Monday, June 18, 2007

Video: Seligmann on Today with Meredith Vieira

Reade Seligmann says his lawyers will file a suit against former prosecutor
Former Duke University lacrosse team player, Reade Seligmann, who had been cleared of charges he and two other players raped a hired stripper, says he feels sorry for disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong’s family, but he added he was hurt by Nifong’s statement at last week’s hearing that he still thinks “something happened in that bathroom” at that now infamous team party last year.
“It was probably one of the most difficult parts of the hearing,” Seligmann, 21, told TODAY host Meredith Vieira during an exclusive interview on Monday. “I really did feel sympathy for his family ... It’s been a tragedy that another family is going to have to suffer because of Mike Nifong’s actions, but after hearing him say that, it really did make it difficult to feel [for him].”
Nifong, 56, was disbarred by a North Carolina bar disciplinary commission on Saturday, a day after he admitted he made mistakes and announced he was resigning his elected post. However, at the hearing, Nifong made a statement, indicating that he still clung to suspicions that the team’s party had ended abruptly for a reason.
Meanwhile, attorneys for Seligmann and the other two exonerated men, Collin Finnerty, 20, and David Evans, 24, are preparing to file a civil suit against Nifong. The bar association found that Nifong withheld evidence that would have helped the men’s defense attorneys and lied about it.
“For me, the only thing I can worry about now is getting back in the classroom, and getting back on the lacrosse field,” Seligmann said. “I do know the attorneys are going to be filing for sanctions for Mr. Nifong.”


Survey Team said...

It seems crazy that Nifong is still trying to cling to anything that he can. It may be nice to try and sympathize with him, but it seems that most people should be happy about the outcome. According to a survey conducted by Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing in May, 49.2% of North Carolinians supported revoking Nifong's license. Interestingly, more than double the amount of Caucasians as African Americans supported disbarring Nifong. Read more about the results on one of our blog post.

Anonymous said...

I admit I softened a bit during Lie-Fong's testimony but turned to stone when he continued his assault on the lacrosse players, not to mention sanity and reason. After all that, to sit there and cling to the lie that "something happened."

At that point, I thought that, short of execution, he deserves to lose more than his law license. I hope he faces:

Bankruptcy (he's probably close anyway)

Incarceration (unlikely but possible and he might have to spend some bucks to save his butt)

Divorce (bet she's glad to have a different last name)

Being disowned by the son he used for sympathy (bet the son wishes he had a different last name)

Difficulty in earning a living (and anything he can earn beyond subsistence is subject to garnishment)

A long and healthy life (so he can think about his actions and experience their consequences for many years).

Anonymous said...

Mike Nifong made it clear that only a lawsuit will finally shut him up. His comment during the hearing, that he thought something happened in that bathroom, was totally unwarranted by the facts of the case, totally rebutted by the findings of the AG, and totally without credibility as indicated by his disbarment. However, he said it, and he will say it again and again and again. He will continue to deliberately damage the reputation of these falsely charged students until he is forced through civil liability to SHUT UP. It has NOTHING to do with greed. It has EVERYTHING to do with ending this fiasco the only way possible.