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Inv. Ben Himan’s Typed Notes, Part 4 (January 13 - April 4, 2007)

1/19/07 - Contacted by Ange Ashby, she advised me that the property had come in from ASR Data and that she had put it into property.

[04/25/2007 22:34, Himan, 447, DPD)] 1/25/07 1622hrs - Was called by DNA Securities in reference to buccal swabbing that was in evidence.

1/25/07 1626hrs- Contacted CSI supervisor Ashby asking for someone to make arrangements to pick up evidence. She stated that she was going to have someone pick them up by next week.

1/25/07 1628hrs - Contacted DNA Securities back and advised them that CSI Ashby would be making arrangements to pick up the evidence.

2/2/07 - Signed item 129 out of property and transferred property to SBI agent Michael Smith at 3320 Gamer Rd. Building 188, Raleigh, NC 27610.

2/13/07 1245hrs - Went to Brian Taylor’s address, no one answered the door. Left business card in door.

2/15/07 1210hrs - Went to Brian Taylor’s address and was able to talk to him regarding where he went after he dropped Crystal off. He stated he think he dropped her off around 1115 to 1125. He then drove directly to the gas station. He described it as the one across from North Point Mall. I asked him if there was a Burger King across from it and he stated yes. I then drew a map on a paper to describe where it was and he pointed to the gas station that he went to. I asked what he did and he stated that he got gas. I asked him if he used a credit card or paid in cash and he stated he thinks he paid with his credit card. He stated that he went into the station and paid with a credit card. He said the amount was probably around 10-15 dollars because he filled it probably half way since it was almost empty. He stated that he used his State Employee Credit Union Visa credit card number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and his account number is xxxxxxxxxxx.

2/15/07 1340hrs - I went to Han-Dee Hugo’s #77 fast fare gas station located at 1203 W. Club Blvd. I talked to the manager Allen Ivy about getting information on a receipt. I told him that person had told me that they paid for gas with a credit card and he stated that if they paid in the store that he could find it but if he paid outside he wouldn’t be able to get the receipt. I left Brian Taylor’s name and credit card information and contact information for me.

2/15/07 - about a half hour he called back and stated he found a receipt.

2/15/07 1430hrs - I went back to the store and Mr. Ivy gave me the receipt. The receipt had a charge for gator-xfac for $1.39 - the date was 3/13/06 - 2343:56. I told him I would bring back a copy for him and he stated that it was fine.

2/15/07 1445hrs - I called Brian Taylor and asked if he paid inside or out, he stated that he went in the store. I asked if he had bought a gatorade there, he stated yes, that he knew be went into the store but he bought gas outside.

2/15/07 - I later returned and gave the manager a copy of a property receipt for the receipt he had given to me.

2/21/07 1136hrs - Met with Crystal Mangum, Mary Winstead and Jim Comm. This was the first time that Crystal had met with in person. All three were introduced and all of them talked about themselves regarding family and experience. Crystal spoke about her family, Richard who is 7 and Arians who is 6 and the baby Kayla Murchison. Crystal Mangum stated that she was enrolled at NCCU and taking 13 credits this semester, she stated she thought she was around 21 credits shy of her degree. She stated that she planned on going into nursing. Questions were brought up about what medicine she has been on and what medicine she is taking. Her medicine is Depakote and Seriquil and her doctor at UNC Family Practice is Dr. Roberts. She stated she was prescribed the Depakote and Seriquil [at] Holly Hill and was assisted in admittance from Dr. Roberts. She stated she was admitted to Holly Hill in July 05 due to loss of job and being depressed.

Reference any jobs, she stated she worked as a med tech at Eno Point Assisted Living and left due to a disagreement with the supervisor. Reference her starting as a dancer, she called Tammy in the phone book, started around Feb 25, 06 at Platinum. Reference working for the escort agency, she met a girl at Burger King.

Reference any problems at Platinum, she stated she had a problem with Passion because she had danced with one of her boyfriends. She stated she last worked at the Platinum Club for an album release party, March 20th. Or March 25th.

Reference to any medicine she was taking during the incident, flexeril was mentioned but she did not take it that night. She took the flexeril for back pain

2/22/07 1205 - Called Brian Taylor and asked if he could get his records from March 13, 2006 regarding his gas purchases.

