Monday, June 11, 2007

Snooze Room seeks Divorce from Nifong

After a year of cheerleading for their hometown hero, pandering to DA Mike Nifong's every action, and apologizing for blatant injustice, they have had enough. The Herald-Sun has finally seen the water rushing over the rails as the SS Nifong sinks below the sunset. In an editorial today, the Herald-Sun endorsed the words of Durham's Beth Brewer.

"There can be no faith in our justice system with a district attorney who, in a very public case, conspires to withhold exculpatory evidence and repeatedly makes misrepresentations and false statements to the court and opposing counsel," Brewer said in a sworn affidavit four months ago.

It is true that Nifong deserves his day in court, so to speak, as all legal avenues are pursued, just as was true for those charged in what turned out to be the utterly false rape case. But the state attorney general's blunt condemnation of Nifong's conduct and the acrimony surrounding his mishandling of this case suggests we would be better served, regardless of the outcome of the legal battles ahead, if Nifong were to step aside and let us move on. Herald-Sun


Anonymous said...

After 15 months and the NC AG saying the three guys were innocent the Herald Sun finally wakes up.

Now how about some honesty and admitting your part in the Hoax?

bill anderson said...

It is too late for Boob Ashley and his cohorts to redeem themselves. The anti-Nifong train left long ago; this simply makes Ashley and Company look to be front-runners.

But, then again, that is what they have been all along. When it looked as though Nifong held the cards and was going to be able to ramrod this thing to trial, the Hurled-Scum demanded a trial, even after "60 Minutes" took the entire case apart.

Now that Nifong's carcass is out there for everyone to see, the Hurled-Scum now joins the pack of buzzards. Sorry, fellows. All you are doing is showing your true yellow-bellied colors.

Raplh Phelan said...

"we would be better served, regardless of the outcome of the legal battles ahead, if Nifong were to step aside and let us move on."

They haven't seen the light, they just want the embarrassment to be over as soon as possible. Over time it's become clear that the phrase "Move on" really means "Let us get away with it."
"Move along, nothing to see here."

madder than a hornet said...

All I can think as I read this is what Duke's admin must be thinking, all their support is falling away

can't say I am sorry

Duke had the opportunity to demand due process from the beginning as did the HS, both chose a different path.

Anonymous said...

H-S, Duke, Brodhead, G88, Potbangers, et al.,-- all these losers are going to get smoked once the Fongster begins to uncork all the sludge that's been building for 15 months. The Show is just "gettin started."

Carl Williams said...

Will be a Just Day when, DA Mike Nifong is disbarred, then he can move on.