Sunday, June 17, 2007

CNN Poll: Should Nifong Face Criminal Charges?


Anonymous said...

We have laws for a reason. The police and officers of the court must be held to a higher standard. It is incumbent on Judge Osmond Smith, Roy Cooper and Alberto Gonzales to make sure Nifong is punished for each and every crime he committed. Nifong shouldn't be allowed to skate on these crimes just because he lost his job and law license. Nifong tried to put 3 innocent men in prison for not only for a crime they didn't commit but for one that never happened. Nifong must serve time for for his crimes.

Anonymous said...

I believe there is very strong circumstantial evidence here that NIFONG perpetrated these crimes in order to secure his election as DA and utlimately to profit by maximizing his government pension. The public deserves the opportunity to determine in a court of law whether there was a wanton abuse of power, a cavalier breach of public trust, a smug denial of the civil rights of others, the calculated race-baiting of the Durham community, a deliberate and arrogant obstruction of justice, ALL TO MERELY SATISFY HIS OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS. If so, NIFONG cannot go unpunished.

Anonymous said...

6,345 votes not to press criminal charges.

I guess we know what Nifong was doing Saturday Night when he got home.