2/26/07 922 - Left message for Iris Hicks regarding information on getting students information.

2/27/07 935hrs - Called Tara Levicy- left message

0956 - Tare called back left message in voicemail about her schedule.

2/27/07 - called Ira Hicks registrar at NCCU in reference to getting school records.

2/27/07 1022hrs - Ira Hicks called back and left message regarding procedure to get records.

2/27/07 1316hrs - Contacted Brian Taylor about getting financial statement from credit union, he said he had forgotten about getting the information but would get it

2/28/07 933hrs - Arrived at Crystal Mangum’s residence at 19 Dauphine Place in reference to collecting a buccal swab from (kayla) the baby.

2/28/07 0942am - Had Crystal write a release for her college records from nccu.

2/28/07 - Called Mark Simeon - left message to contact me reference Kim Roberts.

2/28/07 1111hrs - Arrived at NCCU registrars office. Gave release to Joyce Kovalik associate registrar - she gave me transcripts, class schedule from spring of 2006 and fall of 2006.

3/1/07 915hrs - Called Brian Taylor - left messages regarding bank statement.

0923- Called Mark Simeon - left message call back

0929 - Called Dominoes - no answer

0943 - Mark Simeon called back reference interview.

3/2/07 - Called Brian Taylor - talked to his friend who stated that he had gone to work. Called his work and spoke to him and told him that I needed those records as soon as he could get them.

3/2/07 - Called Mark Simeon - left message reference time and date of interview.

3/6/07 - Message was left on voice mail by Mark Simeon, advising that the time and date of interview conflicted with Kim Roberts work schedule.

3/8/07 - Met with Mary Winstead and Jim Coman in reference to interview with Linwood Wilson.

3/9/07 - Spoke with Mr. Rick Renehan, who is a lawyer representing his niece Meagan Renehan. He called and set up an appointment for 1600hrs.

3/9/07 1638hrs - I spoke with Meagan Renehan 10/8/86. I was on a three way call with her lawyer/uncle Rick Renehan. He advised me that she went to Bucknell. It was a brief conversation and she dated him her freshman and sophomore year of high school. She stated they have --- friends ever since. I asked her if she ever received a call from Reade Seligman, March 13 - 14 2006. She stated that she didn’t even know that he called, he didn’t leave a voicemail. She stated she was in Cancun, Mexico and her lawyer/uncle Rick Renehan also advised she was in Mexico. The last time she talked to him was a couple of weeks ago. I asked if she ever talked about the night of the incident March 13, and 14. She stated he only spoke briefly and no details, but he stated “it never happened”. I asked why Reade Seligman was calling at that time of night, and she responded “I don’t know”. I thanked her for her time and Mr. Renehan time and ended the interview.

3/11/07 1425hrs - Mary Winstead and Jim Coman arrive and are brought up to second floor cid conference room for an interview with Kim Pittman. Mr. Simeon arrived and advised me that he thought his client might be late and he was wondering about the day light savings time that had adjusted on the same date. Kim Pittman arrived and both Mr. Simeon and Kim Pittman were signed in at the desk. I escorted Mr. Simeon and Kim Pittman up to the second floor where Mr. Coman and Mrs. Winstead introduced themselves. Mr. Coman began with what the intention of the interview was, if she could shed some light on some of the discrepancies in “Precious” Crystal Mangum’s statements she had made. Kim Pittman became visibly upset and started questioning why she was even them - she stated that she had already given a statement. Mr. Coman emphasized that he just wanted to clarify some of the information that had been given to him. She then stated that if they needed her testimony and wanted to talk to her they would have to subpoena her. She asked her lawyer if she had to be there, and I advised her that it was totally voluntary. She then got up and stated she was leaving. I escorted her down to the first floor where i took her visitor and badge and signed her out.

3/15/07 0818hrs - Called Ally Carter 11/22/87, she stated she knew Reade Seligman from dating him in high school. She stated she went Oak Knoll all girls high school. I asked her about Reade Seligman calling her, the early morning of March 14. She stated doesn’t remember talking to him on that specific date, but she talks to him “1000” times a week and they are very good friends. I asked if she has talked to him since and she stated yes. I asked her if he every talked about the incident and she stated briefly. He (Reade) stated that he was 100% innocent. She stated that he did not talk about the party or anyone else. She stated that he seemed normal when she did talk to him. I thanked her for talking to me and the ended the phone call.

