Friday, July 13, 2007

The Wisdom of Mike, Vol I

“Doing the right thing is not only the best practice in principle, but it is usually also the most economical process in the long run.”
- Michael B. Nifong, former Durham County District Attorney

Final NC State Bar Disciplinary Order
"...Nifong shall pay the costs of this proceeding as assessed by the Secretary of the N.C. State Bar, including DHC costs and including costs of the transcription and depositions taken in this case as follows: court reporter costs; videographer and videotaping costs; transcription costs; shipping, handling, and transmittal costs; and witness costs. Defendant must pay the costs within 90 days of service upon him of the statement of costs by the Secretary."
- F. Lane Williamson, Chair, Disciplinary Hearing Committee


bill anderson said...

LOL!!!! Great job, Liestoppers!!

Anonymous said...

What in the world happened to Nifong? Is it a giant brain f###?

Anonymous said...

Great post.

This is a great way to graphically demonstrate cognitive dissonance. The discrepancy between his attitude (in bold) and his ctions, equals an evil hypocritical man.