Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Naughty Not Nice

I saw Crystal kissing Santa Claus
Over at the Platinum Club last night
It was too cold to stroll
And they won't let her on the pole.
(Her fainting spells are making... their health insurance coverage fold.)

So I saw Crystal kissing Santa Claus
She looked so sweet just seated on his lap
As her false nails caressed his beard
She said... kissing strangers made her scared
Than suddenly, she took off... right into that Midnight clear!

Then I saw Crystal cursing Santa Claus
As she tried to hijack Santa's sleigh.
She accused him and three elves!!!
Or was it ten or was it twelve?
Rudolph almost trampled a policeman as Crystal whooped and yelled!

Then I saw Gottlieb collar Santa Claus
He said "Fool, your North Pole accent ain't no help.
Here the law is what we say,
Crystal NEVER has to pay
And the judges and the D.A.'s know just how the game is played."

Then I saw Judge Stephens sentence Santa Claus
And unless the Governor gives him a reprieve..
Christmas will be awfully glum..
Cause Santa was awfully dumb Platinum-m-m!!!


Anonymous said...

The Mangums are many, and they're all over this country, and none of them are paying for their crimes, no matter how obviously guilty they are-- and those are the ones who are caught. Our prisons are filled with their victims.

Anonymous said...

It's not as if filing multiple felony police reports is a crime or anything.

Anonymous said...


'Fool your North Pole accent ain't no help.'

Anonymous said...

Mangum makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Learning from Diversity

The Case for Expatriation

December 8, 2007


Again it happens. In Baltimore a young white woman boards a bus and wants to sit down. Each time she tries to take a seat she is told by nine black middle-schools students, ages 14 and 15, including three girls, that she can�t. Finally she sits anyway. The little�the middle-school students, I mean�attack her.

From the Examiner, �She sustained �serious injuries� and had to be transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, according to a police report�[Sarah] Kreager suffered two broken bones in her left eye socket, police said. She had eye muscles that were damaged�She had deep lacerations on the top of her head and another above her neck.� Her face will never be the same.

Life in the United States. Race relations as usual. Journalism as usual. I suppose you have been swamped, dear reader, by the national press coverage of this racial attack�right? The outrage? You�ve heard about it over and over on the lobotomy box? Editorialists everywhere just won�t let it rest? Sure.

Curious. Don Imus, apparently a radio jock of some sort, refers to a black women�s basketball team as �nappy-headed hos.� Rude, certainly, and unnecessary, but nothing more. It becomes national news and he loses his job. Blacks beat a white woman until her bones break and�near silence.

I�m sick of it. I�m sick of these attacks and of the animals that commit them. And I�m sick of the attitude of the press. But I�m doubtless alone in my sentiments. Right?

The headline in the WJS account says, �Woman Attacked On Bus Placed In Witness Protection.� Why? The only reason can be the expectation that blacks will try to kill her to prevent her from testifying against the attackers. Things are out of control.

The attack was not just a crime, but a particular type of crime. In Mexico, where I live, there is crime, but it is usually economic. If I walked in a bad part of Guadalajara by night with a Rolex on my arm, an enterprising gangster might well demand it at knifepoint. If I peaceably gave him the Rolex, he would likely just leave with it. It�s about money. Yes, crimes of passion occur when men got boozed up and fight over women or which football team is best. These are easily avoided.

But when a group of very young blacks, unprovoked, attack a defenseless white women, with the intention of badly hurting her, break her bones, and then try to drag her off the bus, we see a different sort of crime. The only motive is racial hatred.

Crimes of this type are either increasingly common or increasingly visible because of the internet. They involve gang rapes of white women, forced humiliation as for example by being compelled to provide blow jobs in front of boyfriends, followed by murder. The press assiduously covers them up. The usual formulation is that �youths� were responsible or, very infrequently, �minority youths.� A photo of the victims may appear, but not of the perpetrators. Press coverage will be as local as possible. On the web I recently saw television coverage of one such crime in Florida in which the reporteress kept the camera below the waists of those involved to avoid racial identification.

If the attackers were somehow anomalous, the occasional psychopath for example, the solution�a reasonable response anyway�would be to put them in prison forever and get on with life. But they are not anomalous. They are probably the norm among young blacks of the slums.