3/15/07 1032hrs - meeting with the attorney general Mr. Cooper, Mary Winstead and Jim Coman at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. Jeff Potter of Duke University and Arnold Spell of Allenton Management had previously arranged with the attorney generals office to open 610 N. Buchanan blvd.

3/20/07 - Contacted Sgt. Shelton - left message with the accreditation department to contact me.

3/20/07 - Sgt. Shelton called back, said the afternoon or tomorrow would be fine to meet with the attorney general’s office. Appointment was set up for on 3/21/07 at 930 am.

3/20/07 - Left message for Sara Falcon on voice mail. She later called back and asked that the attorney generals office call her preferably in the morning. Between 8-9.

3/20/07 - 684-8111 called Duke Hospital, paging service, left number and contact information with them to contact Dr. Julie Manly. They advised she still works there.

3/20/07 1348 - contacted Days Inn at 300 Dawson Street, spoke to Veeral Bhagat. I asked him if he would be able to look up information regarding a person who stayed at the hotel on March 12. Gave the information of Crystal Mangum and he verified that she stayed there on March 12. I asked if he could fax me the information.

3/21/07 1200 - Called Macy’s due to Brian Taylor’s phone temporarily being disconnected, was unable to reach him.

1320hrs - Called Kate Hendricks from Duke University and asked about contact information for Dr. Julie Manly. Kate Hendricks late called back with contact info for Julie Manly 208-xxx-xxxx.

1540hrs- Contacted Julie Manly, she stated she would call back with her schedule to see a good time would be to meet with the attorney general’s office.

3/22/07 - Contacted Mr. Bhagat Days Inn in reference to check in times and check out times, he stated that their system did not have any time management capabilities during this time, they have since changed there program to record check-in and check-out times.

3/22/07 0957hrs - contacted Dr. Manly, left voicemail to contact me reference her schedule.

3/22/07 1115hrs - meeting with Tom Eagan, and Brent Saeli, and attorney general’s office at station 2. SBI agents took handwritten notes.

3/28/07 - was advised by AG’s office of a piece of property that they had just received. I went over to the AG’s office and met with Mr. Coman and Mrs. Winstead. Mr. Coman showed me a video of Crystal Mangum that Kevin Coleman and taped. In it is showed Crystal who appeared to be impaired, the way she moved and spoke gave me that characterization. At one point on the tape it appeared that she told the person taping that she was “a cop”. It showed her walking around and stumbling with one shoe on.

3/29/07 0924hrs - Picked up Crystal Mangum with Officer Sutton, transported her to SIM lab, where she met with Mr. Coman, Mary Winstead, Greg Tart, Mike D. SBI took handwritten notes.

3/30/07 - went over DNA evidence with SBI lab at attorney general’s office.

3/30/07 - timed the distance to go from Handee Hugo’s at 1203 west club. It was .6 miles to go to arrive at 610 n. Buchanan blvd. It took approximately 1 minute 30 seconds to travel that distance at the posted speed limit. Traffic was low in that area.

I then stopped at 608 North Buchanan Blvd in reference to speaking with Derek Lee Anderson 7/24/82. Mr. Anderson was working outside and recognized me when I arrived. He invited me inside and spoke to Mr. Anderson in reference to 3/13/06. He stated that he had been outside on his porch around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and noticed the neighbors at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd drinking playing “washers” in the back. He saw multiple people outside that day and it increased as the night came on. He estimates 20-30 people were there that night. He stated that they were pretty loud that night. He stated he last saw them in the back yard around 9-10 pm he knows it was dark out then: they had been playing washers for about 7 his now. He went back to his room and started typing on a typewriter that he had just received. He stated that around 1140hrs he was starting to type a letter to a friend when he got up to get a drink from the refrigerator, he noticed at that time that they had finally stopped playing “washers”. He is not for certain but he didn’t think he saw anyone outside at that time, but the crowd that was outside was not there anymore. Mr. Anderson stated that he went back to his room and continued typing. He stated that he was unable to hear anything the rest of the night, his stereo was on and his manual typewriter is pretty loud. He stated around 130 am he went out into the living room and talked to Jason Bissey who then told him about the incident that happened outside of the apartment and the neighbors, Mr. Bissey had told him two strippers arrived and later on arguments between the strippers and the neighbors. Mr. Anderson stated that he didn’t know the neighbors personally. He stated that he knew they were lacrosse players but never really talked to them. He stated he had made small talk with them but they never showed any interest in speaking to them. His only problem that he noticed on a regular occurrence is that none of them knew how to park a car. They shared an alley and it always seemed to be blocked

