Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Discovery is Coming!

Have yourself a scary little Christmas
While the lawyers meet.
Next year, Lord knows, you may be living on the street.

Have yourself a scary little Christmas.
Discovery's what you fear.
Next year, Anna might be FORCED to get her rear in gear.

There you were in the olden days, emboldened in your ways... and lies!
Now naughty Meehan's unemployed, Nifong's been destroyed... oh my!

In your zeal to help the prosecution...
To prove your P.C. creds
We'll be learning ALL you DID and ALL you said.

"Honey, you can't leave!" the Hooligans say......
So have yourself a scary little Christmas Day!


Anonymous said...

And a happy New Fear.

Anonymous said...

Murders for hire being covered up, the DA being in office illegally, the heads of state watching and doing nothing, kidnappings, prostitution, drugs, gangs, illegal immigration, body snatching! And ALL done by law enforcement! Look into that pile of shit, and you will find plenty of suspects! Start with the DPD, then the Sheriff, the DA, Governor, and others!

Anonymous said...

There is so much more to come out of Durham than the LAX case. The entire legal system is broken, the cops are thugs and worse than you can imagine. Countless elected officials from the Governor, down to the City Manager, to the County Clerk are involved. Many fingers have dipped into Durham's cookie jar, and the truth will be extremely explosive to many who have turned their backs on citizens, justice, and any code of ethics or valor. Embrace yourselves for an extreme shock. A tidal wave of truth will boggle your mind, the corruption SHALL be exposed!