Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Move Over Rudolph

You know Wahneema, and Houston and Piot and Payne.
Eighty eight "Listeners", you know them by name.
But do you recall......
The most prominent "Listener" of all?

Brodhead the Dukie President
Listened when the Lynch mob howled
The Team's rights were so... expendable.
Best for us if they go to trial!

Brodhead the Dukie President
"Listened" at meetings everywhere
But when the parents begged to meet him.
It was safer to stay... unaware.

Brodhead the Dukie President
Shed Pressler like a worn out suit.
Wouldn't wait for facts or even testing
Listeners told him... "It's not about the truth!."

Brodhead the Dukie President
His "Listening" was so... correct.
But when the "evidence" was non-existent
Dickie wrote those three big checks!

But when the donations didn't fall and alumni dough came rolling in
The Board absolved him with their call, and said Dickie was a perfect Ten!

Now, Brodhead the Dukie President
Proclaims the Lacrosse case dead.
"Cash in Hand" trumps "Public Coward."
"A-OK" the Blue team said.


Anonymous said...

Worthless piece of shit. Why didn't you meet with the families, moron?

gc said...


Anonymous said...

Someone on this blog once asked why you always show Brodhead with his "vagina" covered.

Of course, as a bona fide male, he actually doesn't have one of those.

But I think it is possible that it is because you are being kind to show that he also does not have the traditional marks of maleness... because if he had had those, he would have used them as the energy to face the media, defend the students, meet with their parents, lead his unversity without being intimidated by the 88 OR Steele.

Absent those, we certainly cannot call him a woman. That would be insulting to a principled woman who would have discerned that this whole thing was crap from the beginning, told that lying whore she better NEVER try to frame any of her students again or ELSE.... and sat down with the student's parents, empathized with their situation, told them she was sorry, and done her best to provide a safe haven for the LAX team to finish their championship season. That's what a REAL woman would have done.

But poor ole Brodhead shows a great problem with gender confusion.

You'd a thought that any great scholar of Shakespeare would have read enough about real heroes to want to take on some of their qualities.

So much for Brodhead's great intellect. All I can say is, "compared to what?"

Anonymous said...

There is so much more to come out of Durham than the LAX case. The entire legal system is broken, the cops are thugs and worse than you can imagine. Countless elected officials from the Governor, down to the City Manager, to the County Clerk are involved. Many fingers have dipped into Durham's cookie jar, and the truth will be extremely explosive to many who have turned their backs on citizens, justice, and any code of ethics or valor. Embrace yourselves for an extreme shock. A tidal wave of truth will boggle your mind, the corruption SHALL be exposed!