4/4/07 900hrs - arrived at 19 Dauphine Street in reference to prior arrangement to pick Crystal Mangum there to take her to Raleigh to speak with attorney general’s office Jim Coman, Mary Winstead, and Greg Tan. I arrived at the house with Inv. R.D. Clayton. When we arrived, I went to the front door where i was greeted by Mrs. Pettiford. I asked if Crystal was there and she said “no”, I asked her if she knew where she was, she stated “no”. I advised that i had talked to Crystal yesterday and she had told me to pick her up here. She stated she would try to call her. I went back outside and tried calling Crystal on her cell phone, no one answered and I left a voice mail for her to call me back. I called Mary Winstead due to our appointment was 1000 and it was around 925hrs, I advised her that Crystal was not there. It was agreed for me to wait to see if Crystal showed up.

At around 930hrs Crystal arrived in a vehicle nxa7182. She was dropped off by an unknown male. She was sifting in the passenger seat, i walked up to the vehicle and i asked if her if she was ready. She stated that she was and got out. I opened the back door to my vehicle and she stated that she was going to go in the house and drop some things off. She went in and about 10 minutes later came out, i noticed that she was not walking as she has normally walked, Inv. Clayton started talking to her and when she got to the driver side of the door to get in, i stopped her and asked if she was ok. She stated that she was fine; i noticed that her eyes were wondering, and her demeanor was different then any time i have been around her. I had her sit down and i started to ask her questions, she was answering as though she was intoxicated. I asked Crystal if she had taken any medication. She told me that she had taken ambien last night, i asked her what time she took it at she replied that she had taken the ambien at 6pm, she stated she just started taking the 5mg tablets instead of the l2mgs. I asked her if she had been drinking earlier and she stated “no”. I got close to see if i could smell any alcohol on her. I did not smell any odor of alcohol coming from her breath or body. I again asked her if she was ok, and she stated to me that she was fine.

I felt that there was some kind of impainnent with Crystal, I called Greg Tan (SBI) to advise him of the situation. Agent Tart advised that he would call Mr. Coman and Mrs. Winstead. Agent Tart later called back and advised to see if we could meet at Station 2 instead. I told him that would be fine. I asked Crystal if she wanted to go to Station 2 and have the attorney general’s office meet us there. She agreed and we transported her to station 2. On the way to station 2, I asked her how her little boy was - she stated “oh I thought he was here”, she later stated he was fine and they were out of school. I then asked her if she thought any more about going to school again (as we passed nccu), she stated that she thinks about it everyday. I asked her what she was going to do. She stated she was planning on moving. I asked where she was planning on moving to. She stated she was moving out of the country, i asked her where she was planning on moving to she stated she was going to move to amsterdam, i asked if she knew someone or had family there. She then started laughing and stated that she was kidding and was moving miami.

We got to station 2 and we slowly walked to door. She got in station 2 and i escorted her to the conference room. She asked where the restroom was and i showed her where it was. It was about 10-15 minutes she was in there and we had our female secretary go check to see if she was ok. As she was going in to check, Crystal came out. She sat down in a chair at the conference table and I turned on the TV, I started flipping the channels and she decided to watch tv (food network). I asked her if she wanted anything to drink or eat. She said she wanted a drink, I got her a mountain dew. She finished one of them and she asked for another one and a straw. I got her another mountain dew and a straw. She watched tv for a little bit and she looked at the clock and it was about 1030hrs, she stated that they were late, I told her that the original plan was for her to meet there in Raleigh. Shortly thereafter Mrs. Winstead, Mr. Coman, and Agent Tart arrived. They started to ask her some questions. They noticed that she was impaired and asked to do some tests. Crystal stated that she didn’t think she was impaired and she felt like she usually does. Agent Tart took handwritten notes of the interview .(the interview was also video recorded) in the interview Crystal consented to have a blood sample taken, arrangements were made and a nurse Pam King arrived and took a blood sample. A medical release form was also obtained from Crystal.

