Friday, July 13, 2007

Nifonged in California: Arthur Caromona

The Los Angeles Times features an Op-Ed today that was written by Arthur Caromona whose wrongful conviction was set aside by a an Orange County (CA) Superior Court judge only after the teenager agreed not to sue the police or District Attorney's office. Recently, Carmona appeared before the California General Assembly to offer support for several bills aimed at preventing wrongful convictions. His editorial entitled "Doing time for no crime" echoes his testimony to State legislators.

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Anonymous said...

This poor kid, just to escape the hell he suffered in jail, he signed a paper not to sue the city, county or state. This guy did nothing wrong, but others have. Just because they are in jail they shouldn't have to suffer beatings and fear for their lives. When they were sentenced they were not sentenced to anything this guy endured in prison. Something needs to be done to the prison system. And the Orange County DA should be ashamed of himself. Knowing this guy is innocent but only letting him out if he signs a deal. Does anyone know what happened to the DA in this case? Is he retired living the good life with a nice state pension or is he on the bench being endangering everyone?