I don�t think whites realize what is out there, how bad things are. If you live in Washington, DC, and work, say, on K Street or Connecticut Avenue, you see well-dressed and courteous blacks who are pretty much like everybody else. Much more resentment lies under the surface than you probably believe, but they certainly aren�t going to attack anyone. They are not a problem.

But go into the realms of the underclass, the great sprawling necrotic Sowetos of any big American city. Better yet, don�t go. You wouldn�t last ten minutes on foot at night. Few whites really know that these places exist, and they never see them. Cabs will refuse to take you. For some half-dozen years when I was on the police beat I did see the bad neighborhoods. God help us.

These �hoods are utterly black, with whipcord young males leaning against lamp posts and eyeing cops with hostility. The people in them have no identity other than black. They aren�t African and aren�t American. They don�t read and many can�t. The schools are just holding cages. They�ve got nothing and they�re going nowhere and they know it. The great white beyond out there, with its computers and universities and those rich white people with their jobs and books and understanding of mysterious things like international politics�they have no access to these.

They hate whites. I don�t mean that they harbor class-mediated resentments deriving from incomplete socialization to the Euro-based norms of yada yada. I mean they hate whites. Or do you suppose that they beat a young woman into hospitalization from affection? To break bones in a woman�s face you have to kick her or hit her very hard, hard enough to cause brain damage with a little luck, hard enough to kill. The ganging up is a pattern.

There is nothing whites can do about it except live away from blacks and be very careful about taking public transportation. It is not a good thing to find yourself at eleven at night in an otherwise empty subway car with your teenage daughter and five young blacks.

Fear of blacks chiefly drives the furor over the right to own guns. Conservatives don�t want guns from fear that a Jewish dentist might crawl through the window at night. Liberals do not fear white duck-hunters or the white suburbanite with a pistol in his closet. It�s arm against blacks, or disarm them, though few will admit it..

What will happen to the adolescent monsters in Baltimore? A good guess: They will be charged with assault, publicity will be minimal, they will face only minor consequences because they are juveniles, and a black jury (if things get that far) will give them a pass. Their classmates, if anything they see can be called a class, will regard them as heroes.

I wonder how long things can go on as they are. Nothing gets better. The murderous stewing hatred remains and given a chance will beat more women senseless or, sooner or later, burn another city. Winding this spring is not a good idea. If the worm ever turns, Katie bar the door.

Results of a very quick Google:

Wichita Horror, and early incidence

Knoxville Horror

Halloween Fun

Jena Note that Black Entertainment Television celebrates the stompers of a white boy.

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Anonymous said...

Incarceration rates for black men are quite high in this country. I'm more concerned about the way our institutions treat both white and black men, enabling false allegations of abuse on an unprecedented scale.

Anonymous said...

Howdy doody honkies!

Ha ha honkies! I gotz awayz wit dit. Even dah KayZ Johnson be afraidz to dis me.

Honkies, you be loserz!

lynp said...

Baldo - SANE stands for Sexual Assualt Nurse Exam. As the Physician did the physical exam and collected the samples for DNA analysis - it is a plain old Rape Kit Exam. Having read the news on Team Scheck's recent filing that on March 29th, Gottlieb and Himan were "browbeat" By Higher Ups in the DPD and City Leadership to continue to persue the case due to "Nifong and DPD false and inflammatory remarks that inflamed the Durham Community" the lack of a picture of a vagina does not appear to me, to be in a position to STOP the event. That was the Doctor's decision.

Anonymous said...

We'll never see her on a box of Wheaties now.

Anonymous said...

lynp --

If the question is asked, "Was Tara Levicy in a position that, by herself, she could have prevented the false prosecution of the players?" then the answer is probably "no."

But then again, if we ask the question "Was Josef Mengele in a position that, by himself, he could have prevented the Final Solution?" we get the same answer. Mengele obviously did not want to stop the Final Solution, and just as obviously Levicy did not want to stop the false prosecution of the players. That is the only reason that she would have gone beyond her role as a SANE to try and prop up the prosecution with her infamous "rape is about power" volunteered statement. If Levicy was competent, she would have known that a rape such as Mangum was describing would have had to have left DNA. If Levicy was honest, she would never have volunteered a statement quite outside her responsibilities trying to falsely suggest that violent physical rapes somehow don't leave evidence if the rapist isn't horny. Levicy is either dishonest, incompetent, or both. And if you were fully honest and competent, you would not be presenting "Levicy could not have stopped the investigation" as if nothing outside of not stopping the investigation could be a reprehensible thing for Levicy to do.

lynp said...

