Friday, September 07, 2007

Nifong to wear Orange Jumpsuit

The disgraced former DA Nifong reported this morning to serve his one day jail sentence in Durham's County jail. Sheriff Worth was asked whether there was going to be any special treatment for the former DA.

"The sheriff said Nifong will wear an orange jumpsuit and eat standard jail chow, just like the murderers and rapists he spent nearly 30 years putting behind bars until the lacrosse case brought his career crashing down in scandal.Hill said he didn't know precisely what Nifong will be fed, but he insisted jail food "is not bad at all -- even though some of the inmates are always complaining about it."According to Hill, Nifong probably will have a one-man cell and conceivably could be "locked back" to protect him from inmates who might not react kindly toward a one-time prosecutor." Herald-Sun

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