It was agreed that Crystal be taken back. I asked her where she wanted to be taken to, she stated Dauphine Street. At 1 158hrs we left Station 2 - while in the car she stated that she had messed up again, i asked her what she was talking about. She stated that she messed it up and that she was kicked out of the meeting. I told that it was probably a good idea to get some sleep and that the medication she was taking shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. She agreed and stated that she did need sleep. We arrived at 19 Dauphine St. At 1214hrs; Inv Clayton and I assisted her in getting out of the car. Inv. Clayton went in front of her to open the door to the residence, she was walking to the stairs and i asked her to grab onto the side rails of the steps. She grabbed onto them and put one foot on the steps, Inv. Clayton was helping her up the stairs when he told me to grab Crystal. Her body went limp and she fell back into me. I lifted her up and Inv. Clayton assisted her to my vehicle and I called 911.

I advised communications of the situation and engine 4 and medic 8 arrived. I advised both units of the medication she had been taken the way she had been acting. I advised them that she said she had eaten a small breakfast and i advised them that i witnessed her drink 3 mountain dews in my presence. The medic unit arrived and took possession of her medication that was in her purse they advised me they were going to take her to Durham Regional. Ms. Pettiford her aunt that lives at 19 Dauphine Street rode in the ambulance with her. Throughout the night i periodically checked on Crystal and spoke with her cousin and boyfriend Mathew Murchinson. I later spoke to Crystal while she was in the hospital and she advised me that they thought she was dehydrated and she also advised me that the doctor had told her she had overdosed on the pills. Crystal told me she had told the doctors about taking the pills to early, and that she thought she had just taken the pills to early in the day.

I advised Greg Tart and Mary Winstead of Crystal’s condition. I was notified by Mrs. Winstead in the morning that the ag’s office was going to be making an announcement regarding the dropping of the charges against dave evans, reade seligmann and collin finerty. I contacted crystal on or around 830. I advised her that the ag’s office wanted to me with her again and she said she couldn’t do meet with them today. I advised that it was very important that they meet with her today. I asked why she could meet and she stated that she a meeting set up by Mrs. Winstead. I advised her that we would check about rescheduling the meeting for her. She said ok and l asked her if she was going to have her phone on and she said she would. On or around 10.1 called Mrs. Winstead about meeting with Crystal - she stated that she had talked with the counselors and that Crystal had told them that the media was out side of her house and that she would be able to make the counseling meeting. I advised Mrs. Winstead that i could go pick Crystal up and make arrangements to make sure she got to her appointment and then i could take to her meet them afterward.

Officer Macfaydyen and I went to Crystal’s reported residence of 19 Dauphine Street. I tried to call Crystal and no one answered, i then called her aunt Mrs. Pettiford. Mrs. Pettiford stated that Crystal was not there and she hadn’t been staying there. I asked her where she could be and she didn’t know. I tried multiple times calling Crystal and leaving multiple messages. 1 then went to 2518 Barrack Dr.. Where she had stated that her children were sometimes watched. I noticed the same vehicle in the back of the house that dropped her off. I drove up in the driveway and spoke to an unknown female; she stated she didn’t know where Crystal was. I told her that i knew she had been staying here and the female stated that she had left, I asked her when and she stated, last night. I then asked who took her, she replied “I don’t know”. At that point it was apparent that they were not going to tell me where she was. I then left the driveway and parked my vehicle down the street to call the ag’s office and m) supervisors. I advised the ag’s office of what was going on and they advised me they had left multiple messages and text messages to contact them. They also advised me they had contacted 2518 Barrack residence and had spoke to someone at the house who said they would give her their messages. I also contacted an unknown person at the Barrack residence and advised them if they saw or heard from Crystal to contact me.

