Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nifong's Lament

To the extent that I did bad things
It's because I was a dope.
I was very inexperienced,
So I didn't know the ropes.

I thought I could say anything.
Oops! Oh well, my bad.
Who knew that all my pandering
Would make the locals mad?

When I heard the house was empty
"There's the smoking gun!" I cried!
They should have been home waiting
In case Crystal's pimp dropped by.

So no wonder I was so convinced.
I yelled, "Himan, it's a go!"
He tried to wimp around with me,
But I just told him, "No!"

So I snickered at the hearing
About Seligmann's alibi...
My good Bud, ole Judge Stephens
Was glad to let it by.

About that press attention?
Hey, they all came to me!
I just pounded on the race card.
Until the locals went crazy

I assured them it was brutal.
I assured them it was rape.
Then I just went quiet ...
No "hooligan" would escape.

I'm more sinned against than sinning.
A novice newly on the job.
And now like widdle Paris
I want my mommy (Sob! Sob! Sob!)
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...


When do we get Mikey his collar?

Space Puppy

Anonymous said...

Can you believe this man? It is mind boggling!

Talk about a Bombshell!!!

On March 27 he told Gottlieb & Himan "Do you know we are f*cked about the inconsistencies?"

Anonymous said...


I would save the postry for another time. It suggests a juvenile approach toward a very serious event.

Dallas, Texas

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Ken, while I respect and see your point, if there were ever a time to rub salt in someone's wound, if there were ever a time to take a victory lap, this is it. Good work, Joan.

joan foster said...

Ken,for over 15 months, I've contributed to this blog on an almost daily basis... in an attempt to just help these young men, these families, in any small way I might.

I have worked with the LS team every day. I have a very full real life of my own. But I promised to try and I have. Perhaps not to your standards, but again, I tried. And stayed the course.

I accept your criticism with no offense, but please do not say I do not take what these young men have suffered seriously.

I have 15 months here that says you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

At least you spell right Joan.


heh heh heh

Anonymous said...

Ken - get a life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Joan, for your wonderful and caring writing all these many months. Your written pieces are wonderful, thoughtful, sometimes humorous, always appreciated.