah, but there is. Let's look at some of the possibilities....


Anonymous said...

Cooper has made it clear, that aside from trashing Nifong, this case is over.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Just my two cents.

Nifong's stupidity has been the most common explanation for why he's strutted his corruption so openly. But what if there's something else?

I'm beginning to be curious about the true depth of prostitution in Durham - it keeps poking its ugly head up in the strangest places. Why wasn't a prostitute - Crystal - jailed for trying to kill a cop years ago? What happened on that mysterious missing day neither she nor her pimp will admit to? Why are there next to NO arrests for prostitution in Durham? Why were police officers so sure members of DPD were running a prostitution ring from DPD offices? On March 14, Crystal is a drunken prostitute who admits to cops and hospital that she's high on drugs - why did neither ask for a drug test?

Nifong's swum in Durham's cesspool of prostitution for decades - which means he knows who else swam there. It's the only explanation for why Easley picked him as interim DA over the much more experienced and clearly smarter Freda Black. It's the only explanation for why Nifong still struts after having been caught in one of the most stinking acts of blatant corruption against three innocent kids - why neither the Governor nor Senators of North Carolina have confronted Nifong. Even Cooper refuses to do that - Cooper stopped Nifong's corrupted case but not Nifong himself.

Damn, I'd give anything to know the scope of prostitution in Durham. It has to be awesome for a drunken whore and a stupid DA to have ridden its ugly back for so long.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn... DPD is hiring ... and always looking for folks to go undercover. Great way to really get to know the scope of prostitution... Come on down. lol