I then contacted her cousin Ms. Pettiford's 31 year old daughter who seemed close to Crystal and had traveled with Crystal on another appointment. I contacted her and stressed the importance of meeting with Crystal. I asked if she would talk to the family at 2518 Barrack to see if we could locate crystal. I went to dauphine street and picked up her cousin. We then went back to 2518 barrack to see if she could find out where crystal was. I drove up the drive way and the same female came out the front door and confronted the cousin at the doorway. About 5 minutes later the cousin came back and stated she had told her they didn’t know where she was. A vehicle that was there had left. I then drove the cousin back to 19 dauphine street; on the way there 1 asked if she knew how to get a hold of Matthew Murchison. She called the number that was given for 2518 barrack street (XXX-XXXX). She spoke with a person and they stated that they didn’t want to give the number to her that they would call him and tell him to call us, i again gave them my number and pager to call.

I dropped the cousin off and went back to Station 2 and advised the ag’s office and Capt. Lamb that I could find crystal. At around 1355hrs I received a call from Crystal, she asked “what is going on” I told her that i had been looking for her for over 3.5 hours, she stated “oh, i dozed oft”, I stated that the ag’s office wanted to meet with her. I asked her if she was going to be by her phone she said yes. I called the ag’s office and advised them i had received a call from crystal. They said they wanted to meet her and to sec if she would come to station 2. I called Crystal back and i asked her if I could pick her up and she stated yes. I asked her where she wanted me to pick her up. She stated at dauphine street. I told her that I was going to be there in 15 minutes, she stated she would be there. Officer Macfadyen and I went to 19 dauphine street again and I arrived at around 1415hrs and crystal was not there. I spoke to the cousin who asked why i was back. ] told her crystal had asked us to come here to pick her up. I waited and listened on radio to the attorney general Roy Cooper announce that his office was dropping the charges on david evans. Collin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann.

After the announcement, I was still at dauphine street waiting for Crystal, it was about and 1 .5 hr I waited and crystal called during that time crystal had called her cousin and said that she would be there shortly. Crystal called my cell phone and lasked if she was coming still. She stated “I don’t think I am going to show up today”. I said ok, she then asked how she could get her phone and purse. I advised her there was a process and I had to get permission to release the property. She then hung the phone up on me. I went back to station 2 and spoke with Mary Winstead, Jim Coman and Agent Tart. I received a call again from crystal asking if she could come and pick up her property I advised her again that there was a process. She then hung the phone up.


Anonymous said...

The more you post of Himan's notes the more obvious it appears that there are discrepancies in the way this was handled from the AG and SP. Please note the folowing:

1.the girls phone numbers that Reade called in the so-called airtight alibi do not seem to recall him calling the night in question. That is odd as it was late at night and it seems the girls would remember something like that. Please note this is NOT mentioned in Cooper's report. As analysis of the time of the calls will reveal they were in fact fleeting and ? if they connected which is consistent with someone trying to create an alibi phone record.

2.Blood tests were supposedly done on CGM while talking to the SP's and a medical release signed so the results should be able to be included in the AG's reports. Yet, you see that the results were not included. Thus, there is no proof provided that she was intoxicated, just the opinion of medically untrained people that she was impaired and who have a vested interest in saying she was too impaired to proceed. If you remember Cooper's press conference, he said they had reason to believe that she was impaired; he did not clearly state that they had evidence that she was impaired that day; there is a difference between those statements. The fainting later could be caused by dehydration and indeed CGM mentioned that as one of her diagnoses when she spoke back to Himan.

3.Cooper stated that CGM wanted to proceed but as you can see from Himan's notes that she was not contacted prior to the Ag's statment so how would Cooper know that she wanted to proceed when she did not know he was dropping the case?

4.Strangely, the neighbor contacted by the Ag was not Bissey, the one objective witness to the stripper's entrance not affiliated with the team or the strippers, but to the roomate who has gone on record of saying he did not see anything himself and even quotes Bissey(the actual witness) in his testimony! It was ludicrous that the AG and SP did not re-interview Bissey. That they did not and interviewed an non-witness instead is dubious.

In fact, the more you print of Himan's notes, the more dubious Cooper's decisions seem to be, IMO.

Anonymous said...

