Friday, August 31, 2007

Mark Your Calender

9 a.m. Friday Sept. 7


Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

And to think, that son of a bitch and his co-conspirators very nearly got away with it, and 3 innocent young men were nearly sent to prison for 30 years each for a crime that never occurred. That, above all, should be the lesson taken from this case, along with the knowledge it could happen ANYWHERE. While I'm glad he'll be wearing orange, I'd've preferred a 30 day suspended sentence, with an alternate sentence of 720 hours of community service and a $500 fine, with those 720 hours devoted to warning law school students around the country what happens when you behave unethically. I would love for him to be the Ancient Mariner, telling all who passed the tale of his killing an albatross.

Anonymous said...

Would someone on here do the right thing and have flowers sent to Mikey at the jail on Friday?

Anonymous said...

I bet the deputy sheriffs are drawing straws for who gets to tell him to bend over, spread your cheeks, and cough!

Trouble is, what is winning?

Anonymous said...

This punishment is really not nearly enough--Paris Hilton had to serve more time!!

Can't wait to see the video of Mikey arriving for his perp walk, though!!


bill anderson said...

Would someone on here do the right thing and have flowers sent to Mikey at the jail on Friday?

5:14 PM

Nah. Just send a toothbrush and some soap.

kbp said...


The humor is the only thing that keeps us all from going crazy here!


Anonymous said...

Folks: Don't get too caught up on the sentence. Contempt as a rule tends to be monetary, and sentences are normally short, if imposed at all. While what he did was terrible (as I have argued consistently), the sentence does fit the crime in this case IMHO. Lest we forget, he was disabarred, publically paraded, and basically tarred and feathered, forced to leave his job (by judicial decreee in the end). His life is ruined. He has no criminal record, and even Paris Hilton only went to jain because she violated the terms of her probation. One day, at least in the Judge's mind, was enough to send the message. Anything more would be unsporting at this point.

Chill folks, the sticking it to Nifong phase is over. He has become an object of derision in the nation's eyes, a broken man, doomed to die alone, with his cats in some woe-begone back alley in the Triangle area. Now, it's time to stick Durham, and that time, courtesy of Brendan Sullivan, is coming right quick.


Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

Esquire, I guess that all depends on how much you believe in turning the other cheek. I've never been all that great at forgiveness, and as such, I made a positively lousy Christian. I want Nifong's suffering and punishment to be as lengthy and as permanent as the suffering of his victims. I wish the same for the Gang of 88 and the various governmental and journalistic interests who share his guilt. If that makes me an asshole, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Some people may enjoy revenge. I personally do not. What I do believe in is JUSTICE, and HONOR.

The mere 24 hours is preposterous! Only in a city that reeks of years of dirty deals, would this sentence be tolerated without riots.

I would shake my head in disbelief, but I am not surprised, and expected the very least already. We have had almost 3 years of the same to be fully aware that our loved ones deaths means nothing to them. After Michael Peterson, the La Zona club raid, and the hoax, they have decided to move on?!

The cancer of corruption has not been depleted in Durham, and by ignorance will only grow larger.
If not now, when at what cost will it take to truly have due process, and justice for all?!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! your perp walk was ruined for you by the sight of people actually from Durham showing him support!!!