Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reade Seligman Attends Trial of Defendant Nifong

The courtroom was packed, eager to hear Durham Inv. Ben Himan offer clues to how an easily disproved false accusation became the Nifong/Mangum Hoax. At this trial of the malicious prosecutor who had tried to imprison him despite irrefutable proof no crime occurred, Reade Seligmann sat listening intently. Himan read from Crystal Gail Mangum’s UNC medical records, which he and Defendant Nifong had obtained prior to seeking indictments. He admitted the prosecution had the information in her medical records showing she had been diagnosed as bipolar and taking psychotropic medication. Unlike her claim the night before at Duke Medical Center of having consumed one beer, Crystal Mangum told the UNC doctors she was drunk the night of March 13. The doctors at UNC refused her request for painkillers, noting her "long psychological history" made them fear she'd abuse them.

State Bar Judge Lane Williamson followed up Himan's “With what?” admission yesterday, referring to the lack of any evidence against Reade Seligmann, by asking Himan to describe in general terms his testimony before the grand jury. Himan said he couldn’t answer because of the law requiring grand jury secrecy. His attorney quickly joined in to protest the question, which was withdrawn by Williamson after a brief recess.

We are still left with a key unanswered question: If Inv. Ben Himan didn’t believe he had any evidence against Reade Seligmann, what did he say to the grand jury that quickly indicted him?


Anonymous said...

"With What?" Yet Himan goes into the Grand Jury and Reade gets indicted!! When will Judge Hudson pull in the Grand Jurors and demand to find out what Himan & Gottlieb said testfying under oath?

Anonymous said...

grand jury testimony is secret, anal vent...somebody other than nifong thought those hooligans from the plantations were guilty...i still do...follow the money stupid

Anonymous said...

Please help me and my family to have my brothers case re-opened, investigated, and charge his killer. Here is a summary of his case.....

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