8:10 -

Himan's notes make clear that the false accuser is a liar.

Your twisted interpretation and attempt to delude others makes clear that you are too.

Clouded by your own prejudice, you will see only what you want to see.

Sell stupid somewhere else. You won't find any takers here.

Anonymous said...

I second your response to this idiot.

Anonymous said...

1) Why didn't Himan contact the two girls Reade called on 3-14 until a year later, when the case was finally with the SPs?

2) Why did Crystal purposefully make herself unavailable to the SPs and Himan prior to the AG's announcement?

3) Why did Himan not measure the bathroom in question when he was in charge, instead of over a year later at the behest of the SPs?

4) Why did Himan apparently not know Reade's last name is "Seligmann" not "Seligman" prior to Cooper's announcement? That also seems to be when he realized Collin's name wasn't "Finerty".

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

8:10 - Excuse me, but are you the land orca from Ubuntu? If so, it's clear you've obviously thrown more than just your butt to the pavement one too many times! Please be careful. Head injuries are nothing to fool around with.

Anonymous said...

1.who cares if Himan misspelled their names? So he left off an N or two. big deal. it does not invalidate his notes hominem attacks will not make the discrepancies pointed out above go away and you can bet your bottom dollar that the new commission of the city council is going to key in on these discrepancies as they are going to try to re-try the case.

Face it, Cooper did a crap job and only pretended to investigate,imo, when what he really did was cut a deal with the defense and used one of their briefs to craft his statement,IMO. The first statement in Cooper's report, that the accuser arrived already impaired, was refuted by the testimony of not one but three witnesses who state she was unimpaired when she entered(Kim, the driver and Bissey). One of those witnesses(Kim)then reported that the accuser's mental state changed AFTER she got to the party after a drink. The only people who alleged she was drunk from the start were the lax team members yet that first statement is stated as an absolute fact despite other witnesses saying the exact opposite. It is appparent,therefore, that Cooper only used the lax accounts in his statement, which reads exactly like a defense lawyer's brief. Cooper's folow-up report is also sketchy. Cooper not charging CGM is also completely suspect,imo. If he were to charge her and she was not as delusional as he alleges(without on the scene medical/psychiatric evidence to back him up,btw)in the court case, his actions would then be questioned publicly. that is the real reason she was not charged, imo.

Anonymous said...

Two separate drug tests indicated that the false accuser was not drugged the night she made her false claims. Hinting otherwise in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary revealed Nifong to be a manipulative liar and it does the same for you.

To all but those who refuse to accept the truth, like yourself, the drug tests show the accuser was not given a date rape drug. To you, the drug test results mean that CGM was drugged and the AG was bought. Where the logic in that conclusion?

The only discrepancy you've managed to point out is the one between the truth and your manipulation of it.

It doesn't matter how hard you try, you cannot change the truth about what happened nor can you disguise your motives. Call Vicky and Cash, they'll buy what you're selling.

Anonymous said...

those hair drug tests DO NOT test for date rape drugs as their metabolism is too rapid;somehow that was left out of the discussion when all the press was going on about the drug tests. Its understandable as the press and Nifong and crew are not toxicologists. the hair tests used test for drugs with slow metabolism that accumulate over time like MJ. Hair drug tests are not used by the FBI for that reason. The only valid test would be for serum or urine the night the incident occured, period. A proper toxic screen was not done the night of the evaluation at Duke medical center. One wonders how this case would have come out if she had been taken to nearby UNC Memorial hospital, only 15 minutes away from Duke. I'll bet the exam would have been done competently and a proper screen done and we'd all be having a different conversation.

Anonymous said...

Troll, please stop making things up. Two drug test were given. Read all of the recently released documents and you'll learn that you need to change your lies just like Crystal had to. One test was for GHB and other date rape drugs, the other for five specific drugs. It was Nifong who publicized only the test for the five atypical date rape drugs and also Nifong who put forward the theory that since her "memory" was so good she couldn't have been given a typical date rape drug. Your right about one thing, finally. Things would have been different if your fellow liar had been taken to UNC or any hospital outside of Durham. The truth would have been known the first night had they done so and you'd have saved yourself from exposing yourself as a liar and racist.