Friday, September 07, 2007

I lied to please the mob

I could not dig: I dared not rob:
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I (almost) slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?


Hat Tip: Photo by Pegram


Anonymous said...

Let us pray that the great historic tragedy of our time may not have been enacted without instructing our whole beloved country through terror and pity; and may fulfillment verify in the end those expectations which kindle the bards of Progress and Humanity. - Herman Melville

Durham ingeniously has pulled off another amazing feat. They have become experts at wool pulling, and given definition to the motto of their Bull City.
Another example of the lies and depths to continue to oppress any semblance of justice, and to evade guilt of the truths
The "Powers That BE" flagrantly refuses to accept any responsibility, and have been THE most nefarious lot imaginable.
Murders go unsolved, and the court system has been driven to a halt for even more than the past two years. Past cases are not even being pressed, because all they care about is getting some fresh revenue to help pay off the impending wave of lawsuits from the LAX3 cases they have before them now. Murders cost to much to investigate, so our loved ones go ignored. I never would have believed there could be such depravity within in own government My father, his father, and many more families have, and are serving this nation, and have paid with their lives to defend our freedoms and rights. Letting our government to run amuck as we have is inexcusable. We have already shown the power we have when joined together for a common cause. Nifong is but the tip of the icerberg. The lid has yet to be removed, and I will continue my own quest to protest for my belief's, and others like my own family who have had to fight tooth and nail, and refuse to be intimidated by corruption, or the stench of mendacity.
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland Ohio

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. sst

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the typos, I should have proofread before sending LoL!
But you get the point.

The point of the matter is there is far more dirt under the rug, and the officials in Durham refuse to take action.

Unless there is intervention by Federal Government, it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

"Therefore I lied to please the mob"

But Judge Stephens said he knew Mike for a long time & he was a good guy.

You judge a man by the friends he keeps!

Anonymous said...

Knock Knock,
Who's there?
Knock Knock,
Who's there?
Knock Knock,

I Don't Know,
But It Aint The FEDS!