Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Only Way To Keep Notes

"This are the extent of my notes. I would hand things to Investigator Himan, and he would file them. I did take notes to organize myself and to help Investigator Himan organize the investigation just on my board. And I have a board in my office, it's a, dry-erase board. And, for example, Investigator Himan would say, "I need to have someone look at different things, how we can get a hair analysis done," And I would put my name next to that. And then he'd say, "I need a background done for this person." I would assign someone to do that if he wasn't going to do it. He'd say, "I need a court order to get e-mail records," put his name next to that, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I had asked him and was under the impression that he was taking photographs of the board, and when we finished that we would clear it. That wasn't done. And I apologize for that." - DPD Sgt. Mark Gottlieb 4/19/2007


bravefacari said...

Yeah right! My dog ate my homework. What an idiot he must think we all are. Geeze! How incredibly unprofessional and I submit absolutely deliberate!

Anonymous said...

I was going to leave a post that said, " What kind of excuse is this -- The 'my dog ate my home work' defense?", but you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please post a pic of this anti-Duke "officer of the law."

scott said...

Why would anyone support the validity of this type of "notetaking?"

Sounds like more of that "old fashioned guy" nonsense that Nifong was trying to peddle.

Is there anyone in Durham LE that is willing to do their job under 21st century conditions?

Hasn't Gottlieb ever heard of Photoshop? No photograph Himan would have taken of notes on a whiteboard could be guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

And given the proclivity of the DPD to lie, there is probable cause to believe the photos would be doctored.

bravefacari said...

Truly! Has he EVER had someone take pictures of his whiteboard? Money on it the answer is "NO".

Anonymous said...

Well the one thing you can say about Durham they don't have any shame for making up the most ridiculous excuses.

I wouldn't trust one police officer, anyone from the DA's Office, anyone in City Government, and the Judges. It is a "Shameless" City.

Anonymous said...

We had the guys that did it, but someone leaned against our Dry-Erase board and we lost our notes.


M. Gottllieb

Anonymous said...

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