Joseph Mengele compared to Levicy -That is a stretch. Comparing the indictment of three rich guys(who never spent a second in jail) to the murder of 12 million men, women and children is outrageous beyond belief.
Lawyer Schecks' ammended filing states "Gottlieb and Himan were "browbeat" on March 29th by Upper Echelon DPD and City Leaders" Are you seriously suggesting that Levicy could have had an impact on this crowd? She was such a nonemity, she did not get invited to the meeting. BTW, rape is about power and anger - not sex. The problem is that the ammended filing does not fit some of the bloggers metanarrative and so it is ignored.
Levicy was not acting as a SANE but an RN and that is why Dr Manly did the physical and collected the materials for the rape kit. Some folk can not get that right either.

Anonymous said...

lynp --

You seem to be rather inexperienced with elementary logic, so let me explain: this is a very, very basic logical argumentation technique called the reductio ad absurdam. It goes as follows: if we can take the same principle employed in a syllogism being seriously proposed, and employ it in another syllogism whose end result is unquestionably faulty, it shows that the principle is flawed. For instance, here is your proposed syllogism:

* Levicy could not have, by herself, prevented the false prosecution from going forward.
* (unstated)
* (implied; deducible from your comments here and at DiW) Therefore Levicy did nothing wrong.

What is the unstated premise in that syllogism? In context, it can only be "The only thing that counts as doing wrong is failing to stop a very large-scale wrong, and only if one has the power to stop that wrong."

Of course, that premise is, to put it bluntly, idiocy. To demonstrate that it is, we take a figure who would be agreed by all to have a) committed substantial wrong, completely out of his own free will, and b) lacked the power to stop an even larger wrong. Josef Mengele is an adequate example; he cannot be considered to be off the hook for the evils he committed just because he could not have stopped Hitler's even more massive evils. Since his own actions seemed aimed at pretty much the same ends as Hitler, it would be especially fatuous to regard him as blameless. Neither can Levicy be considered guiltless just because she could not have stopped Nifong's trumping up of evidence especially when the records shows her trying to twist evidence ("Well, Mangum said three times that they didn't use condoms but hey, let's pretend that she actually meant she wasn't sure") and drag in red herrings ("Sure, rapes can take place without DNA transfer! Even if those rapes do not include the one alleged in this case, let's ignore that!") in order to achieve the same ends as Nifong -- propping up a false prosecution.

lynp said...

If you believe what you have written, you must believe in Santa and the tooth fairy also. The records do not show her trying to twist evidence - there are no records except she did write threee times on the rape kit checklist and testified under oath - denies use of condoms. BTW, who ever said Menegle was "off the hook for his part in the murders"? Bravo Sierra

lynp said...

If you believe what you have written, you must believe in Santa and the tooth fairy also. The records do not show her trying to twist evidence - there are no records except she did write threee times on the rape kit checklist and testified under oath - denies use of condoms. BTW, who ever said Menegle was "off the hook for his part in the murders"? Bravo Sierra

Anonymous said...

"Are you seriously suggesting that Levicy could have had an impact on this crowd? She was such a nonemity, she did not get invited to the meeting."

Let's examine a completely hypothetical example. A person, called "V" (the Victim) is walking through a very bad neighborhood. V has the misfortune to run into several bad people in a row. The first such person, A, wants to beat V up and steal their wallet. By good fortune, V gets away from A, but by bad fortune, runs right into B, C, and D, who want to murder V and desecrate the corpse.

Suppose A could prove that no possible effort on their part would have dissuaded B, C, and D from attempting to murder V. Would that make any difference to the fact that A tried to beat up and rob V themselves?

"BTW, rape is about power and anger - not sex."

This was irrelevant when Levicy said it, and it's irrelevant now. Consider this scenario: a doctor who has a previous hatred of muggers examines a purported mugging victim. The purported victim's story is that the mugger shot him in the leg. The medical evidence shows no sign of any gunshot wound to the leg. The doctor, asked about the contradictions between the purported victim's story and the medical evidence, angrily declares "Some muggers are perfectly happy to use knives, you know!" Even though it's perfectly true that some muggers use knives instead of guns, is this the least bit relevant to the purported victim, who claimed to be shot with a gun, not stabbed with a knife?

Anonymous said...

