Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hardin and Nifong

Judge Jim Hardin passes DA badge to his protégé, Mike Nifong, while Judges Orlando Hudson
and Ronald Stephens applaud.

Click here to view the News & Observer's Hardin/Nifong slideshow

Click here to read "Easley taps Hardin as Durham DA"
by Lynn Bonner and Benjamin Niolet of the N&O


Anonymous said...

Just when you thought NC politics could stoop no lower. Gov Easy (sic) on purpose, is a player in this hoax also. He is back-tracking. All this is dirty politics and now the cover for Nifong begins.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Easley stuck it to Hardin by putting him back there. Saying, you wanted this guy, it's your mess.
Hard to say. It buys time to look at other candidates, and the office isn't left without a chief.

Anonymous said...

My goodness has this State have no shame?

Hardin trained Nifong, Stephens trained Hardin, Stephens was the Judge of the Hoax, Easley appointed Hardin Judge, Easley appoint Nifong.

It is one big circle jerk!