Friday, November 02, 2007

Stuart Taylor on NPR Online News

Stuart Taylor appeared on NPR's Online NewsHour and was interviewed by Jeffrey Brown. During the interview Stuart was questioned about the motivation of the press for their bias reporting in the Duke Lacrosse Hoax and he responded.

JEFFREY BROWN: Well, it's one thing to say that they got the story wrong or they over-sensationalized. That happens a lot in our media. It's another thing to say that it's ideological. What's the evidence for that?

STUART TAYLOR: The evidence is, first, the fact that they ignored the evidence so completely. Second, the way they wrote it. Selena Roberts is a sports columnist in the New York Times, not a reporter, but a columnist. Her columns seethed with class hatred.

I think the first one was headlined "Bonded in Barbarity." And it was full of "the privileged this, the white that." They wore that pretty much on their sleeves more in the columns than in the reporting. In the reporting, it was more a matter of going directly in the teeth of the evidence over and over and over again in almost every story they wrote for many, many months.

And then the question is, well, why would they do that? That's the question you asked me, and I think that's why.

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Until Proven Innocent


Anonymous said...

Socialism vs. truth, round infinity.

Anonymous said...

"They asked, "What does a social disaster sound like?" Well, thanks for showing us."

The sound of the disaster at Duke is deafening silence.

Again, this matter probes much deeper than just Nifong. The ENTIRE judicial system MUST be investigated, and indictments handed out! I have been personally threatened for posting my complaints and position, and DEMAND action! I am not going to go away until I have resolution for my brother, and all of the families who have been destroyed by the corruption. The "threats" only infuriates me, and fuels me to keep the pressure going full steam ahead.
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Roberts, the Duffer, Finstein and others are an outright disgrace - nothing could convince me to buy another NYT or WP newpaper. With the declining circulation, I would think the Bosses would care. I want the news and forget the opinions except on the opinion and editorial page,

Anonymous said...

An enormous number of people support false accusations, and those who perpetrate them. Every newspaper in this country that conceals the names of accusers while revealing the names of defendants is enabling the prosecution of innocent people.

You cannot maintain a presumption of innocence for defendants and give a presumption of victimhood to accusers at the same time.