"The records do not show her trying to twist evidence - there are no records except she did write threee times on the rape kit checklist and testified under oath - denies use of condoms."

And then tried to testify that the answer really should have been "not sure". There was a space for "not sure" on the form. If it was the opinion of the medical community that three "no" answers should really be treated as "not sure", then Levicy should have checked off "not sure".

"BTW, who ever said Menegle was "off the hook for his part in the murders"? Bravo Sierra"

That's exactly the point, my dear logic-impaired lynp. Mengele is not off the hook just because he couldn't have stopped the larger wrongdoing; nothing even suggests that he wanted to stop the larger wrongdoing, not when in fact he committed substantial wrongdoing quite of his own free will. So it is with Levicy: She is not off the hook just because she couldn't have stopped Nifong's false prosecution of the players; nothing even suggests that she wanted to stop Nifong's false prosecution, not when in fact she committed substantial wrongdoing of her own free will.

And yes, my dear lynp, I know that you don't consider it wrongdoing to abandon one's professional duties to report what the evidence shows and instead report how we can excuse totally ignoring what the evidence shows because it conflicts with our ideology. But you're in a minority of one.

lynp said...

No - she did not testify "not sure" You might want to read her limited testimony - no one even bother to take a depositon - she was such a non event. Not her job to stop any LE or DA false prosecution. I disagree about any wrongdoing and her "involvement". We will agree to disagree. There is no evidence - just hearsay.

Anonymous said...

BTW, she still has a nursing license - Obviously, she did not abandon her "nursing duties." Gosh, I thought the AG said "The Manly/Levicy rape kit demonstrated no DNA or evidence of a rape."

Anonymous said...

"Rape is about power and anger-- not sex" is one of those meaningless femisms that get swung around everywhere without meaning anything. Of course rape is about sex, just like theft is about money. Anger plays a role in it just like anger plays a role in most crimes. If rapists were well-adjusted people then they probably wouldn't be rapists, but that goes for any number of criminals, including false accusers. "Rape is about power, not sex" is just another way of saying "Don't think; assume they did it no matter what."

Obviously the nurse was a part of this, just as Nancy Grace, Wendy Murphy, and numerous other non-entities were a part of this.

Many of the people enable false accusations just by assuming that they're true, regardless of evidence.

Anonymous said...

"Not her job to stop any LE or DA false prosecution."

It was her job to report, in an unbiased fashion, what the evidence showed. She failed, hard.

"BTW, she still has a nursing license - Obviously, she did not abandon her "nursing duties.""

Nifong said something similar about Judge Smith's failure to punish him for lying to the court, shortly before Judge Smith sentenced him to jail time for lying to the court.

"Gosh, I thought the AG said "The Manly/Levicy rape kit demonstrated no DNA or evidence of a rape.""

Which makes Levicy look really stupid, doesn't it? If the rape kit demonstrated no evidence of a rape, then Levicy's famous "I wasn't surprised ..." statement equates to "After finding no evidence of a rape, I assumed that there was a rape anyway." An observer without Levicy's bias would be more likely to have said "I wasn't surprised that no DNA was found because we didn't find any evidence for any of the other things that she claimed happened to her, either."

Anonymous said...

These nurses are just there to rubberstamp anything that the state tells them to, thus providing the illusion of evidence where no evidence exists.

Anonymous said...

I find examples not related to the subject at hand, boring. Dr Manly freely admitted she noted the "vaginal swelling."

Anonymous said...

The bar got Nifong eleven months after the barrage of false statements started - it is now twenty one months into the event and no action by the BON, except to give her a new license. Time will continue to tell.

Anonymous said...

Vaginal swelling? She must have been thinking about money.

Mah Pussah Tink said...

Mah pussah swel,

mah pussah tink

wheh oh whehs

iz mah cheks from the rev jesse?

Crystal 'Stinky Gash' Mangum

Anonymous said...

This is satire? High School fodder, and quips further show how low the media and public will crawl.

Anonymous said...

There is so much more to come out of Durham than the LAX case. The entire legal system is broken, the cops are thugs and worse than you can imagine. Countless elected officials from the Governor, down to the City Manager, to the County Clerk are involved. Many fingers have dipped into Durham's cookie jar, and the truth will be extremely explosive to many who have turned their backs on citizens, justice, and any code of ethics or valor. Embrace yourselves for an extreme shock. A tidal wave of truth will boggle your mind, the corruption SHALL be exposed!