Friday, June 15, 2007

Flip Flop Flipper

Defendant Nifong demonstrates the size of the whoppers he's telling the DHC.


In defending himself before the Disciplinary Hearing Committee, Defendant Nifong explains that he hijacked the Hoax rather than allowing an Assistant District Attorney because he feared it "would garner a significant amount of media attention."

January 2007:

In responding to the State Bar’s Amended Complaint, Defendant Nifong defended his extra judicial statements by pretending “that he did not fully understand the extent of the national media interest in this particular investigation.”

March 2006:

Anticipating a change of venue motion three days into his media campaign, Defendant Nifong suggested that “after all the media that have been here this week we'd have to move it to China.”


Defendant Nifong falsely asserts that the primary purpose of turning to DNA Securities was to analyze the DNA mixture found on the fake fingernails recovered from a bathroom trashcan.

"He didn't order Saacks to limit his order--his greatest interest was in "mixtures," but says that his interest (for unexplained reasons) was only in mixtures on fingernails, not rape kit." DiW

Nifong: The "whole point of my sending that information over there" was to get DNA fingernail information. DiW

On April 5, 2006, Defendant Nifong's office submitted a petition to Judge Ronald Stephens for ONLY the rape kit and the reference samples to be transferred to, and tested by, DNASI. On April 6, the rape kit is sent to DNASI along with the reference samples. On April 8, 9, and10, the rape kit items are tested and the DNA of several unidentified men is found. On April 10, Defendant Nifong is informed of these results by Dr. Brian Meehan.
The fingernails were not included in the petition to Judge Stephens, the order by Judge Stephens, nor were they a part of the rape kit. In fact, not only were they neither a primary (nor secondary, for that matter) purpose of the petition, they were not even transferred to DNASI until April 12, two days AFTER Defendant Nifong learned that initial testing of the rape kit items he submitted for testing pursuant to the Court's order had exonerated the innocent men Defendant Nifong was attempting to frame.
The State respectfully requests the Court order DNA Security, 1902 Tucker Street, Burlington, North Carolina, 27215 to conduct the above requested analysis on the oral, anal, vaginal, and underwear swabs from the rape kit collected in this case, and if any male positive results are found to compare the DNA with the 46 cheek swabbing previously collected from the group containing the suspects, and for any other relief the Court may deem appropriate. .


Nifong: The purpose of the April 4, 2006 identification procedure was to identify witnesses, not suspects.


Nifong: The lacrosse team's only African American player was excluded from the lineup procedure because "the victim said her assailants were white."



In defense of telling defense attorney Robert Ekstrand, in a meeting on March 28, 2006, to "take your client to DPD and tell them your story," Nifong stated it was because "I didn't have enough information about the case at that time."

March, 2006:

Despite not having "enough information" to meet with the men he was accusing (and despite the claim that his intention was to get them to come forward), Nifong had enough information on March 27 and 28 to tell Investigator Ben Himan: "You know we're fucked"; and to tell the world:

It is a case that talks about what this community stands for.

There's a good chance if someone had spoken up and said, 'You can't do this,' it might not have happened.

The information that I have does lead me to conclude that a rape did occur. I'm making a statement to the Durham community and, as a citizen of Durham, I am making a statement for the Durham community. This is not the kind of activity we condone, and it must be dealt with quickly and harshly.

There won't be any arrests before next week. I have decided not to make arrests until DNA evidence is back.

This is not a case of people drinking and it getting out of hand from that. This is something much, much beyond that.

I needed to have the information about who will be charged. I feel pretty confident that a rape occurred.


Despite Crystal Mangum's claim that her attackers ejaculated and her graphic description of the bad breath resulting from one of her imagined attackers ejaculating in her mouth (and spitting it out onto the bathroom rug), Defendant Nifong claimed that he did not view the assault as an "ejaculatory event."

April 2006:

In coaxing the reluctant Investigator Himan into falsely testifying against Reade Seligmann before the Grand Jury, Defendant Nifong urged: "If you believe her story in one part, you've got to believe her story in another part."



In defending his June 22, 2006 court statements claiming that all discovery was turned over to the defendants, Defendant Nifong explained his failure to turn over the exonerating DNA evidence by suggesting that he thought the DNA report was a "complete report."

All Week:

Nifong's attorneys and co-conspirator Dr. Meehan have diligently worked to create the perception that Meehan's report was intended, and known, to be an "interim" report.


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