Friday, July 06, 2007

Addison Endorses Hodge

Revealing the latest instance of mutual back scratching in Durham, The Herald-Sun is reporting that Durham Police Corporal David Addison, the occasional DPD spokesperson who is under fire for his demonstrably false and inflammatory public attacks on the Duke Innocents, has issued an endorsement of the candidacy of Durham Deputy Police Chief Ronald Hodge. Hodge is seeking to become Durham's next Chief of Police. On behalf of the Triangle Chapter of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association, Addison, the chapter's president, cites Hodge's familiarity with making unpopular decisions, experience, and working knowledge of the candidate who was has proclaimed the department "major mistake" free.
The Triangle Chapter of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association and the North State Law Enforcement Association is [sic] supporting the candidacy of Durham Deputy Police Chief Ron Hodge to become Durham police chief.

The leadership of both organizations surveyed their members with the majority supporting Hodge over Hartford, Conn., Assistant Chief Jose Lopez.

Durham police Cpl. David Addison, president of the Triangle Chapter of the NCPBA, said, "... The desire for change within the department requires someone who is familiar with making the unpopular decisions. This will allow our department to learn and grow utilizing the experience and working knowledge of Deputy Chief Hodge."

The Triangle Chapter of the NCPBA and North State represents more than 80 percent of the officers employed with the Durham Police Department.
Addison's endorsement of Hodge comes one month after the corporal, whose participation in the false arrest and prosecution of the Duke Innocents is expected to come under investigation by the City Council's newly empaneled DPD review committee, publicly criticized (threatened?) efforts to investigate the police department in letters to the News & Observer and The Herald-Sun.

To both Triangle dailies, Cpl. Addison wrote:
The Durham Police Department has been subjected to yet another round of criticism from the city's leaders. This is like the first round of a fight with Mike Tyson. The decision has already been made.

We continue to stand in silence because our teaching shows us that retaliation does not profit anyone. As we stand bloodied from the slander and vicious attacks, we are just blocking punches. The air of voice is beaten out and the eyes of clarity have been closed. The only things we have left are the legs which are supported by over 500 sworn officers and nearly 200 civilians. We are still able to think but even the referee penalizes us for blows we have not thrown. How much more can we take? A lot, I suspect. However, we cannot and will not subscribe to the philosophy of abuse or continue to be victimized.

It is amazing, or is it just an election year? You decide.

David Addison
June 10, 2007
Addison's endorsement also follows a not-so-thinly veiled threat issued by John Midgette, executive director of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, which is curiously registered with the Durham County Board of Elections as a Political Action Committee, to the City Council and DPD top brass. In a letter to the Herald-Sun, Midgette cautioned those with culpability to not make scapegoats out of rank and file Durham police officers in the aftermath of the exposure of the Nifong/Mangum Hoax.

In support of Addison's attack on the investigation into the DPD's role in the Hoax, Midgette wrote:
"We support any legitimate investigation that includes the review of all those involved in the Duke lacrosse case. A legitimate investigation based on the rule of law and procedural due process would certainly include the investigation of some of those who have called for the investigation.

Durham's police officers are highly trained professionals who risk their lives daily serving and protecting their citizens. Their input is valuable in finding the truth and solving the issues. Rank and file officers should not become scapegoats for the indiscretions and poor decisions of others who may be rethinking their own original actions." - John C. Midgette, executive director of the N.C. Police Benevolent Association
Cpl. Addison is not the only ranking PBA official to endorse Hodge and his avowed intentions to maintain the status quo. Durham Police Department Lt. Andy Miller, president of the NC Police Benevolent Association, offered his support to Hodge's candidacy in a recent interview with the News & Observer.

Lt. Andy Miller, who has worked with Hodge for 18 years, said most Durham officers want Hodge because he's professional, straightforward about his expectations and knows the job.

"He takes a stand and ... isn't one of those people who says one thing today and does something else tomorrow," Miller said.

Given the choice between Hodges who stated:
"Folks, I can tell you there's nothing broke with your department...I don't recall that the Durham Police Department has been involved in something where we made major mistakes in the last five years;"
and Hartford Deputy Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr. who offered:
I think philosophically, I would put an imprint that it is a transparent organization with the community, that the us-against-them mentality doesn't exist;
it is not surprising that Cpl. Addison follows his simultaneous efforts to silence the department's critics, stifle the ongoing investigation into his and other's alleged misdeeds, and avoid responsibility for his repeated misleading public statements with the endorsement of Hodge.


Anonymous said...

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What we need MOST NOW, is for EVERY person who can, to call his assistant, Sheila Eason and leave her a message that Jack's case NEEDS to be re-opened, and the public is watching to see if they will indeed give this case the attention and JUSTICE he deserves!!!

If you all can call today would be great!!!!! JUST leave a message that you are VERY interested in Allen Croft Jr's murder, and that his case be re-opened and solved!!!

I am BEGGING you ALL to call!!!!!!!! There is soooo much dirt to be revealed, and this will be a start on the road to recovery!!!!!!

The DA's number is 919-564-7100, when the voicemail comes on press 0, that will take you to the operator, then just simply ask for Sheila Eason's voicemail, and just leave her a simple message!

JUST so they KNOW Jack has NOT been forgotten, and the PUBLIC also wants answers!!!!!!!

Please leave a message here to let me know who called, REMEMBER hooligans, we have A LOT more work ahead to expose these corrupt twits, and TRULY make a difference!

God Bless, and THANKS!!!
Rhonda Fleming

Again, the number is 919-564-7100, press 0, wait for operator, ask for Sheila Eason's voicemail, leave a message tada!!! PLEASE?!??!!

Anonymous said...

The only solution is a sweeping investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. My belief is that this will never happen; I don't know why, but I have a strong feeling that the feds are consciously looking the other way. I guarantee if three members of any minority group were victimized as the Duke3 were, the feds would have been in Durham last summer! "Rich" white boys, alas, apparently have no rights worth protecting.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the people at the Durham PD are all but admitting they are a bunch of criminals. Addison and the rest are despicable people.

Anyone who values his life and property and family should not live where those animals have jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

Hell, Durham (and Duke) *deserves* nothing less than a venal corrupt idiotic punk like Hodge with the Chief's badge. May God have mercy on the South.