Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little Drummer Person

Come they told me..pah rump-a pum-pum.
Some "Castrate!" signs we'll need...pah rump-a pum-pum.
We can't wait for evidence....pah rump-a pum-pum..
"Privileged" means NO DEFENSE!...pah rump-a pum-pum.
Rump-a pum-pum.
Rump-a pum-pum.

Our minds :programmed and closed...pah rump-a pum-pum..
Our metanarrative MUST be imposed...pah rump-a pum-pum.
Our profs...the eighty-eight...pah rump-a pum-pum....
Thank us (we didn't wait!!)...pah rump-a pum-pum.
Rump-a pum-pum.
Rump-a pum-pum.

Push hate with a new twist...pah rump-a pum-pum.
Only our side's RIGHTS exist! ...pah rump-a pum-pum..
Seize a chance to Crucify! pah rump-a pum pum..
(They don't bleed like you and I)...pah rump-a pum-pum...
Rump-a pum-pum..
Rump-a pum-pum..

Hollow,repetetive and numb..pah rump-a pum-pum.
My mind and my drum.


Anonymous said...

That was great Joan. I can see them singing it in the Durham School District Xmas pageant

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest news on the disintegration of Gottlieb, from that secret and only recently revealed March 28, 2006 meeting with Crystal, to the stunning allegations in this latest complaint, and now to his "alleged" sexual harassment of an officer, pah rum pum pum pum. Merry Christmas, Sarge.

Carolyn said...

Ahh, Joan, what a poetess!

I do not have your gift - all I have is the ability to conjure up an image of myself inserting that little drum stick in a place John Philip Sousa NEVER intended - then watching as the Little Drummer Girl pah rumpa pum-pums her little ouchie! to the nearest ER to have my Christmas gift removed.

Anonymous said...

Liar-enabling filth.

Gary Packwood said...

You can almost smell the ArmorAll and Old Spice that encase that sweet thing and his/her drum.

Be still my heart.

Anonymous said...

You have one?

Anonymous said...

Yes he does, but you obviously don't, scum.

Ralph Phelan said...

Anyone know the name of this person? Eternal internet shame is certainly deserved.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, but on the other hand I'd hate for it to be rewarded with attention. It's bad enough that Mangum herself will always be famous because of this, and I'm afraid that she'll cash in on her fame at some point in the future.

Anonymous said...

I fail to find the humor behind the writer, its babble from a boozed up hag with a keyboard ,tasteless drivel.

Anonymous said...

But we humans do, so move along now.