Wednesday, June 27, 2007

WRAL: Removal Hearing Set for Nifong, But Will He Show?

"Mr. Nifong's wife informed one of my officers earlier in the day that Mike had taken his guitar and left, and she didn't have any idea when he'd return," Capt. Bill Wrenn with the Durham County Sheriff's Office said. - WRAL

Honey, if they ask about me...get the story right
Say I grabbed my favorite gee-tar, disappeared into the night.
Say you can't take no stinkin' summons, your man ain't here no more.
And when the reporters come around, y'all hollar out the door.
"I ain't seen hide nor hare of my Fongster since that day!
Ain't seen hide nor hare of my Fongster, ever since he went away.
You can tell that Hussy Brewer, don't care what Hudson rules!
Jesse's giving Fong a scholarship to go to music school!"
- Joan Foster

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Local FOX News affiliate WRAZ is reporting that Mike Nifong will offer to make his resignation effective on Monday at tomorrow's removal hearing.


WRAL - Sources tell WRAL that suspended Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong wants to resign, effective next Monday.

Details about his decision are expected to be revealed during a Thursday morning hearing at the Durham County Courthouse. It will be up to a judge to decide whether to agree to Nifong's request.

It's still unknown if the disbarred prosecutor will attend the hearing...

[Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Orlando] Hudson has said he does not expect Nifong to show for Thursday's hearing but that it would proceed without him.

[Special Prosecutor Robert] Zaytoun said Nifong can avoid the hearing if he submits his immediate resignation by 9:30 a.m. Thursday, when the hearing is scheduled to begin.


gs said...

Mikey still does not get it. He still wants to set terms. He must resign now, not Monday.

Anonymous said...

Elvis has left the building

Anonymous said...

Nifong and the group of 88 are going on a concert tour, Kumbaya.

Anonymous said...

a pr*ck to the end!

Eric said...


He waited until it was obvious that he was toast, then tearfully promised to resign.

He waited until it was obvious he'd be disbarred, then told the bar hearing that disbarrment was the correct decision. Williamson had to tell him that they make that decision, not him.

Then he showed up at the office and said that he wasn't resigning for a month.

Then they suspended him and told him there was a removal hearing Thursday, and he could avoid it with an *IMMEDIATE* resignation.

Then he said that he's resign effective next Monday.

This guy still has delusions that he's the one in control, and all the bad things are his own choices, rather than things being forced on him.

I'm rooting for a quick hearing which removes him long before Monday.

I'm sure when his hearing for contempt comes up, he'll start trying to tell the judge what the decision and punishment will be.

If he ends up with a full criminal trial, I expect the same "I'm still really the one in charge" behavior

He really, really, really doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

MINSTREL: Brave, brave Mike Nifong,
He bravely ran away ...

NIFONG: I did not!

MINSTREL: When Justice reared its righteous head, he bravely turned his tail and fled ...

NIFONG: I never did!

MINSTREL: Bravely taking to his feat, he beat a very brave retreat ...


MINSTREL: When Beth was going to make him pay, he bravely, bravely ran away ...

NIFONG: Cy will be there!


Nice job, oh Great Baldo! Gregory

gs said...

Nifong may want to wait until July to retire, Monday, for paid vacation time.

Whats the deal with vacation time in NC for DAs?

Could be he gets paid for accured vacation time when he leaves.

July = more than 6 months of work.

Anonymous said...

What a prize. Poor Cy.

Jeff said...

"Hide nor hare"????

I frequently see the animal known as a hare, but have never seen hide nor hair of any animal called a hide. Of course, I have never been in Durham.