Friday, September 07, 2007

The Bargain

What's the price for thirty million lies?
Your name disgraced , your face despised?
Nifong, professors, pundits, press...
Baker "stands behind" Crystal's 5-tale mess.

Thirty million tears their mothers cried!
Magic notes Gottlieb supplied.
Suppress HER past and HER addiction...
Embrace the NCNAACP Case Description.

Nifong's silly day in jail
Will not suffice to pay the bill.
For all who crowed at his election
And lied to support this abomination.

Gimme, gimme, Collin, Dave and Reade!
The facts won't change what we believe.
Demand our pound of young "privileged" flesh
Past grievances must be addressed.

Thirty million sneers at their civil rights.
Pompous posturing for camera lights.
Thirteen months, day after day
Pounding their innocence away.

What's the price for ONE malicious frame?
The destruction of a young man's name?
"Something happened" following all your days.
The "metanarrative" that never, NEVER fades.

The indoctrinated are at the jail today
Saying what Nifong did was "A-OK!!
"Count their signs at the jailhouse door..
For each one add a million more

Thirty million dollars to divide by three?
Hey, Durham, you will get off CHEAP!
Joan Foster


Anonymous said...

Joan you always have a way of expressing what I am thinking.

Thanks so much for your work

Anonymous said...

Touche Joan! All of the money in the world cannot make up for the toll that corruption has made upon the LAX3 and their families.
Not to mention all of the other cases that have waited over 2 years to even reach the courts.
Many other families are waiting for justice, and there is still much to do in Durham.

bill anderson said...

Joan on the fly!! This gal is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just wondering this morning where Joan has been. Great job as always.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

The players are allegedly asking for $30 mil PLUS reforms to NC state law. I can see the former, but the latter... If the report is correct, they'll be filing suit before too much longer.

Anonymous said...

don't count your chickens before they hatch. The city would be foolish to settle. the Lax players will face an up hill battle in federal court to prove a pervasive pattern of civil rights violation by the city of durham. The city. And as you can see, the martydom of Nifong has begun. Public opinion is swinging more in his favor; bringing people like an OJ lawyer down here was a big mistake.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

The LAX players will actually face a DOWNHILL battle in federal court to prove a pervasive pattern of civil rights violations by the City of Durham. Most of the ammunition they need is already in the public domain, and the discovery phase will be truly devastating. Public opinion in a city whose government makes New Orleans look clean means less than nothing to me as it should to anyone who has paid close attention to this case and/or examined the facts. Oh, and Nifong's only achieving martyrdom in the same sense that suicide bombers "martyr" themselves while murdering innocents.