Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hiding The Nifong

"Superior Court Judge Orlando F. Hudson said a deputy sheriff attempted to serve the hearing notice at Nifong's November Drive home Monday evening, but Nifong's wife -- Cy Gurney -- would not accept it." -- The Herald-Sun


Anonymous said...

This could not have played out any better!
I hope all the Duke lacrosse families are enjoying their summer.
With a note of sympathy: I feel for Nifong's son. What an emabarrassment!

Anonymous said...

I would think this would prove to show further contempt of court, and that Nifong again believes in his OWN "standards?!"
Another fine example of corruption in office, and is doing nothing but eroding our confidence in not only the government officials "WE" voted into office, but also the government itself!
Holding an office has become a system where if you are a member, are entitled to do as you wish without consequence! There are 2 sets of laws, one for us, and the other for "THEM!"
Another lovely fact is the state pays to defend them, meanwhile citizens lose their homes and life savings to have their cases heard! Completely ABSURD!
I must admit to enjoying the side show! Nifong comes into his appointment by deception, continued in deceptive practices, and is STILL trying to deceive us, and himself! He is truly the epitome of a COWARD!
Now that he doesn't have his title to contort and hide behind, he has turned into a sniveling wimp! Hiding his head in the sand and playing his guitar will not change the fact that his avoidance will last only for a season, then his day WILL come!
Until then he is providing us with A LOT of entertainment, and I am glad to see that he is suffering and frightened! This short taste of his own medicine cannot compare to the deaths of innocent lives of citizens whom he has ignored and defiled!
He should be so ashamed, and apologetic knowing he purposely almost sent 3 innocent men to jail for years for a crime he KNEW they did not commit, completely ignore murder cases and the entire judicial system ground to a halt for ONE case?! And do we honestly think this was the only circumstance?!
He cannot hide, nor ignore the fact that he indeed shall reap what he has sewn, and EVERYTHING he did was by his own choice, for his own motives and agenda!
He is now only beginning to have any sort of pain, AND he is GUILTY by his own admission! Whatever feelings of fright he may have are not near as close to the ones HE was responsible for when they were INNOCENT! The bitter taste of the truthful pill is not nearly as bitter of those of tears of horror and death!
Nifong is by far alone in his dubious abuses in power, and to NOT hold him LEGALLY responsible is a MOCKERY to the very laws he was entrusted to obey and uphold!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio