Saturday, September 08, 2007

Inmate Nifong gets Released

County Record of Nifong's Incareation

Disgraced former DA Nifong left Durham County jail this morning after serving his criminal contempt of court sentence. He was greeted by his supporters with applause and admiration. In attendance was an old ally, the Honorable Marcia H. Morey, who is a District Court Judge in Durham.

Judge Morey, who when questioned before Nifong criminal contempt of court hearing, had this curious reply to the prosecutor when asked whether a lawyer would be following his duty to be candid if he assured a judge that a report was complete when the lawyer knew it to be incomplete.

"I do think it makes a difference," Morey said. "Are you are at a trial stage, are you at a pretrial conference."

Camera shy Judge Morey


Anonymous said...

Boy does this town stink. Judges who say lying to a Judges is OK? That sure is setting the bar high!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting......

A judge declares:
one does not need to be truthful until an actual trial occurs.

(I am hoping I heard this incorrectly ....
did she really say this?)

And one may ask,
where shall one find justice in NC?

Anonymous said...

This woman needs investigating?

There is something VERY unhealthy about NC and the Durham justice system that only a federal investigation will uncover.

These folk seem to have a set of rules that are very unique and not anything our founding fathers would be proud of.

When a judge makes comments that Morey has and then turns up to support a convicted criminal,one would have to believe the rot(cancer) in the Durham justice is very deep indeed!

There cannot be any confidence in NC justice, it stinks and it will take more than a hurricane to blow the smell away!

NDLax84 said...

She's a disgrace. To her robes. To the United States of America

kbp said...

Thanks Liestoppers!

First, I was surprised even 20+/- showed up to cheer Mikey, but Morey being there actually fits this case.

Anonymous said...

More evidence the State AG and State investigators should step in immediatly.

Anonymous said...

There is so much for the Feds to uncover in Durham....its teaming with corruption, lies and deceit. The legal system in Durham needs an overhaul.